• Inmate Stabs Tex Watson

Inmate Stabs Tex Watson

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Dec. 2 – An inmate at Mule Creek Prison stabbed Charles “Tex” Watson in the back and then attempted to throw him over a second story tier. Watson spoke of the attack, which occurred on the morning of February 16, 2013, at his parole hearing last month.

According to Watson, he was washing his clothes in a sink on the second tier when an unidentified inmate started hovering around him with a rolled up magazine in his hand. The inmate asked Watson if he knew anything about Kabala, and Watson replied that he didn’t. As Watson walked away, the inmate began stabbing Watson in the back with a sharpened paint brush.

Watson told the Board of Parole Hearings that he didn’t think the inmate could hurt him because of the man’s small stature. According to Watson, he initially thought the man was punching him and was unaware that he was being stabbed.

The inmate then began trying to lift Watson and push him over the tier but Watson was able to hang onto the railing until staff intervened.

According to Terry Thornton, Deputy Press Secretary for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, both Watson and the attacker complied with staff’s orders to lie down. Thornton was unable to disclose the attacker’s name.

According to Watson, the inmate was formerly in the Enhanced Outpatient Program, which is a program for inmates who have difficulty adjusting in the prison’s general population, but are not disabled enough to require inpatient care.

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64 Responses to Inmate Stabs Tex Watson

  1. but like they say in life whatever goes around comes around just too bad that the motherfucker didn't die says:

    I wish I could shake the hand of this man it’s just too bad that Watson motherfucker did not die but like they say in my whatever goes around comes around

  2. Byrdie says:

    Too bad the job didn’t get done! Now he knows what it feels like…

  3. louis365 says:

    Stabby Tex gets stabbed…the irony.

  4. JeriLynn Wilson says:

    Well, isn’t that ironic?? It’s hard to believe someone didn’t put the chop on him sooner.

  5. flip says:

    Ironically, this story may suggest one of the best arguments for paroling Tex….get him back out into the wide world where someone can do him properly.

  6. Brokenspell says:

    Give that man a sharper paint brush

  7. cindogg says:

    His “luck” is running out. Jesus isn’t too happy with Tex.

  8. Lee says:

    That parole board commissioner couldn’t of said it better, when she stated, “You know even the whole physical part of murdering someone with a knife is so awful and painful. A knife slice cuts through the skin, the fascia, the nerve endings, the muscles, the arteries, the internal organs. It’s an awful way to die. It’s so up close and personal. When you were holding those people down you were holding and they were looking in your eyes. They could smell your breath. You could probably smell their fear.” I am so happy she told him that, because I don’t think Watson truly can grasp what he did to all his victims. Not only the physical pain of being sliced with a knife over & over, but the mental terror of knowing you were next. Sharon Tate had it about the worst, because she witnessed the majority of the attacks right up close. She saw them stabbing & stabbing & stabbing with blood spurting out, and screams and calls for God. She must of been completely out of her mind. The brain almost shuts down in a way when people go into shock To only hope that she didn’t suffer as much because her brain went into shock is only reasonable. Also, just to note, I don’t appreciate the officials giving Tex Watson the ability to procreate while in prison. That is just absolutely revolting that he was able to spend the night with that slut he married, and stick his dick inside of her. I am appalled he was allowed to do this multiple times. He also lied about his parents supporting his wife & kids until the day they died. That bitch was on welfare, because the creep Bill Nelson exposed them! Watson is the most revolting one in the family. I can’t stand his fake Christianity and the way he constantly licks his lips while talking. NO PAROLE EVER!

  9. Sasha Musgrave Travers says:

    I feel very sorry that Tex was attacked by that man and thankgoodness he survived it. He is very remorseful and repentant for his crimes and is an extremely nice man. I am so glad i have started to correspond with him and made friends and will continue to correspond with him too. He is a very good christian man and has made an amazing transformation.

  10. Kathy says:

    I don’t think Ole Tex cares what his victims went through. I don’t think he is even capable of caring about anyone other than himself.

