County of Los Angeles Sheriff's Department


December 9, 1969


187 PC


Undersigned was dispatched to the location of 8864 North Independence, Canoga Park, at 6:45 P.M. this date and arrived at location at 7:50 P.M. At location undersigned met with Sgt. Gunther, Headquarters Homicide Bureau.

At the direction of Sgt. Gunther, 12 color photographs were taken of a 1962 Mercury Comet, license No. NLM 841, showing interior and exterior of vehicle.

Sgt. Gunther also requested that the vehicle be dusted for latent prints, but undersigned advised him that due to the heavy moisture on vehicle and in the air dusting for prints at this time might obliterate any latent prints on the interior and its contents as well as exterior of vehicle. Undersigned further advised that better results would be obtained if vehicle were impounded in a garage and a latent print investigation be conducted tomorrow. Sgt. Gunther concurred, and vehicle was towed to impound lot.

Undersigned transported exposed film to Latent Print Headquarters and placed them in locked evidence drawer this date.

FLOYD N. SMITH, Senior Deputy, Badge #1469

APPROVED: William H. Downton, Sergeant
Identification Section