• Judge Grants Leslie Van Houten Hearing

Judge Grants Leslie Van Houten Hearing

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Aug. 2 – A Superior Court judge has granted Leslie Van Houten a hearing to create a record of mitigating evidence in support of youth offender parole. The record will assist the Board of Parole Hearings, the Governor’s office and the Courts, by giving them a formal profile of Van Houten’s state of mind when she was involved with the Manson family.

The hearing, which is pursuant to People V. Franklin, will be held on August 24th at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office urged Judge Sam Ohta to deny Van Houten the hearing, calling it redundant and arguing that she could make such a record in her parole hearings.

However, Van Houten’s attorney, Richard Pfeiffer was adamant that a Franklin hearing would be the only way Van Houten can present this evidence without the District Attorney using it against her.

Van Houten is also scheduled to appear before the Board of Parole Hearings on September 6th.

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18 Responses to Judge Grants Leslie Van Houten Hearing

  1. Dianne8 says:


  2. Sasha Musgrave says:

    All the manson family should be set free

  3. Peter says:

    They are, we are the ones in prison. Haven’t you listened to anything Charlie has told us?

  4. James Fulmer says:

    What difference does it make?

    The parole board has approved her for parole. The governor denied it. The parole board can approve her for parole again. The governor will deny it again.

    The nature of the crime CAN be used against her. The nature of the crime will never change.

    She’s never getting out.

  5. John Earl says:

    This women should have been put to death – because of a bad decision just like this one she has lived she needs to remain in prison and remember all of the lives she destroyed – stop waisting our tax payers money on her she is a monster and when its time she will pay for her crimes for all eternity and there won’t be anyone dumb asses to try to find her a loop hole.
    I can only hope she reads these messages and knows that hate the world has for her and she caused it all!
    STOP THIS MADNESS let her rot in shame

  6. Steve Russell says:

    They are all political prisoners.
    They ALL should have been out years ago.

  7. Antoinette says:

    While I’ve obsessed over this case for over 40 yrs, none of them deserve to be free. But if anyone has a chance it’s her and Krenwinkle. I don’t believe they pose a danger to society now but they have to pay for the heinous crimes they committed. They got lucky when their sentences were commuted to life instead of death. If only their victims had been given that consideration, we wouldn’t be here talking about it today

  8. Wayne's world party on says:

    That bitter, humorless Nancy boy with the high pitched voice from Australia is fuming right now. Ha ha ha

  9. Wayne says:

    I pray she doesn’t get out! I hate women, especially pretty women. I am a bitter old man

  10. Louis says:

    Antoinette. I think it is Leslie and Bruce Davis who have the best chance. I don’t see Big Patty going anywhere.

  11. Lee says:

    Political prisoner my butt! She helped in a bloody home invasion that ended with two humans dead. She laughed, sang, and smiled like an idiot after they got caught too. Does anyone have any sympathy for the LaBianca family at all? Leslie Van Houten held a frightened woman down while she was forced to listen to her husband be gutted like a fish in the next room. That is nauseating!

  12. Justice for innocents says:

    I totally agree with John Earl, each and every one of those murdering scumbags should be left to die in jail. Actually they should have been executed in the most miserable way possible when convicted. They showed no mercy when they tortured and killed all those innocent people and a baby that could have lived had they not murdered it so they deserve whatever punishment dished out plus more!!!

  13. Black Heart says:

    So true. Creepy Gov. Moonbeam in his denial of Leslie’s recommended parole said that Leslie had not adequately faced why she wanted to go with the kill team so much on the night of the Tate murders. Even after she learned what happened at Cielo, she didn’t run away but put herself in position for Charlie to select her for the LaBianca murders. Moonbeam is not worth listening to on much of anything, but perhaps he has a point here.

    Before she walked into LaBianca’s house, killings were only theory in her mind. When the reality hit as Tex and Krenwinkel went to work, this should have jolted her to reality causing her to flee to the nearest phone and call the cops. She didn’t. Why? Had she done so she’d have become a happy suburban mother and now grandmother. She never explained why she didn’t run screaming from the house like a normal young girl would have. Her only excuse was that she felt that she was a soldier in some type of goofy movement cooked up by a con man.

    Nevertheless, at this point the process has to do with state integrity (don’t laugh). The state said you do x,y, and z and you may get parole. She did and received a recommendation. The state has gone back on its word.

    I may not believe she should be paroled by my opinion makes no difference. The contract made by the state should be forced into compliance.

  14. Fayez Abedaziz says:

    Well here we are looking at paroles again
    you would think there was no one there except for them over there Susan and Leslie
    take a look at the trails and the slackers over to Spahn hills way
    you can see dumb acting Clem had killed Donald Shea
    yet again things ain’t level and they’re not fair
    he gets freedom in 1985
    but Shea still ain’t alive
    well take a look at the girls they keep trying every which way
    they should have acted dumb
    instead of talking open and facing what they did
    well now they’re there at the the hearings
    rehab remorse it don’t matter
    you all should have acted as mad as a hatter
    then you can be called dumb like Clem
    and been freed on that reason
    but what does it mean
    when they all have that hate
    a lot of that friends can you relate
    though you killed no one
    but it’s alright for a killer like stupid Clem
    while they keep you
    you Susan and you Leslie in prison
    when he hit Shea in the head with the lead pipe
    well that’s okay Donald was just another guy just another person
    You girls were an accomplice but they don’t want facts anyway
    yeah it’s okay
    while they heard Shea’s screams from a mile away
    see the fun and love at the cool Spahn ranch
    did anybody care by chance
    well now we are here
    looking at parole again
    yet we wonder what does that really mean
    remorse rehab meeting all those rules
    and more yeah their honors’ 1985 ruling
    and now they tell us it don’t mean a thing
    welcome to politics and hate
    you know that’s what’s really happening
    think some more
    and maybe you can dig what I mean

  15. Nate Hannemann says:

    All convicted in the tate case should have been executed. There is no excuse for what they did. The parole board that let’s them out should also be executed.

  16. Prometheus1816 says:

    None of these monsters should be paroled. Ever! It would be a slap in the face to Sharon, Jay, Voytek, Abigail, Steve, Leno and Rosemary. Ya know the actual victims who haven’t had the benefit of living for the past 48 years. If any of them get paroled and I’m talking the main killers then there is no justice. One simply doesn’t walk free because they’ve concluded getting X counseling or X brownie points. There’s something called DETERRENCE. That thing that sets up the precedent that if someone else commits the same crimes, they have to serve the same time. Other murderers are serving life sentences, these murderers should serve out their life in accordance with the crimes they committed.

    Enough with the hand holding. That motion her lawyers have filed are for youth offenders under the age of 18 who have been sentenced to life in prison for crimes such as murder. Van Houten was of age when she committed her crimes. She was old enough to vote, drive a car, drink and join the armed services. I don’t care how many degrees she or any of them get. What happened with Susan Atkins should also be on Van Houten, Krenwinkel, Watson and Manson.

  17. Cybele Moon says:

    these people were creeps and they will always bear that stigma, remorseful or not, freed or not. LVH is not a hero, or a sinner become saint, or a political prisoner as some of her supporters claim. Those mitigating circumstances her lawyer wants in the record were things many of us experienced when young without slinking into someone’s home in the night with the intent to murder and terrorizing and brutally stabbing them to death.

  18. Karen says:

    John Earl, You said it PERFECTLY!! Absolutely agree with you!!

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