• Sharon Tate Maid Found Alive, Well



Sharon Tate Maid Found Alive, Well

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 6 – The maid who discovered the bodies of actress Sharon Tate and four other victims of a mass murder has been located after disappearing 17 days ago, police reported today.

Winifred Chapman, reported missing Oct. 10. A police spokesman said she was found alive and well at an undisclosed location in Southern California Wednesday night.

The spokesman declined to say where the woman was or how she was found. Mrs. Chapman told officers she wanted only to be left alone and did not want any more publicity about her part in the discovery of the bodies.

Police Homicide Detective Robert Helder, who is in charge of the Tate case, said Mrs. Chapman had been nervous and upset since Aug. 10 when she arrived at the Benedict Canyon estate leased by Miss Tate and discovered the macabre murders.

After the discovery she was treated for shock at UCLA Medical Center, then questioned by police.

Police are still working on the unsolved murders of Miss Tate, Abigail Folger, Voityck Frykowski, Jay Sebring and Steven Parent.

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  1. Marie Davis says:

    This was a horrific time in Winnie life, she was the live in nanny for me, and my siblings at the time of the murders. I remember as a child her screaming in the middle of the night, and her breath smelling like alcohol around that time as a kid, She was the bestest Nanny on the planet, she was like a mother to my siblings and I. Shortly after the murders she disappeared, and we now know she was in protective custody. I remember the media, and detectives banging on our doors and windows, and her telling us to get out of the window, and to lay on the floor, so they wud think no one was home. She was terrified. RIP Winnie Pooh…

  2. starviego says:

    “…. we now know she was in protective custody.”


  3. LaVaughnya Frierson says:

    I am One of those Siblings of Marie Davis. I Also Remember Winnie Being a Nervous wreck. When our Parents were gone She would put us to Bed and we would Resist it,at times we would Say in a Creepy Voice “Sharon Tate’s Murder” She would Scream with Horror Place her Hands on her Heart and Had a Look of Shock on her Face I was 5 years old at that time(52 years old Now), I Remember the Detectives Picking her up for Court from Our Home at 12827 Paxton Street San Fernando, California I Really felt Horrible as I Reflected back on the PTSD we Caused her by Reminding her about that Awful Day. She Absolutely Loved Our Family Rest In Peace Winifer (Winnie Pooh) LaVaughnya A. Frierson

  4. starviego says:

    Thank you for replying. Can you confirm the assertion by your sister that Winifred Chapman was put into protective custody? Also, when exactly was Ms. Chapman a maid at your house?

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