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Saturday, January 4th, 2014

Jan. 13 – Part one of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Homicide Bureau interview of Straight Satans motorcycle club member Danny DeCarlo, regarding the murder of Gary Hinman. This interview was conducted at the Hall of Justice on November 19, 1969.

DANNY DeCARLO: (Unintelligible)

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: Just be honest. Danny, all, all we’re asking from you, is just be honest with us.

Don’t uh – If – if you’re honest with us – I, I, promise you that I can’t be any different than Gutierrez. We’re gonna be just as honest with you. And – In fact, we’ve already started being honest with you.



(Unintelligible), Sergeant Paul Whiteley and Sergeant (Unintelligible).

Well, let’s first of all make sure we’ve got your right name.

Ok, you’re Daniel T. DeCarlo, is that right?

DANNY DeCARLO: That’s correct.

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: Ok, and your address is 8335?

DANNY DeCARLO: (Unintelligible)

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: a-o-l-e-g-i-o, drive

DANNY DeCARLO: drive, L.A. 45

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: Do you have a phone there, Danny?

DANNY DeCARLO: Yes sir, I do. 641-1691.


What’s your father’s first name?


SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: Mother’s name?

And your mother?

DANNY DeCARLO: Gloria. Gloria Marie, DeCarlo.

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: Ok, Will you tell us – first of all – what you know, about — Ah, I turned it up. I thought it was doing. Something to tell it, all these god damn

(Unintelligible; too many people talking at one time)

Uh, let’s start out with all you know about Bobby Beausoleil.

DANNY DeCARLO: Alright. Ok, Bobby now — from what I first heard about Bobby, he was a musician; he knew music. And I understand also, that he was one of the best guitar players, that are around.

Now Bobby, used to live at that ranch at one time, but he left (unintelligible), everybodys come back. Well, approximately, two weeks before Gary Hinman got it, maybe not even that, maybe a week and a half.

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: Two weeks is the following week.

DANNY DeCARLO: Gary shows back — I mean Bobby shows back up at the ranch

(background noises)

Now, he said he was hung up on this little girl up there. He said, that’s one of the reasons why, because he was trying to get her, to leave the ranch with him. But, Charlie was his god. Whatever Charlie did, he did. Whatever Charlie think, he’d think. It was this tight, you know.

So, and you just want about Beausoleil. Well, that’s about all I know, that’s first how I met him. Just prior to what happened to Hinman. And uh, he bought the three wheeler and he wanted me to rebuild the three wheeler for him. (unintelligible) but I never got around to it (unintelligible)

That’s uh – that’s about as far as I know, thats he’s a musician, a friend of Charlie’s, uh, the time he (unintelligible) the ranch, I saw a three wheeler out with him, that he was building. The first contact I had with him was about parts. He called up the ranch and he wanted to trade parts. He had this motorcycle, he had that motorcycle.

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: Were you living at the ranch at that time Danny?




SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: Did you have a conversation with him, right after or just before, the Hinman deal went down, with Gary. Did you know Gary Hinman?

DANNY DeCARLO: No, never seen him before in my life, I didn’t know who he was.

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: You’re sure you didn’t.


(Unintelligible; too many people talking at one time)

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: Ok, you didn’t know Gary?

DANNY DeCARLO: I’ve never seen the man in my life.

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: Ok. Tell us, tell me what happened then. Just about the time about the Gary Hinman deal. What was the next contact you had with Bobby?

DANNY DeCARLO: The next contact – well, Bobby was right there where I was living.

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: He was living there same time you were.

DANNY DeCARLO: Same time I was.


DANNY DeCARLO: Ok, the first thing I ever heard about Hinman, was that he had 20 grand.

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: Who told you this?

DANNY DeCARLO: Charlie, he told me this.

He had $20,000 and they were going to go out there and get the money off him. Now they, this is, they were talking about this for probably weeks – the Gary Hinman’s money. According —

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: (Unintelligible) they, both knew Hinman?

DANNY DeCARLO: They both knew Gary, from prior contact with Gary. Alright, he had 20 grand. Where he got this money, I don’t know? If he had 20 grand, I don’t know? They just said it was $20,000 that they were gonna get.

So they have to, talk somebody out of it. So they’re gonna talk it out of Gary Hinman.

So, they sent Bobby, they sent Sadie, and they sent Mary.

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: Sadie is who?