  11. Paul McGovern says:

    You really have serious issues Sasha…what a shame Sharon and her unborn baby arent able to spring back to life along with all the others this piece of scum so brutally killed…he is a liar and a coward…the real injustice is that he is still breathing…Sasha, you are a nutjob

  12. Sasha Musgrave Travers says:

    I believe that he is capable of caring Kathy, he has really changed from the drug induced man of 1969 to the nice compassionate man of today and I know that doesn’t in any way make anything allright, at least he is doing his prison sentence and converting people to christianity and admits full responsibility for the murders

    • Linda Harris says:

      You are a complete moron, lady. It is disgusting that this killer ever got to have children. Plus, he should have been executed about 40 years ago. Not one member of the Manson family that committed these murders should see the light of day again. What they did is not forgivable! People like you make me sick. And his bullshit about being all religious now is a total sham. I pity his children having a murderer for a father. And his wife must be a total nut job to get involved with this maniac.

      • renee says:

        i’m with you. tex is a disgusting, dangerous creature who should never be released even though he is an old man now. let him, and the other family members, die in prison like manson and atkins did. it makes me sick that they got life with a chance of parole. they need to stop going to the hearings because no governor, current or future, is going to sign off on them being released. not if they value their career. i won’t get into the subject of the manson family “fans” who say they’re different people from what they were in 1969. the way these beasts are fawned over makes me sick and angry.

        • Dennis H says:

          I have to agree with the people about Tex Watson. Him claiming to be a Christian a hundred times doesn’t erase the fact of the brutal killings of Tate, or the others. As far as I am concerned Watson should rot and die in prison. Just as with Krenwinkle. What they did was unforgivable. And it’s one thing to claim your a Christian. God knows. So if he is one. Let him preach to the inmates. He should never get a parole hearing. His kids I hope know of his brutal past. If they want they can go visit him there. He should never get paroled. NEVER!!! As well as Krenwinkle. Period.

  13. Sasha Musgrave Travers says:

    Paul, I don’t think I have serious issues. The way I look at it is that the Tex Watson of 2017 is the good holy man converting the unbelievers in prison, that is the person I like. I can’t in any way identify with the Tex Watson of 1969. Yes, it would be lovely if Sharon and her baby could come out of their graves and the others too. Watson committed terrible crimes, ones I believe that he didn’t want to do but I believe it was out of fear of Manson which made him kill for him. Without Manson, he never would have killed. Yes, I admit his crimes were heinous but he is very truly and very profoundly remorseful and repentant and as sorry as he can be, though it won’t ever change things for him, he never boasts about the crimes and is serving out his prison sentence as required and doing his duty to society

    • renee says:

      yes, charlie got his family to do the dirty work but they had a hand in this also. you can’t blame manson 100%. they were willing and eager to kill, especially tex who did 80% of the killing on those two nights. he killed with relish, gusto. i don’t care if he is not the same man he was in 1969, and that is debatable, he needs to stay right where he is.

    • Alexandra says:

      He should never be given parole in my opinion. I think it’s ridiculous he’s even considered for it! There were 8 victims in both those senseless attacks including the unborn almost full term baby and isn’t he single-handedly responsible for killing at least 6 of those victims if not all 8? Let’s not forget he’s a big man too and he manhandled and killed a heavily pregnant woman without a thought. He may have found Jesus or whatever but his crimes are so horrible that he really should get the death penalty or at least be spending the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole. Just the thought of a man capable of literally butchering all those ppl including a pregnant woman and still have the possibility of parole is insane to me. He’s killed more ppl than some serial killers have and in more gruesome ways too! Just looking at his stupid face makes me want punch it repeatedly. He had no reason to become the degenerate he became. A good looking perfect student, captain of football team star athlete. He didn’t have a twisted sad background, crappy family and he still allowed some psychopath to convince him to be serial killer who butchered ppl to death? I’d never want someone like him living in my neighborhood I don’t care how much he thinks he’s found Jesus. Some crimes are so awful the person should never be given a chance to get out. This is one of those crimes.

