• LAPD Interview Transcript of Virginia Graham, November 26, 1969

LAPD Interview Transcript of Virginia Graham, November 26, 1969

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Jan. 28 – On Wednesday, November 26, 1969, the Homicide division of LAPD received a phone call from prison officials in Corona, after an inmate, Virginia Graham, had informed them she had information about the Tate murders.

Graham, who had been recently transferred from the Sybil Brand Institute, told authorities that her former dorm mate, Sadie Glutz, had told her she was among a group of people who had committed the Tate-LaBianca murders. In response, LAPD sent Sergeant Michael Nielsen, one of the homicide detectives investigating the LaBianca murders.

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7 Responses to LAPD Interview Transcript of Virginia Graham, November 26, 1969

  1. lman says:

    Ms Graham: “How did she tell me, that the police had it down opposite — Anyway, that the police had it wrong. They had it the wrong way now. I guess maybe they had him stabbing the man, but she said she’s the one that did it, so I don’t know. And this boy took his car, this man’s car or something. The man was homosexual. She told me that this fellow was gay”.

    I would be willing to guess that this is the first mention of Gary Hinman being labeled gay. This is from Miss Embellishment, Susan Atkins. I know on other Manson blogs this has been a heated point of contention (like it makes a difference that a murder victim is gay or not).

    Point being, consider the source.

  2. Sunset77 says:

    Thanx for the post. I think I counted 3 times Nielson asked Graham why Atkins said they chose the “Tate” house, I think the name “Terry” or “Terry Melcher” was mentioned every single time. She also said that Terry “knew” several of the girls. That adds another layer of friction I wasn’t aware of.

  3. Ruby says:

    I wonder if Virginia had known that “Charlie” at Sharon Tate’s crime scene was not Charles Manson but was Charles Watson and had initially relayed that fact to the Sargent if the police would have been so intent on building a case that placed so much responsibility on Manson. He was prejudged from the get go as being involved in these killings and it stemmed from Virginia confusing him and Tex Watson as one in the same.

    • Avi says:

      “He was prejudged from the get go as being involved in these killings and it stemmed from Virginia confusing him and Tex Watson as one in the same.”

      I don’t think Virginia was “confused” at all. I think she relayed what Susan Atkins told her (eg ” this is the other conversation that she and a fellow named Charles Manson (Phonetic) and two other girls, there was four of them all together”). Atkins was the one who told her “Manson”. How would Virginia even know about Manson if Susan hadn’t told her? There was nothing linking him or the family to the crime and his name wasn’t in the papers for anything. Unless Virginia was a groupie for old jailbirds, her plucking his name from thin air is an absurd assumption. Susan had a big mouth and a giant ego – those two things are always going to bring a person down. Blame Susan, not Virginia.

      And I don’t care how you slice it, Manson WAS involved. He was smart enough to get others to his bidding but he was the catalyst. Do you honestly think those dopey kids would have wandered up to Cielo Drive had it not been for Manson? None of them had any connection to the house or Terry Melcher but Manson did. Question the Helter Skelter scenario all day long but let’s not act like Manson is some innocent player in this saga.

  4. Ruby says:

    Does anyone know if Sharon had a hunting dog in the main house? The only hunting dog I can think of would have been “Christopher” the Weimerheimer that was supposedly in the guesthouse that night.

    • Ruby says:

      Most likely this is just another Susan lie. The knife of course was in the couch but I was just wondering if the dog was running around from house to house that night, of if she was talking about him from other visits she had made over there.

  5. Gina says:

    I don’t totally trust Virginia Graham that much. By her own admission in later years she was pretty involved with the LA criminal element. She might have been doing jail time for a bad check but she was running prostitutes too. That was how she and Ronnie Howard knew each other and why she was house shopping on Cielo. She “hosted” parties for the rich and famous and powerful which included people who were part of the Mafia. Her entire testimony was hearsay.

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