DANNY DeCARLO: Sadie Glutz.



SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: Mary is, Mary who?



Sent them up to Gary’s house?


SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: Do you know where Gary’s house is?

DANNY DeCARLO: Not the slightest idea.


DANNY DeCARLO: Ok, now I’m telling you, what he told me, when he came back, I’ll run it on down to you.


DANNY DeCARLO: He is Bobby Beausoleil.


DANNY DeCARLO: Right from the horse’s mouth. Now this is when he came back. And a little bit, what Charlie told me, from when they got there. Now when they left, I don’t know. When they came back, I don’t know. What they left in, I don’t know. I’m only telling you what he told me when he came back. And that’s where I’m going to start, when he came back. Ok, I was in the end bunkhouse, on the ranch. Right, he came back, and uh, I says — he was telling me about uh, he had stabbed Gary Hinman. He says, ‘and I got the motherfucker, I said, I killed him.’ He says, “it’s pretty weird, I never killed anyone before in my life.” And he had a little knife, that he carried with him. A little a, like a bowie knife – a mexican, bowie knife. A Mexican, a bowie with a blade that comes up like this and down like this and under, fancy handle, fancy engraving on the handle. You people have it.

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: How do you know that?

DANNY DeCARLO: Cus, he carried it constantly on his hip —


DANNY DeCARLO: — on a sheath. When he got busted up there in San Luis Obispo in that little Toyota, he had that knife on him. He was supposed to take that Toyota out of town —

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: Let me ask you something.


SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: How do you know he had the knife on him?

DANNY DeCARLO: Cause he (Unintelligible), he never parted with it.


DANNY DeCARLO: When he did it, Bobby — Charlie told him to get rid of the knife, he never did. He didn’t want to get rid of the knife, because he loved it. That’s why he kept it with him. So when he got arrested up in San Luis Obispo, he had the knife with him, right? He had that knife? Didn’t your crime lab check that knife and it came back clean? Well that was the knife that did it. I almost choked, when I heard that.

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: Well now, not that our crime lab came back clean, but we have, we did test the knife.

DANNY DeCARLO: Yeah, well he, he called the ranch while he was in jail and said, yeah the crime lab came back, and he said the knife, wasn’t the knife that did it.

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE: That’s not true.

DANNY DeCARLO: Well, that’s what he said.

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: Ok, anyway. Let’s go down, specifically – first of all – I take it you’re gonna tell me a conversation you got from Beausoleil, some that you got from Manson, and you pieced the whole thing together, of what happened.

DANNY DeCARLO: Now, the conversation I had with Manson, is that, that Gary had 20 grand.


DANNY DeCARLO: And uh, he was gonna get the 20 grand off Gary – force him out of it. Not only the 20 grand, but he was gonna get him to sign over his house, sign over his car, and that Volkswagen bus. Now all-of-a-sudden my name got next to that Volkswagen bus, it was at the ranch when I was up there. But believe me, I had nothing to —

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: The guy we, we arrested in the car said you were one of the guys who sold it.

DANNY DeCARLO: He’s a lying motherfucker and go up against a lie detector test.

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: Ok, we’re not making any accusations —

DANNY DeCARLO: Well, I’m not —

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: — I’m just told you how you’re name got into the deal.


SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: Ok. well anyway, let’s go – first things first. Ok, first, let’s go, so it’s clear in our minds. First of all, why don’t you tell us, uh Danny, what Robert Beausoleil told you, just what he told you.

DANNY DeCARLO: Ok, this is, what I’m telling you is after he did it.


DANNY DeCARLO: He came back and we got to talking about Gary. And he ran down the whole trip, of, what he, what he did when he was up there.

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: Tell me what he told you.

DANNY DeCARLO: Him, Sadie, Mary, went up to see Gary. Bobby, sitting there bullshiting with him.

“Hey Gary, what’s happening, how’s it going?”

“Pretty Good”

“Yeah, good to hear that”

“How you doing?”

“Yeah, good”

“Glad to hear that”

“Yeah, that good to hear.”

This went on for a couple of hours. Then Bobby said, “Gary, I want everything you got” and pulls out a gun, that 9mm Radom. That’s the pistol, that, they had bought. Cus I was with them, it was the same day I bought that Signat .45 for Charles, under Richard Smith. That people are telling me I have to go turn myself in for. I bought that gun the same day they bought that Radom, .9mm polish Radom. I should’ve let them buy both, but I didn’t. But anyway, he pulled the gun on him.