    • Brooke says:

      You absolutely DO have an issue. You’re mentally ill. WHY would you even want to converse with someone in prison for mass murder? Only an extremely sick human being would think “hmmm, I’m going to make friends with this infamous brutal murderer bc that’s who I like to surround myself with”. Who does that?? Mentally ill weirdos, that’s who. You need serious help.

  14. Heather love says:

    I agree 10000% with you! I’m reading Restless Souls. Its really good. If you haven’t read it, may I suggest it? Talks a lot about TeX. I’ve been reading books and anything I can get my hands on for some time now. This is the most bizarre case I’ve ever read about. I usually star reading Helter Skelter this in July so I can be reading it on the anniversaries of their deaths. Its something I’ve done for a few years now. Anyways, sorry to ramble but its not often I can talk to someone about this case because they just don’t know much. Good day. ..

  15. JeriLynn Wilson says:

    You are joking, right???

  16. JeriLynn Wilson says:

    The previous comment was meant for Sasha……

  17. Carol says:

    They all “take responsibility,” but then they all explain why they are not to blame: …it’s Charlie’s fault, they were on drugs, they were young, they are victims of abuse. Hilarious.

    Charlie’s real talent was the ability to discern other psycho/sociopaths who would kill. As he said (paraphrasing), he didn’t tell them what to do; he told them what they could do. He gave them the permission to be themselves. Watson is sickening and I feel sorry for anyone who is naive enough to believe he is a Christian (Didn’t they think Manson was Christ?), or that he has changed. Watson and the others feel no guilt or shame and call themselves victims.

  18. Bryan says:

    Is there anything in his religion or in the Holy Bible that says that if you commit mass murder, you must show genuine remorse and repentance to make things right with your maker? How about if you sin against God, society, the law, the victims, and their families, you have to serve out your life sentence and forfeit any attempts at freedom if you want to be received into His holy kingdom of heaven?

  19. Kenneth W Hartsock says:

    To Sasha Musgrave Travers: You’re absolutely wrong about Watson “not wanting to commit these crime, but did it out of fear of Manson.” Watson by his own admission, committed these crime out of devotion and loyalty to Charles Manson, whom he considered to be Jesus Christ. It had nothing to do with fear. It’s ok to give Watson some grace, but lets not go too far. Yes, today he is a Christian and a changed man – thank God. But on the night of Aug 9th 1969, he was a vicious cold-blooded, merciless killer.

    “I’m the devil and I’m here to do the devils business”

  20. SHARON says:


  21. Rosie says:

    Whether he is remorseful or sorry does not matter one iota. He put 8 people and an unborn child in their graves. Sharon Tate and her unborn son, Voytek Frykowski, Steve Parent, Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, the LaBianca’s, Shorty Shea. All of them brutally murdered. It never ceases to amaze me how many find God once sent to prison. Watson made the choice to murder and even laughed about it afterwards, comparing the victims at the Tate house to “chickens running around without their heads”. He did some of the most heinous crimes imaginable. Now he claims God has forgiven him. Whatever. You continue to fall for his lies. Your choice but I hope he never is released!

  22. Steve says:

    Sasha is the best example of the type of woman that has this killer’s children, wants to sleep with a killer. Obviously under the spell of celebrity and wants it for herself too. I’m certain she hasn’t had a real relationship with a honest man ever, way too boring for her. Lack of empathy for the innocent victims is telling, she feels sorry for the killer. Hopefully she hasn’t raised children and passed her warped sense of compassion on to them, their most likely torturing their pets and getting a slap on the wrist.

