• The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Hinman Files

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Hinman Files

Monday, October 7th, 2013


Oct. 7 – The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Homicide Bureau, Gary Hinman investigatory files. A retrospective of Hinman investigation as seen through never before released homicide, arrest, laboratory, investigation and progress reports, witness interview transcripts, and interoffice correspondences.

07/31/69First Homicide Report
08/04/69Residence Photographed
08/06/69Classification Change
08/06/69Bobby Beausoleil Arrest Report
08/07/69One Arrest Made
08/07/69Complaint Issued
08/08/69Palm Print Lifted
08/09/69Preliminary Hearing Set
10/13/69Additional Suspect Arrested
10/17/69Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme Arrested
11/00/69Arraignment Date Set
11/19/69Danny DeCarlo Statement
12/04/69Progress Report
12/04/69Stephanie Schram Statement
12/00/69Mary Brunner Interviewed
12/04/69Mary Brunner Statement
12/08/69Investigation Made
01/20/70Louis Puttek Interview
01/27/70Firearms Identification
01/29/70One Arrest
02/20/70Vehicle Impounded
03/09/70Sword Examination
03/17/70Gun Recovered
03/20/70Alan Springer Interviewed
04/06/70Brunner Warrant Issued
04/06/70Mary Brunner Statement
04/10/70Rosanne Walker Interviewed
04/19/70Grand Jury Indictments
04/21/70Defendant Sentenced
04/22/70Defts. #2 and #3 Appear for Trial Setting
04/29/70Defendants Arraigned
05/06/70Evidence Held
05/12/70New Sentencing Date Set
05/18/70Ella Jo Bailey Interviewed
05/21/70Mary Brunner Affidavit
06/15/70Defendant #1 Formally Sentenced
06/15/70Beausoleil Formally Sentenced
06/17/70Grand Jury Hearing Held
10/19/70Ronnie Howard Interviewed
12/19/70Bruce Davis Arrested
09/16/71Manson Family Activities

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23 Responses to The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Hinman Files

  1. Silentseason says:

    Should be interesting. Thanks in advance.

  2. Gary says:

    Been waiting years to see this, thanks!

  3. cjh714 says:

    will 33O1 be included?

  4. cjh714 says:

    i totally understand. keep up the good work

  5. Boo says:

    A little more info After so many years

  6. Owen Cash says:

    Can’t wait to see the Hinman files!!! Just one more day! 🙂

  7. Warren Peace says:

    Awesome job!! Thank you very much for all your work!

  8. xfirehurricane says:

    Mary Brunner got a sweetheart deal aright…..her statement is chillingly matter of fact…..and she certainly was a most and willing partner in poor Gary’s MURDER and TORTURE….she ….imho…should be banged up with the REST of the Maniacs and the Key thrown away.

    • Lizzie Borden says:

      Not sure if she should be locked up with the key thrown away, but she did seem to get off scot-free while having a good deal of complicity in the crime, only for it to be determined that her testimony was not essential anyway. Holding a pillow over the guy’s head, rifling his pockets, cleaning up evidence–what did Atkins do that she didn’t do? Or for that matter Bruce Davis, who is still serving time for this murder (remind me what he did again?) Criminal justice works in strange ways.

  9. Jnunyaz says:

    Thanks for posting this Cielo!! I read thru everyone of the reports and learned quite a few things, Thank you Thank you.

  10. linda drye says:

    Where are the 48 pictures taken of Hinman’s home? Thanks for the great info.

  11. cielodrive.com says:

    We have them, just haven’t posted them online

  12. Peter says:

    I’ve been reading and listening to a lot of the records you’ve posted. It’s truly a fascinating case – the family, the murders, the investigation, the trial and the post trial developments. I can’t even imagine what the police must have thought when Brooks Poston walked into the Inyo County police station on October 3, 1969 and they tape started recording.

    But after reading and listing to all these materials I have three questions I just can’t figure out.

    1. Who wrotein blood on Gary Hinman’s wall? Some say Bobby and either Susan or Mary did and then Charlie and another girl returned a week later to try and clean it off. But in Bobby’s most recent parole hearing, it sounds like it wasn’t done when Bobby was there, but at a later date. Isn’t it possible that it was added after Bobby was arrested as part of plan to get him out of jail by committing copycate murders?

    2. Why isn’t Beausoleil granted parole. He had no criminal record, was 22, participated in one crime – that appears to be a garden variety argument over drugs that spun out of his control when Charlie came in and pushed everything past the point of return by cutting people up with his sword. Beausoleil has skills and a family on the outside and has been a model prisoner. And was in jail before the real wanton killing started. But they give Van Houten parole? What’s up with that?

    3. Did Charlie really believe in Healter Skelter? Manson appears to be a manipulator, but he doesn’t seem crazy and you would really have to be crazy to sincerely believe all that center of the earth, fifty years of hiding, “shit’s coming down fast,” bullshit. But it seems from the various testimony that this is all that was talked about throughout 1969, so if it’s a con it’s a pretty elaborate one. I believe that some of the family members believed it, but I just have a hard time accepting that Charlie really believed it. It seems like a useful tool for keeping family members isolated and in a constant state of fear so that they wouldn’t leave.

  13. Hal Davis says:

    What is the name of the canyon and/or location of the Tate La Bianca Murders in 8/69?

