• Newsom’s Reversal of Van Houten Parole Grant to be Reviewed

Newsom’s Reversal of Van Houten Parole Grant to be Reviewed

Friday, September 20th, 2019

Sept 19 – Governor Gavin Newsom’s reversal of Leslie Van Houten’s most recent parole recommendation will be reviewed by the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Van Houten received her third parole recommendation from the California Board of Parole Hearings in January. The decision was reversed by Newsom in June, prompting Van Houten’s attorney Richard Pfeiffer to file a petition asking the Superior Court to rule that Van Houten would not be an unreasonable risk if placed on parole.

Last week, Judge William Ryan ordered the Attorney General to show cause as to why Van Houten’s petition should not be granted. The Attorney General will have until October 11th to file a return opposing the petition.

Van Houten is still waiting on California’s 2nd District Court of Appeal to make a ruling on Jerry Brown’s reversal of her 2017 parole recommendation. That decision is due sometime next month.

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5 Responses to Newsom’s Reversal of Van Houten Parole Grant to be Reviewed

  1. Janet Palirano says:

    I thought CieloDrive.com Tweeted that Van Houten’s 2nd appeal was denied in August. No?

  2. Saul Roe says:

    I received riding lessons at Spahn Movie Ranch. I did not know that my lessons were given by one of Manson’s Girls. Since I was to small to saddle my own house Shorty, the ranch hand would do it for me. Shorty was killed by the Manson Family. I have talked to one of the Sheriffs who tried to find Shorties body. It is clear that the Family were evil and I do not believe any one of them should be paroled. They are a danger to society.

  3. Randy Karnes says:

    This heartless bitch held down Rosemary LaBianca so she could be stabbed to death. SHE MUST NEVER GET OUT!!!!!!!!Carry her out FEET FIRST like the other two!!!!!!!

  4. Janet Palirano says:

    The 2nd Appeals Court emailed me today that her 2nd appeal is denied as of today 9/20/19! Thank God!

  5. James J says:

    That isn’t the point at all?

    Unless your ideology is consistent with life WITHOUT parole then you are absolutely in contradiction.

    The fact is she has life WITH parole. Meaning if she is SUITABLE she should be released.

    Not “the crimes were so heinous or evil” when there are murderers who are convicted in California every year for murder who don’t receive life.

    At least in my ideological beliefs I am consistent, I don’t believe in parole or life sentences. I believe in the death sentence. That being said, California has given them the opportunity at rehabilitation. So therefore according to THEIR OWN LAWS and beliefs, if she follows them aptly then why shouldn’t she get released?

    Anyone with any sort of political awareness knows this happens due to politics. Imagine the Governor trying to become reelected, knowing he allowed one of the “worst murderers in the history of California” to get out? Even though its part of THEIR justice system! It’s a joke man!

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