  23. Tre says:

    Nowhere in the Bible does it say that if you sin, you have to forever suffer for that sin or be punished for that sin until you die. To say this lady, Sasha is “the type of woman who sleeps with a killer and has his children” is a bit of an exaggeration. You don’t know her. She hasn’t expressed a desire, from what I’ve read, to to be Watdon’s lover or anything like that. If she were talking about Manson-I’d think she was nuts too because he didn’t ever show a shred of remorse. But she has a right to her opinion. She has given this man the opportunity to tell her his side of things and she has chosen to forgive him. That’s her prerogative. And if you people want to bring the Bible or God into it-I guarantee God has forgiven him if he sincerely asked for forgiveness. It doesn’t say, “Christ died for everyone’s sins but Tex Watson”; and read the book of Acts and the conversion of Saul, who became the Apostle Paul-he was persecuting Christians-think ISIS,if you will, and Jesus called him to work for Him and transformed him into who we know as Paul. Would you tell God that Paul couldn’t have helped write the books of the Bible because of his past? I’m not arguing for or against Watson because I don’t know his heart. My point is it’s possible for God to change people. And it’s ridiculous to attack Sasha because she wants to believe this man has had a change in his heart. Only God knows for sure. But she is 100% right, that God could be using him to save souls in prison. The Bible talks about prison quite a lot.

    • Brooke says:

      And we have a right to our opinion. Which is that Sasha is a mentally ill psychopathic murderer groupie. And clearly, so are you. Thanks for letting us know in not so many words.

  24. renata says:

    watso says it took him about 20 years to think he did anything wrong.so i belive he hasnt changed one iota.most normal people would know immediately.hes still a huge danger.ill never believe anything about him &religion.

  25. Paul says:

    “Nowhere in the Bible does it say that if you sin, you have to forever suffer for that sin or be punished for that sin until you die. ”

    The biblical punishment for murder is death. Leaving one to wonder whether he’d have had the time to come to Jesus if we followed the Torah.

    And let us not confuse Sha’ul, also called Paolo, with Tex. Paul wasn’t trying trying to start a race war. Instead, was some protective acts, since at the time, he presumably believed that Jesus’ followers were horribly wrong about Jesus, and we all otherwise know what happens when some claim to be lord over Caesar. And so that’s why some were killed, to save the rest from a not victim particular Roman reprisal. In other words, for what they don’t teach at Sunday school (blind guides and their followers, all into the ditch there, to get all biblical on you), that message at the top of the cross there, King of the Jews, wasn’t religious but instead political. So don’t go around saying that is anyone is lord over Caesar, lest you too be crucified. And that’s why he helped kill Christians, again, trying to make it so the Romans had no reason to send a particular deadly message by way of reply.

    I will otherwise leave the matter of sincerity to Deity, but I will say that as a minister, ole Tex has some more privileges inside the pen than does your committed atheist. Perhaps they should “convert” as well. Time for some more privileges. There’s also the related part where maybe he was and is a tad bit jealous of ole Charlie and so he’s where Charlie isn’t and so he’s got his own cult going. The Charles Tex Watson Jesus Cult. As I said, I’ll leave the sincerity to Deity, but there are some reasons why one might a tad bit doubtful.

    Oh, and careful with spinning the message, okay, since committed atheist may live a life defined by true charity and the best of a spartan living, but according to you, since he or she didn’t come to Jesus….meanwhile Ted Bundy and Gary Ridgway can be redeemed. And so it isn’t why bad things happen to children that is the problem, but instead what I just said. Since I’m living where the charitable, spartan atheist is, in the next life, and you can have Ted and Gary. ’cause he died for them too, right?

    Oh, almost forgot, but get the notion of Dante’s Inferno out of your mind. Deity isn’t a sadist and so there isn’t Dante and his inferno. But hell as the complete and utter absence of Deity works rather well. And in that sense, there is no punishment, but instead what you wanted, what you asked for, what you lived. And Tex isn’t you or I, as he’s living in a controlled environment, with more carrots and sticks than you can shake a carrot and stick at. So for third time’s the charm, I’ll leave the sincerity to Deity but until then I have my doubts.

  26. Anthony LaRusso, Jr. says:

    I was 4 years old at the time of the murders commited by Tex Watson and America went from leaving their doors unlocked to living in fear and forever locking the doors and windows at night. And we lived on the East Coast 3,000 miles away from Los Angeles. I think of the people in the Ciello Drive house where this high on drugs animal went with drug crazed c–ts and impaled these people with knives over and over and over and over again while telling them they are going to die. Watson claiming he is the devil. That is all there is to be said. And the LaBianca’s the next night. No parole, regardless of his hiding behind Christ/Christiany, it’s bs…this animal should remain locked in prison to pay the price for the crimes. The price is life. Same as I f I want a soda that costs $1.50 I have to pay that price. Life and then die in prison exiting only in a body bag. PERIOD for August 9nd 10, 1969 end of story.

