• Charles Manson Rushed to Emergency Room

Charles Manson Rushed to Emergency Room

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

Jan. 3 – Charles Manson was rushed from Corcoran State Prison to a emergency room of a Bakersfield hospital to treat gastrointestinal issues, according to a report from TMZ earlier today.

An unnamed source, told the Los Angeles Times, that Manson’s condition was serious.

Manson’s health has been the topic for much speculation for years, but prison officials said that medical privacy laws prevented them from confirming the report.

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3 Responses to Charles Manson Rushed to Emergency Room

  1. flip says:

    Must be contagious….Manson and his fellow swine give me gastrointestinal issues, too.

  2. Charlie's Angel says:

    Get well soon Charlie!

  3. louis365 says:

    Charlie is back home, and seemingly pretty good. Is he able to continue working on his “Water” album?

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