“So look here Gary, I want your money.”

“I want everything you got.”

“Crazy motherfucker, got outta my house, you piece of shit. Get the hell outta my house.”

Bobby pistol whipped him, bam! And the first time he hit him, he cracked, the pistol grip on him; the pistol grip handle, was, if you know – if you’re familiar with a .9mm Radom, second world war, polish, that gun was shot. Shot it once and it chipped. And the pistol grip was very brittle. He dropped the pistol and it broke, the pistol grip shattered, because it was really brittle plastic. When we brought the pistol back, the uh, the pistol grip was broken in half, on one side, it was broken in half. Cus I remember, “Who the fuck did this?” I said. Bobby said, “I broke that on Gary’s head.”

Ok, so he pulled the gun out on him, and uh, Gary wasn’t going for it.

“Man, get the hell outta my fucking house, man. Get the hell out of here.”

So Bobby pistol whipped him, you see. He threw them out (unintelligible) “put two fuckers in him if you don’t. I want you to know I’m not fucking around. Look here Gary, I don’t want no trouble with you. I don’t want to hurt you. I want your $20,000, where’s it at?”

Gary, “I don’t have no money, I don’t have nothing.”

Bobby wouldn’t believe him. So, he gave the gun to Sadie, “Sadie watch him”

Gary was sitting behind his desk (unintelligible) So Bobby went and searched the house. And Bobby said, he’s in the other room and heard Sadie say, “Now sit down Gary. Now Gary sit down, don’t make me shoot you, now Gary.” Now so Bobby said, he ran back in there, just about the time that Gary got to Sadie with the gun. All three of them met at the same time. They’re hassling with the gun and it went off. The bullet, Bobby says, traveled, right into a drain pipe, right through that, ricocheted, it went through the wall; up into the house, (unintelligible) in the back. He said, if the police go back there, do you think they can find the bullet? I said, yes they could. And that’s why – that’s when they got rid of the pistol. After that, they didn’t want the pistol traced back. So they got rid of the pistol and gave it to this other guy, who I already told Sergeant Gutierrez who it was. And uh, so anyway, they wrestled the gun away from Gary. And he gave him (unintelligible) help him up for Gary to settle down. So about that time, Bobby called up Charlie. So, Charlie said alright, I’ll come up there. You know Bruce went up there.

SGT. PAUL WHITELEY: Were you there when Bobby called?


I wasn’t there but he called the ranch and he asked to go down to a pay phone. Gary said – Charlie said, pay phone.


In Memoriam: Sgt. Michael J. McGann

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013


Nov. 5 – We have been informed by the Los Angeles Police Department that retired LAPD detective Michael J. McGann passed away last Friday in Palm Desert, California, due to complications from cancer. McGann was a 1st Lieutenant in the 185th Armored Squadron before he joined the LAPD in May of 1959. He was promoted to Sergeant in February of 1967 and 16 months later was assigned to the special unit investigating the assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy. McGann investigated the activities of Sirhan Sirhan at the Pasadena and San Gabriel gun clubs, as well as Sirhan’s alleged attendance at Peace and Freedom Party meetings. In August of 1969, McGann found himself on another high profile case, when he was made a lead detective assigned to the Tate murders. During the course of the investigation, McGann interviewed several key witnesses and his tireless work was instrumental in establishing cases against the Tate-LaBianca killers. After his retirement, McGann assisted researchers and also made several television appearances discussing the case. He was 77 years old.


Coming November 4th: LAPD Interview Transcript of Ronnie Howard, at Sybil Brand Institute on November 25, 1969

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013


Oct. 30 – Coming Nov. 4th, we open up the LAPD Files with a transcript of the November 25, 1969 interview of Ronnie Howard, conducted by Sergeants Michael McGann and Frank Patchett at the Sybil Brand Institute.

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Bobby Beausoleil’s 2005 Parole Hearing

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013


Statement made by attorney Carolyn M. Hagen, read by Bobby Beausoleil in 2005. Much of this statement is uncorroborated. Further, many claims made within are contradicted by witness statements

Review of the most recent parole consideration hearing transcript of Robert Beausoleil, dated May 11, 2000, has revealed inaccuracies and confusion regarding the commitment factors. In order to fairly address the (indiscernible) factors of the offense, and by extension Mr. Beausoleil’s rehabilitation, Mr. Beausoleil request that the Board incorporate this statement by reference into the current and any and all future proceedings. The commitment case factors as described below are based entirely on previous parole hearing transcripts, Board reports and psychological evaluations.