  27. Edward C. Stengel says:

    What prison officials so conveniently seem to forget is that when a prisoner commits a crime he is to be tried in a court of law, not in a prison. I don’t care what Tex Watson did –
    he has the right to be free from attacks, and if the prison officials can’t protect him he should be released to home confinement.

  28. Dennis Hardy says:

    I just want to say was glad to read Watson was attacked. Whether it was because of his heinous crimes back in 1969 or what. The attack on his life was long overdue. Someone else was the devil doing the devil’s business on his life. Watson, to me, hasn’t really truly repented. Look at the smile on his face in that picture of him today. Watson should never be considered for parole!!! Do any of those victims of 1969 get parole. Watson should not be hoping for any parole. If he truly has repented he should be grieving saying ‘ I did a horrible crime. And I deserve death. I brutally murdered 8 people and unborn. Oh God, please forgive. It doesn’t matter what happens to me!! Whether he was high on whatever he had no mercy on those people. He deserves to spend his very last breathing day behind bars. And Good knows if he has truly repented. Watson nor any of us can’t fool God. I personally don’t have nor never will have any sympathy for the SOB!!! When he does die I hope he burns in Hell and really meets the devil and sees the devil’s business on his own soul. Then he’ll witness the devil’s business. End of story.

  29. Mary says:

    some crimes are too horrendous to ever be forgotten. they should all die in prison, and a couple of them have.

  30. Malice says:

    I agree with everything you said. Too bad he wasn’t stabbed as many times as he stabbed all of his victims. It’s also tragic that he didn’t suffer horribly and slowly die an agonizing death. I don’t buy his ridiculous phoney Christian act either. Hiding behind his invisible friend Jesus is a joke and so transparent. I hate it when he describes himself as a young naive Texas boy when he talks about his unforgivable crimes. His dead eyes are windows into his evil heart. And it makes me crazy that they are called The Manson murders when they are actually The Watson Murders. He was cunning enough to delay his trial so that he didn’t have to answer for his crimes with his co-defendants. He likes to portray himself as a simple good ole boy from Texas but he was far from that. He has a lot of nerve asking for parole. He was given a second chance when the death penalty was overturned. I don’t know how he even looks at himself in the mirror knowing what he had done. And I wonder if Sharon Tate ever crossed his mind each time he held his pregnant wife. Why did his wife divorce him? I’d love to know the answer to that question. I don’t know how his parents could stand to look at him, never mind hug him. I wish people who know him would speak out about him. I hope he gets a horrible disease and suffers unmercilessly. I hope he is plagued with nightmares of what he did to his victims but I doubt that he will because he’s a narcissistic psychopath and they don’t have any shame, regret or remorse. He is and always will be self centred. He cannot be trusted. I don’t know how his kids could visit him now that they are older and can easily find out just how evil he really is.

  31. Marilyn says:

    Actually he’s just playing a part in an attempt to gain his freedom. He hides behind religion and what he did is unforgivable. He needs to forfeit his life for the many lives he took. Anyone who thinks he’s changed is a gullible fool.

  32. Marilyn says:

    He hadn’t changed. He’s in a controlled environment so he can control his urges and desires. Although I’ve heard that the reason his wife divorced him is because of the sexual favours he receives from some inmates and we all know how Christians think homosexuality is a sin. What a hypocrite he is! If he was let out of prison he’d either drop his invisible friend Jesus, or live a double life. He thinks he’s got everyone fooled but the parole board sees right through him.

  33. Malice says:

    Right…..because nobody gets attached in their home. He’s in more danger outside than he’ll ever be in prison. And actually, I’m surprised he wasn’t attacked before this incident and every day before & after. You have to be some kind of lowlife degenerate evil loser to kill a very pregnant woman in addition to all the other lives he took. I hope he suffers terribly from an incurable disease that slowly destroys him.

