• Court Needs More Time for Van Houten Ruling

Court Needs More Time for Van Houten Ruling

Sunday, June 24th, 2018

Jun. 24 – Superior court Judge William C. Ryan has granted himself a 10-day extension to rule on Leslie Van Houten’s petition of Habeas corpus. Ryan will have until July 1st to rule.

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8 Responses to Court Needs More Time for Van Houten Ruling

  1. Paul Grabsky says:

    If the judge needs more time for his ruling then that’s the way it should be.

  2. Cybele Moon says:

    I think it’s quite possible that she will be released. I’m sure it’s not a decision made lightly by all who have weighed in on it in the justice system. To all who revile her It’s not like she is a winner at this age. Her life was ruined by the choice she made so long ago and it won’t be easy adjusting to life outside prison I’m sure after almost 50 years. In the end as with us all, only God knows what’s in our hearts. I just pray for the peace of all those affected.

  3. Alexander Hill says:

    She could be released however she could also remain in while the state appeals to the appellate division court and then possibly to the state supreme court. The same thing happened to Bruce Davis where the superior court granted his writ back in 2012 but then the upper courts overturned it. Although she has a better argument than him.

  4. Christy says:

    I agree Cybele I’m pretty sure she’s going to be released. I live here, not too far from where her prison is, and really don’t care if she’s released or not. But I really do understand the arguments of people who don’t want her released. I’d be more worried she’d be a target of someone who wants to take revenge or someone who would use her as a reason to reinvent the Manson family. Whether Paul on other threads realizes this or not she’s a lightning rod for both sides and that was of her own making.

    Back when I was in high school in the 70s two of my friends and I did a report on cults. One knew somebody in the moonies. We three went to Berkeley and interviewed some guy who had joined the hare Krishnas less than a week before. He answered every question with a 20 minute sermon. But if you could get in a question about his life before he definitely had problems. He was just 17, we were 16. But I don’t think this guy would have killed anyone, he was just happy he was accepted in the group. Leslie on the other hand was popular in school it wasn’t that she wasn’t accepted.

  5. Cybele Moon says:

    Christy, well said!

  6. Carol Conover says:

    She was sentenced to LIFE by a judge and jury. Her LIFE sentence is not over. She is lucky the penalty of death was overturned, but that doesn’t make her eligible for parole. If she had hurt my family, you bet I would be fighting for her sentence to be upheld! Too bad…so sad she chose to kill people. Their families are the ones with the life sentence. Van Houten is exactly where she belongs….or in Hell.

  7. Greg says:

    LVH actually stabbed poor Rosemary after she had been killed by Tex. I am in noway defending her actions. She stabbed that poor woman in the lower back none the less. I would not be afraid of her living next to us. If she did that to my family member I sure would not want her released.

  8. Jo says:

    I am a survivor of a violent crime NO nothing will take it out of my mind. This woman admitted to holding a woman down while she was stabbed to death! THEN LVN picked up said object and continued to stab her, we have no idea you people think you know? Poor Mrs. La Bianca could have still been alive. If it was your family member that was killed by her would YOU want her skipping out of jail? So we have people thinking she is some kind of media star? THEY, meaning the victims the woman she held down that is still an act of murder holding someone down while they are killed is helping to commit. Do you have any idea the pain that these family members go through, what 2nd chance do they have? No memories just the pictures and finding them dead. If you can seriously want this woman freed “the cult” perhaps your all in a new one cause I hate to tell you this honey, but she never deserves to see the light of day for her choices. You were not around when this happened, and with my profession you let one out they all will get out. If YOU commit a crime like she did don’t argue with me then you pay the price, and getting degrees in jail? Mercy me!! Sorry, “Prom Queen” you need to stay there you are a killer by law and prove you didn’t do it you need to stay put, I’m not your judge YOU can’t accept what you did you have a “Criminal Mind” pray Leslie hard, your maker “Inquiring Minds” will want to know he is the judge not I I am just the voice of truth and sorrow for the dead you helped to kill. Do not argue with me argue with the La Bianca’s and their family’s and friends.

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