‘Statement of Facts’ – on the night of Friday, July 25, 1969, approximately 45 hours prior to the fatal stabbing of the victim, Gary Hinman, Robert Beausoleil went to Hinman’s residence to buy drugs. Hinman was, at that time, dealing Mesculine that he made himself. Beausoleil was buying drugs on behalf of members of the Straight Satan’s Motorcycle club who had supplied money for the purchase in the amount of $1,000. Danny DeCarlo, who would later testify as a witness to Beausoleil, was a member of the Straight Satan’s club and an active participant in the drug transaction. Beausoleil delivered the mesaculine he had purchased from Gary to the Straight Satan’s at Spahn Ranch where Danny DeCarlo resided with his girlfriend, Susan Atkins, who would become co-defendant in Beausoleil’s case. DeCarlo and other members of the Straight Satans then took the drugs to Venice Beach for a party involving several motorcycle clubs that was to take place the next day.

On Saturday, July 26th, DeCarlo and other members of the Straight Satans, accompanied by members of the Satan’s Slaves and Hell’s Angels motorcycle clubs, returned to Spahn Ranch and confronted Beausoleil. They accused Beausoleil of conspiring with Hinman to burn him for the money for selling them bad drugs. The bikers roughed up Beausoleil and threatened him with a knife. Beausoleil told the bikers that he did know the drugs were bad and promised to get their money back from Hinman.

DeCarlo and co-defendant, Bruce Davis, told Beausoleil that they would drive him to Hinman’s residence to make sure that he did. Two young women, co-defendants Atkins and Mary Brunner, who were initially unaware of the difficulites between Beausoleil and the bikers and Hinman, came along “for the ride.” Upon arrival at the Hinman residence, Brunner and Atkins went ahead into the house to visit Hinman with whom they had more then casual relationships. Davis then gave Beausoleil a 9mm pistol. Davis and DeCarlo instructed Beausoleil to keep the gun concealed, but to produce it if Hinman failed to cooperate and return the money. They told Beausoleil to phone them at the Ranch when they obtained the money and they would return to pick him up. Davis and DeCarlo then left with the car. In addition, Beausoleil was carrying a knife in a sheath on his belt.

Beausoleil confronted Hinman about the allegedly bad drugs and commanded the return of the $1000.00 he had given him the day before. Hinman claimed that the mesculane was not bad, and in any case that he had already spent the money. Beausoleil became agitated and pulled the gun out and threatened Hinman with it. He struck Hinman with the gun two or three times. Hinman produced his checkbook to prove that he had already spent the money. Convinced that Hinman was telling the truth, Beausoleil handed the gun to Atkins and told her to keep in trained on Hinman and not to let him move, that he was going to go into the other room in search of something of value that he could give to the Straight Satans in lieu of the money. While Beausoleil was out of the room, Hinman lunged at Atkins and took the gun away. Atkins cried out and Beausoleil ran back into the room. He grabbed Hinman’s arm and began to fight with Hinman to gain possession of the gun. While the two men were wrestling over the gun, one of the two female co-defendants telephoned Spahn Ranch and apparently and unidentified person that there was trouble, that Hinman had taken the gun and that he and Beausoleil were fighting over it. During the struggle the gun discharged. The bullet pierced the kitchen sink without injuring anyone, but the sudden shock of the gun’s loud concussion enabled Beausoleil to regain possession of the gun.

Hinman offered to resolve the conflict by signing over the two titles for the two old automobiles that he owned, one of which was a dented volkswagon van that Hinman had recently purchased for $800.00. Beausoleil accepted. When the transfer of the titles was complete Beausoleil and the two females were preparing to leave when co-defendants Davis and Charles Manson appeared at the front door. Hinman, who was no longer being held at gunpoint opened the front door for the two men who he considered to be his friends. Manson immediately slashed Hinman across the check with a long swordlike knife taking Hinman’s ear and cutting his cheek. Beausoleil asked Manson why he did that and Manson replied that he was showing Beausoleil, “how to be a man.”