  34. Malice says:

    Oh yes….for sure…so why you don’t you volunteer to take him into your home and you be responsible for him?! I hope you know how to sleep with one eye open. Some people, like you, are so gullible just because someone claims to be forgiven by Jesus. Even if there is a Jesus, and even if he did forgive good ole Tex….it doesn’t mean he should be released into society. The risks are too high and he needs to pay with his life for the many lives he took. He’s Satan in disguise. But there’s no hiding his evil eyes which are windows into his phoney black soul.

  35. Sandy Pister says:

    I think Tex Watson and the lovely women who committed the other murders, should be paroled when Sharon, whom I met on three occasions in 1963, walks out of their graves.
    I was only 14 when I met Sharon and I couldn’t stop staring at her. She was so beautiful and sweet and kind to me. Her murder, along with all the others,profoundly disgusted and made me physically ill.

    They should all have been excuted 40 plus years ago, If I could pull the switch on each and everyone of them, I would. They don’t deserve to live. Heartless, soulless and despicable.

  36. Randolph Green says:

    Tex Watson needs to be Whitey Bulgered, that piece of scum needs a lot of pain, blood, and suffering, he has lived much to long, there is no forgiveness for that dirt bag, there should be a bounty.

  37. suzie q says:

    wow . how in Gods name do you Sasha have the audacity to claim you know anything REALITY based about Watson ? fact is he has not said much at times when he should to people like the victims families at parole hearings to answer their unanswered unanswered about things that just don’t add up . He has never given proper answers when asked in person to fully explain all the inconsistencies , like at the crime scene , ie the experts said Sharon Tate was hanged , she had rope burns on her face . Clearly they brought rope and tied it around her neck and Sebrings neck . So why does he skip that part or not address it ? Why did he only decide to answer questions in his book , many years later ? Sounds selfish to me . Too many of the recollections of the crime scene participants don’t add up , nor much of an explanation of what led to his own cold blooded actions and why he had such a lack of remorse for many years after . #1 )WHY does he think the families and the public don’t deserve to hear the original recorded tapes of his original confession to his first lawyer, since they were discovered in 2012 ? Before the circus and theatrics of the trial ? WHY has he put so much effort into blocking them being released ? Because he wants to control the narrative -thats why . Surrender Tex . Speak the truth . Answer the families questions . Forget about yourself . Maybe then you will truly find Jesus and God will forgive you . This world owes you nothing .

  38. Charles Odell says:

    I was glad to see Tex get his genitals bit by a pit bull in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.

  39. Charles Odell says:

    Well said, Mr. Green.

  40. Amber Lewis says:

    Parable of Two Debtors
    And Jesus answered him, “Simon, I have something to say to you.” And he replied, “Say it, Teacher.” “A moneylender had two debtors: one owed five hundred denarii, and the other fifty. When they were unable to repay, he graciously forgave them both. So which of them will love him more?”
    Simon answered and said, “I suppose the one whom he forgave more.”
    And He said to him, “You have judged correctly.”

    Those who cry out to Jesus Christ for forgiveness, knowing they have sinned the greatest, who receive that forgiveness and follow Him, are by far the greatest witness for Him, and probably love Him than those who never fell that far down. Jesus chose a murderer, a man more the equivalent of Charles Manson than Charles Watson in that he just gave the orders to torture and murder Christians instead of getting his own hands dirty, to call to repentance and to Himself to become the greatest Christian missionary who ever lived. Jesus chose Paul because Paul’s sin was so great, he deserved death right here on earth. Knowing how much he was forgiven for he poured his life into Christ and His mission in a way that none of the Disciples could have. Paul was a sick, murderous sinner who needed saving. He was exactly who the Father was looking for.

