• Bruce Davis Parole Hearing Continued

Bruce Davis Parole Hearing Continued

Thursday, January 18th, 2024


Jan. 18 – Bruce Davis’ 34th parole suitability hearing that was scheduled for today has been continued due to insufficient information. The continuance is under California Code of Regulations, title 15, § 2253, subd. (e). The hearing will be rescheduled in 6-12 months, depending on how long it takes to gather the additional information.

UPDATE – Bruce Davis’ parole hearing is tentatively scheduled to resume Thursday, August 8, 2024.

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6 Responses to Bruce Davis Parole Hearing Continued

  1. Kim says:

    Can someone translate what this means ?
    Which party initiates a concern that info is missing (whatever that means) and on what basis is it decided to delay

    Is any of this related to why Krenwinkle’s hearing has been delayed or is this another issue

    Thank you and I hope everyone is well and had a good holiday. Happy new year everybody

    • Paul James says:

      Kim: I expect you have now read the transcript? This explains the reason for the delay and why further investigation is necessary.

      Best regards

      • Kim says:

        Hi Paul James
        Thank you yes I saw it. Pretty incredible actually. The man is in hot water to say the least. I still find it outrageous that some basic citizen would outside of their day job be reaching out to convicted murderers And creating a horrible podcast. But hey that’s just me.

        • Plain Jane says:

          Even better…the guy that interviewed Bruce has been in prison ministry for over 20 years and has relationships with tons of notorious killers. They call into his podcast and he asks them questions.

  2. Wim Van Aerde says:

    bizar… are there pics of leslie van houten in freedom?

  3. Lee says:

    That was a very stupid thing Bruce Davis did, by participating in that podcast. He probably doesn’t care anymore, however. He knows he won’t be getting out. As well he shouldn’t. I never thought they should’ve released Grogan nor Van Houten, either, but with that being said, the commissioners & Debra Tate should’ve refrained from bringing up cases that BD wasn’t convicted for. That was highly inappropriate! Everyone should follow the rules, not just the inmates.

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