• Patricia Krenwinkel Documentary, Life After Manson Debuts At Tribeca Today

Patricia Krenwinkel Documentary, Life After Manson Debuts At Tribeca Today

Friday, April 18th, 2014


Olivia Klaus and Patricia Krenwinkel at the California Institue for Women while filming Life After Manson
Photo Credit: Quiet Little Place / Misty Dameron Photography

April 18 – A new documentary, Life After Manson, featuring Patricia Krenwinkel’s first on-camera interview in over two decades, is set to premiere today at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival. The film, which profiles Krenwinkel life, is directed by Olivia Klaus, whose previous documentary, Sin by Silence, told the stories of a group of battered women all convicted of killing their abusive lovers.

It was during the filming of Sin by Silence that Klaus came to find out one of the members of the group she volunteered in was Patricia Krenwinkel. According to Klaus, Krenwinkel approached her with the idea of doing the interview and because they were already filming the support group, they were able to get around a law that traditionally gives the department of corrections the right to prevent on-camera interviews with high profile inmates.

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9 Responses to Patricia Krenwinkel Documentary, Life After Manson Debuts At Tribeca Today

  1. checkeredemon says:

    I doubt Katie will remember any new revelations after 45 years.

  2. pecosbill says:

    I’m looking forward to this documentary although I doubt that there will be any new light shed on the crime mysteries. Yet there might be some new insights into the mind of the coldest of the Manson girl killers.

  3. Gina says:

    I’d be more impressed if she took responsibility for her own actions instead of still blaming Manson after all these years. She was an adult and she wasn’t retarded so he couldn’t have controlled her to the point of making her kill.

  4. Trapper says:

    None of them deserve the slightest bit of publicity. If ANY of them were even the tiniest bit repentant, they would own up to what they did, realize that no amount of jail time would ever make up for what they did, and stop seeking parole. They should get parole when their victims do.

  5. Jim says:

    None of these “people” deserve freedom. All you hear about is all the great things they have done while incarcerated. What about punishment for the crimes committed ? Like the other posted stated , if they were sincerely remorseful they would not put the victims loved ones through the trauma of being forced to relive it and see their ugly face over and over again. The only concern they have is for themselves which is obvious. They made the decision to take the drugs. They made the decision to follow their hero. Well suck it up and deal with it. You were shown more mercy than you will ever deserve. Every last one of you should be on death row.

  6. Mara Kaufman says:

    People need to look at their 21yr olds and picture them closing in on 70 and then comment. Pat Krenwinkel is not offering excuses she’s giving insight into how she became a murderer. It was a different time and children all over the country were flocking to Ca. And its permissive lifestyle. I think 45yrs is long enough for a troubled 21yr old, spewing invectives and hatred is easy -its 2014 people how bout a little forgiveness?

    • Shane Lovelace says:

      It seems to me that the only people who have mercy for murderers are people who are not related to or friends of the victims. Using their logic I guess we also should forgive people like nazi war criminals. I was just following orders is the usual excuse for perpetrators involved in mass murder. Everyone involved in this case in1969 regardless of what kinds of drugs they were doing knew it was wrong to murder.the only true remorse they have is having been caught and convicted. Since they’re death sentences were commuted to life in prison that is where they should stay.

  7. McLean says:

    M. Kaufman, which one of them are you really?

  8. Jesse says:

    Patty is straight up full of crap! It was NEVER just her and Manson! He was never her “boyfriend.” A lover, yes, but hell they were all screwing each other all the time. Mary Brunner was his first out of prison girlfriend. Then there was Lynnette. She was pretty far down on the totem pole. Charlie thinks that she is gross, and he is so gross himself! Good Lord! Is her insistence that Charlie was her boyfriend made in an effort to claim the intimate partner abuse? BINGO! That is exactly what the producer of this film was working on when she met Patty: women in prison who killed their husbands or boyfriends in self defense.

    Oh my God, those hairy legs of hers! Sadie’s were bad enough! Patty wore mini skirts that showed off her extremely hairy lower legs, knees, and upper thighs! UGH!

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