    Luke 5:31-32
    Jesus answered them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.
    I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

  41. Denise says:

    How Watson spends eternity is between him and God. I don’t feel anything for him. My personally opinion is for him to stay in prison until the day he dies. Sharon Tate, her baby along with the other 4 who were at her residences and the LaBiancas do not get a second chance and Tex and none of the others should get one either. None of them can be trusted. How would like for one them to live next door to you? We can’t imagine the horror the victims went through. I’ve watched movies and read about the murders and it’s just not possible to compare any to what really happen. I don’t feel anything for any of them and that includes Susan Atkins who died with brain cancer after one of her legs was amputated and she also had some paralyzation. I’m not a cold hearted person but I have morals and care for people who deserve it. Karma is real!!

  42. Alexandra says:

    Good! Too bad he didn’t take that POS out so the state doesn’t have to pay anything for him anymore. I wish his soul severe unending pain and misery. And once he dies, may he be haunted by demons that will never let him come up for air. He is beyond a nothing. The crap that comes out of my ass has more intelligence. Good riddance.

  43. Syl says:

    What a pitty he was only stabbed by brush! What a pitty he was not stabbed to death the way he murdered inocent people, especially soon mother to be and her fully developed child! This piece of shit named Tex Watson shoud be aborted by his demented mother and his father shoul rather throw his sick seemen to tthe grass instead of to his mother! He should never by born! The world, the planet is not a place for such a garbage!

  44. Angel says:

    What did Jesus teach about forgiveness?

    Jesus teachings on forgiveness played a major theme during His life. He was very clear that forgiveness was to play a major role in our life too. And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins” (Mark 11:25).

    This and many other forgiveness quotes teach us that we are under obligation to God…to forgive those who sin regardless of their crimes.Yet I cannot find it in my heart to forgive these vile human beings !! Each and everyone of them are responsible for their own actions.They chose to listen to Manson’s commands,they choose to take drugs and they chose to stuff out the lives of Sharon her unborn baby and her friends…and others.It must have been harrowing I just can’t imagine what they all went through.It would have taken at least 20mins for the poor baby boy to die inside his Mother with no oxygen.Let’s not forget all of Sharon’s pets that were there too.They must have been cowering in fright somewhere.My heart bleeds for them all.Tex Watson is a fake a phony he’ has no remorse he’s still the same person who thinks about nothing but himself and should rot in hell for his evil actions !!

  45. B says:

    I wouldn’t mind having a couple hours alone with tex. Just me tex a k-bar knife and a couple pairs of vice grips. I bet I could make him repent. I guess I would then become the same animal he is. Oh well.

  46. Richard says:

    I think Tex Watson is the most dangerous criminal alive today, please do not let this
    man in society for he will do it again, and he is no born again christian, it is just a gimmick to be released, everyone repents when they are in prison. As for judging him, well that
    is between GOD and him.

  47. Isvara Nsrima says:

    #Execute #TexWatson
    He forfeits ALL Rights to a future in the body he premeditatively Murdered was Tried Convicted And DEATH is only Just Sentence.

    I am horrified that Sharons Mom spent her years having to See Tex to prevent Parole…

    Judicial Remedy Fails. Press is immoral fodder…

    Jesus Creator God REMOVE TexWatson and all who are polluting the beauty and putlrity of Earth Life.

  48. fred broadhurst says:

    Do not ever give this monster parole, all this fake christian garbage, how could the so called justice system allow this beast to father children in prison with an excuse for a woman. Those poor children of theirs are mothered and fathered by two notorious scumbags.

  49. Nancy says:

    If this monster is so religious why hasn’t his God got him out of prison if he think his sins have been forgiven or why did this God even allowed him and his manson family commit that horrendous crime specially with a pregnant woman all this monster had a chance to study get marries and live their lives everything they took away from their victims they don’t deserve freedom they should be lucky they speared their lives and for that they should be grateful and stop asking for parole.

  50. Wendy Anne says:

    Tex Watson committed heinous crimes. It’s very disturbing to me that anyone could think he has changed; that he’s a very nice man who found God. Please. Spare me. He’s just a man who will say anything because he wants to be released from prison. He’s a monster. How can you say that a cold-blooded killer is a nice man? It’s not up to me or anyone but God to judge him. I don’t know how this monster can live with himself. I watched a document
    last night about Patricia Krenwinkle. She does the crying act where she says she is not the person she was. Give me a break. She just wants to be released from prison and will say anything. She takes no responsibility and blames Charles Manson. She made the choice to commit murder. No one held a gone to her head.