Davis demanded Hinman give him the gun and Hinman indicated to Davis that Beausoleil had the gun. Beausoleil returned the gun to Davis and Davis expressed annoyance that the gun had been jammed. Manson angrily told Beausoleil that he had made a mess of things and that he needed to get it cleaned up. He told the two females, who were members of his commune, to help Beausoleil take care of Hinman. Manson and Davis then left.

Beausoleil spent the rest of the night, and most of the next day, with Hinman, attending to his injury and talking to him in an attempt to convince Hinman that – ” There seems to be a typographical error here. “In an attempt to convince Hinman that the wound was not very serious and would heal without the need of going to see his doctor. Beausoleil feared Hinman would inform on him if he went to the hospital for medical treatment. Hinman became increasingly adamant about wanting to get professional treatment for the injury. Beausoleil phoned Spahn Ranch for advice on what to do. Manson came to the phone and told Beausoleil that he was on his own and hung up. Hinman made additional demands to be allowed to go to the hospital. In a state of panic and desperation Beausoleil made the decision to kill Hinman to prevent him from telling what he knew of Beausoleil’s involvement of the drug deal and the assault. Beausoleil stabbed Hinman once in the chest and when Hinman did not immediately fall he stabbed him a second time.

In court testimony the coroner said that the second stab wound was almost instantly fatal. Beausoleil has stated that neither of the two female co-defendants had any foreknowledge of the fatal assault and were out of the room when it occurred. The females had seemed shocked. Beausoleil asked them to help him remove evidence of their presence and to take measures that might help him evade detection by the authorities. Hinman was known to associate frequently with radical militant (indiscernible) on the UCLA campus and Beausoleil decided to try to make it look as though Hinman had been killed by some of these other associates by burning some of Hinman’s Marxist newspapers on the floor, and by drawing ‘political pig’ on the wall in the victim’s blood.

The three left Hinman’s residence at nightfall on Sunday, July 27th. DeCarlo and members of the Straight Satans accepted the old VW van as repayment for the allegedly bad drugs and took it to Venice Beach. It was subsequently found in Santa Monica. Beausoleil was arrested in San Louis Obispo on August 6th. He had been driving Hinman’s other vehicle at the time and it had broken down on the freeway. The knife used in the slaying of Hinman was in the vehicle.” This is dated May 30, 2003, signed Carolyn M. Hagen, attorney for Robert Beausoleil.

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The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Hinman Files

Monday, October 7th, 2013


First Homicide Report – 07/31/69
Residence Photographed – 08/04/69
Classification Change – 08/06/69
Bobby Beausoleil Arrest Report – 08/06/69
One Arrest Made – 08/07/69
Complaint Issued – 08/07/69
Palm Print Lifted – 08/08/69
Preliminary Hearing Set – 08/09/69
Additional Suspect Arrested – 10/13/69
Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme Arrested – 10/17/69
Arraignment Date Set
Danny DeCarlo Statement – 11/19/69
Progress Report – 12/4/69
Stephanie Schram Statement – 12/4/69
Mary Brunner Interviewed
Mary Brunner Statement – 12/4/69
Investigation Made – 12/08/69
Louis Puttek Interview – 01/20/70
Firearms Identification – 01/27/70
One Arrest – 01/29/70
Vehicle Impounded – 02/20/70
Sword Examination – 03/09/70
Gun Recovered – 03/17/70
Alan Springer Interviewed – 03/20/70
Brunner Warrant Issued – 04/06/70
Mary Brunner Statement – 04/06/70
Rosanne Walker Interviewed – 04/10/70
Grand Jury Indictments – 04/19/70
Defendant Sentenced – 04/21/70
Defts. #2 and #3 Appear for Trial Setting – 04/22/70
Defendants Arraigned – 04/29/70
Evidence Held – 05/06/70
New Sentencing Date Set – 05/12/70
Ella Jo Bailey Interviewed – 05/18/70
Mary Brunner Affidavit – 05/21/70
Defendant #1 Formally Sentenced – 06/15/70
Beausoleil Formally Sentenced – 06/15/70
Grand Jury Hearing Held – 06/17/70
Ronnie Howard Interviewed – 10/19/70
Bruce Davis Arrested – 12/19/70
Manson Family Activities – 9/16/71


Oct. 7 – The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Homicide Bureau, Gary Hinman investigatory files. A retrospective of Hinman investigation as seen through never before released homicide, arrest, laboratory, investigation and progress reports, witness interview transcripts, and interoffice correspondences.