• Patricia Krenwinkel’s 1978 Parole Hearing

Patricia Krenwinkel’s 1978 Parole Hearing

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014


Statement made by Deputy District Attorney Stephen Kay at Patricia Krenwinkel’s first parole hearing.

I have spent the past two years prosecuting one of Miss Krenwinkel’s co-defendants, Leslie Van Houten for the LaBianca murder. And as such, I have had numerous occasions recently to review Miss Krenwinkel’s role in both the LaBianca and so-called Tate murders. In my opinion, Miss Krenwinkel was well aware of the gravity of her acts of murder on August 9th and August 10th, 1969. She knew that participating in murder was wrong, but she decided that her loyalty to the Manson family was more important. Miss Krenwinkel had made her decision to participate in the murder even before she and the other members of the family left Spahn Ranch in the late evening hours of August 8th, 1969. Miss Krenwinkel was a very willing participant in the killings at the home of Sharon Tate, and by her own admission at the penalty phase of her trial, stabbed Abigail Folger to death.

Miss Krenwinkel had such a deep remorse for participating in the five murders at Sharon Tate’s home that, when she returned to the getaway car, the only thing she had to say was her hand hurt because, when she stabbed the victim, she kept hitting her bones.

The next day after the Tate murders, Patricia Krenwinkel spent part of the day watching TV news accounts of the murders so she could see what a good job she had done. That night, even knowing of the brutality and destruction of human life that she participated in the night before, she went out on the second night of the murders and participated in the LaBianca murders, actually stabbing both Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. Before she left the LaBianca residence, she carved the word “War” w-a-r on the abdomen of Leno LaBianca and also stuck a carving for in his abdomen. She then, in Mr. LaBianca’s blood, wrote the words, “Death to pigs,” “Arise,” and “Helter Skelter,” inside the LaBianca home.

Leslie Van Houten testified at her trial in 1977 that Charles Manson told her that Patricia Krenwinkel was a complete reflection of him, that she was more like him than anyone else in the family.

In my opinion, the main purpose of our prison system is to benefit and protect society. I think we owe it to society not to turn loose a member of the Manson family such as Patricia Krenwinkel who has participated in seven of the most vicious, brutal murders in the history of American crime. The public is very concerned about Patricia Krenwinkel and her co-defendants getting out on parole. I think it would be a great deterrent value to show the public that not everybody who commits murder can automatically get out on parole. The public will certainly feel that if Patricia Krenwinkel gets out on parole, that anybody who commits murder will certainly be paroled. For it is almost impossible to conceive of more vicious murders than those knowingly participated in by Patricia Krenwinkel.

Her seven victims cannot expect parole and neither should she.

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4 Responses to Patricia Krenwinkel’s 1978 Parole Hearing

  1. Mark Corkery says:

    If this piece of shit had any for killing 7 or so people she would just kill herself and save the tax payers our money.

    • Mark Corkery says:

      I meant to say if she had any remorse for killing the 7 peoples she would just kill herself and stop wasting tax payers money. You know how many college educations that could be paid for if we convicted these animals then dead in 6 months. It’s fast and its fair. Fuck this born again bullshit.

  2. John Ross says:

    Although I believe VanHouten should get parole she said something odd, VanHouten said in an interview that they were ‘middle-class Anglo’s’ which is odd because what about Danny,Ken,Maria and Gypsy? None of those people are Anglo-American.

  3. Morgan Grumley says:

    Where are the actual transcripts?

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