  51. Michael says:

    Beware of sheep in wolves clothing. Still shocking today that these senseless murders were carried out by Manson’s deranged followers fifty years ago to people some of whom just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Tragic loss of lives cut short. No parole for the lives you took.

  52. Michael Castro says:

    Beware of sheep in wolves clothing. Still shocking today that these senseless murders were carried out by Manson’s deranged followers fifty years ago to people some of whom just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Tragic loss of lives cut short. No parole for the lives you took.

  53. Tony says:

    So many here condemn a killer, yet find breathless arousal at the thought of someone vicariously providing them the pleasure of him being murdered. Not much truly separates such people; perhaps only the idea that they are somehow superior in their judgment.
    I’m not religious at all, but it’s hard to witness.

  54. Alexandra says:

    Sasha, you should consider the fact that Tex Watson was the one responsible for savagely butchering at least 6 out of the 8 victims one of which was a helpless heavily pregnant woman. Also killing Stephen Parent wasn’t even part of the apparent instructions Manson gave them. Watson didn’t need to kill Stephen Parent (not that he needed to kill any of them) Stephen was just driving past and Tex was the one who chose to come out of hiding showing himself to Stephen and then shot him 4 times. Shooting him 4 times by the way was an overkill and I read the kid may have also been stabbed by him too. I mean why didn’t Watson just stay hidden and let him drive by? Were his actions there Manson’s fault too? Ridiculous. It’s easy for Watson to blame Manson but he’s the one who listened to him, allowed Manson to take his humanity if he ever had any. What kind of person does something like what Watson did to those people? Watson was the one in charge both nights and he was the one who did at least 90% of the killing both times. But yea, let’s just let him out cause he’s such a nice man now, he’s found Jesus and he’s 50+ years older.
    He should be remorseful and sorry for what he did and I hope he is! I hope it haunts him! He still shouldn’t be let out, his crimes were just too heinous. The system allowed him to marry and father several children so he had more privileges offered to him then he deserved and should be happy with that. Besides the loved ones of the ppl he slaughtered probably want him to stay behind bars forever. I feel like he at least owes them that satisfaction. I mean that’s the least he could do. I think it’s insulting to those ppl and completely ridiculous that he’s been trying to get paroled for so long.

  55. Rebecca says:

    I worked in a jail system for many years and the first thing an inmate asks for is a Bible. When he or she is released what do they leave behind… the Bible. There is nothing to do in jail but read. Just look in Tex Watson’s eyes. He is so fake. I have seen it so many times before over and over again. Karma is real. Look at Susan Atkins and Charles Manson. As for the rest, I’m sure there time is coming.

  56. SOLOMON GRUNDY says:

    Do the crime, do the time . Life imprisonment should mean exactly that ….life.

  57. Rosie says:

    Sasha’s comments are interesting only because of her complete ignorance. She sees Watson as a christian man, kind and religious. Just exactly did she think he was when he stepped out of the bushes and shot Steve Parent 4 times as he begged for his life? Just who did she think he was when he kicked Frykowski in the head and said “I am the devil here to do the devils business”. What kind of a man was he when he told all the victims you are all going to die? He shot and stabbed Sebring to death. Beat Frykowski with a gun, shot him and stabbed him 51 times. Helped Krenwinkel stab Folger do death even after she said “Im already dead. And Sharon Tate. Witness to all that horror, begging for the life of her unborn child and crying for her mother. None of that affected Watson in any way, other than laugh when he talked about it. Yet he blames Manson, a 5’2” punk who Watson could have beat easily. He blames drugs, yet he dealt drugs and used them for years. Watson is just another cold blooded killer who used jailhouse religion to find followers like Sasha. Sasha is ignorant at the very least. Jailhouse religoin sucks in another fool.

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