• Tate-Informer Atkins to Meet With Manson

Tate-Informer Atkins to Meet With Manson

SEES MANSON – Susan Denise Atkins, one of six persons accused in the murder of actress Sharon Tate and six others last year, peers from behind the iron bars at the men’s section of Central Jail, Los Angeles, after she conferred with Charles Manson, leader of a hippie cult whose members are accused of the murders last year. Miss Atkins conferred Thursday with Manson, who is acting as his own attorney in the case, at his request.

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 5 – Susan Atkins, the young woman whose grand jury testimony led to the indictment of herself and five other hippie cultists in the Tate murders, will meet today with accused ringleader Charles Manson.

The conference between the 35-year-old Manson and his onetime girl friend and disciple led to speculation the bearded leader of the “family” might try to persuade her to change her story or not to testify at the forthcoming trial.

Richard Caballero, Miss Atkins’ attorney, said he arranged file meeting at the request both of his client and Manson. They were expected to confer in the men’s county jail.

The 21-year-old informer told authorities in November that Manson ordered her and other members to wipe out the occupants at the home of Sharon Tate and said the next night he led a band which killed a wealthy grocer and his wife.

After appearing before a grand jury, the young woman – whom Manson nicknamed Sadie Glutz – said she felt “dead” and feared that Manson could “conjur up a vision” to harm her. They have not met since several dozen members of the “family” were arrested in Death Valley last October.

Manson, who is acting as his own attorney, has been given permission by the court to interview the other defendants to help prepare his defense providing they and their attorneys consent. This is the first such meeting.

The district attorneys office indicated it did not know whether Miss Atkins would repeal before a trial jury the accusatory testimony she gave before the grand jury.

“When the bell rings we don’t know whether she will be in our corner or not,” Deputy District Attorney Vincent Bugliosi said.

If she does not testify at the trial, the grand jury testimony cannot he used against Manson and the other defendants. It could be used against her if she is tried separately.

Caballero said Miss Atkins has been anxious to see Manson. He said he would be present during their meeting.

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