  14. Lee says:

    Peter, did you not read the files on the Gary Hinman murder? A garden variety argument over drugs lead to the murder? Where, exactly was that in the files? The ridiculous drug angle was one of many lies out of Bobby Beausoleil’s mouth. There is not one shred of evidence that points in that direction. I find it quite disturbing that people could be so callous as to dismiss Gary Hinman’s murder as something that he somehow deserved because his murderer claims he was a drug dealer. I hope BB never is freed! He not only tortured & murdered Gary, but then continues to smear his memory by labeling him a drug dealer. Shame on you!

  15. TheStonesUnturnedPodcast says:

    I swear I’ve recently seen an old report somewhere about the Owner’s Certificates of Gary’s Fiat and VW actually having been “signed” with a rubber stamp–the one Gary apparently used to deposit checks from his students. (I used to work in a bank, and lots of account holders used them, partly because of the convenience, and partly because the bank was more likely to recognized a forger, because they wouldn’t have access to the stamp.) The report mentioned that the stamp was usually kept at the bank (again, this was common at the bank where I worked,) and no one seems to have known how the “killers” got hold of it. In other words, Gary must have stamped the certificates a the bank himself. Or, was that report about some other stolen cars confiscated from the Family? Thanks!

    PS Lee’s right. Police not only found no “drug lab” but the one pile of white powder they found on top of the kitchen scale was flour–NO “narcotics” present. And NO ONE else ever said he was involved in drugs. Just Oui “magazine” who bought the story from Bobby B.

  16. TheStonesUnturnedPodcast says:

    Sorry, I was unable to edit my previous comment. I found the reference to a rubber stamp I referred to before!

    From the John Puhek (he bought the VW bus from Mark Aaronson, an associate of Charlie) portion of the transcript of the first Beausoleil trial here on Cielodrive.com:

    Q:Was this signature on the rear of the pink slip at the time that you saw it signed with that name, Gary Hinman, on the right there?


    Q:It was stamped on there, stamped on by apparently the Bay Area Finance Company?


    I make a big deal out of this, because the “signature” of Gary Hinman on the pink slip for the Fiat was supposed to “prove” that Bobby B had direct personal contact with Gary right before he died. But there are two problems: 1. Maybe Gary had signed over the Fiat, but continued to “borrow” it, or more likely, 2. Someone found the rubber stamp, originally purchased from the Bay Area Finance Company, in Gary’s house and simply used it to “sign” the 2 pink slips AFTER Gary was already dead. In other words, MAYBE, someone else killed Gary, and Bobby B and Atkins and Brunner were “tasked” to go to Gary’s house, plant the “POLITIC/ALLY/PIGGY” and pawprint graffiti (by mixing water with the almost dried puddle of blood) and while there, helped themselves to the pink slips. Bobby B would have known Gary had that rubber stamp for endorsing checks from his students and their parents.

    I’m not trying to claim Bobby B is some kind of “innocent” angel. But as an experienced private and insurance investigator, I can’t help noticing that there is ZERO actual evidence that Bobby B (or the girls, for that matter) were directly involved in his murder. Danny DeCarlo’s “statements” are so full of holes…but he did claim that Bobby B and the girls supposedly “went back” to Gary’s house to “clean off” the graffiti. That’s NOT what it looks like in the crime scene photos. It looks like someone WROTE that graffiti (maybe not the pawprint) in blood that was watered-down–AFTER Gary was long dead. There are lots of other holes in the prosecution’s “case” against Bobby B. No wonder the jury was hung. For example, just because Atkins answered the phone and the door a couple of times does NOT “prove” that Gary was still alive at the time. Police and ME reports mention that “black putrefaction” had begun, indicating that Gary had to have been dead AT LEAST a week. His friends had not heard from him since July 24. Glenn Krell (boy, are there some interesting details in THAT guy’s life story) claims he saw Gary on July 25, and that Gary was on his way to one of his very, very regular meetings that his friends swear he didn’t show up for. The “case” against Bobby B then requires that Gary drove aaaallllll the way from West LA (east of Santa Monica) after dropping off Krell back to his house “before” the meeting, and just as horrible luck would have it, in walks Bobby and the girls in those few minutes before he did ______ and drove aaaalllll the way back into town. An official version of the story supported by NOTHING but the shaky and contradictory “testimonies” of DeCarlo, Atkins (The Most Unreliable Witness of All Time) and Brunner–three jailbird whores who sold their testimony in exchange for MASSIVE concessions from authorities.

    Funny. You know? Not, funny like the Italian Army. Funny, like, there is also ZERO “evidence” that any members of Manson’s Family actually murdered anyone in the Tate/LaBianca cases, either. Or Shorty Shea. Or ANYBODY. I’m not saying they’re “innocent.” What I’m saying is, it’s funny…You know?

  17. Fred Bloggs says:

    Unfortunately everything you’ve said counts for nothing because………all the killers have admitted their guilt !

  18. Christy says:

    Bobby, like most of the Manson killers, was his own worst enemy.

  19. Christy says:

    Peter asks if Manson believed his own theories. My guess is he may not have in the beginning but ended up believing his own hype. He seemed to have blithered bits and pieces of it from prison for a number of years refining it.

    People like him can convince themselves. And when they do that they have a better chance of convincing others. It’s like Jim Jones. He started out pretty benign as a preacher who tried to help the poor. Or the guy who thought the Hale Bop comet was going to take him and his followers to paradise if they committed suicide at the comet’s closest passing to Earth.

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