• Watson ‘Calm’ During Tate Slayings

Watson ‘Calm’ During Tate Slayings

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 18 — Charles “Tex” Watson was calm and composed when he led three young women on a murder foray at Sharon Tate’s estate in August 1969, one of the women testified Tuesday.

Linda Kasabian, formerly a star prosecution witness at the trial of Charles Manson and three women, told jurors at Watson’s murder trial in Los Angeles that Watson was “very much in control” of himself the nights of Aug. 8 and 9 when Miss Tate and six other persons were slain.

After directing the slayings of Miss Tate and four other persons at her home, she said, Watson paused to use an outdoor hose to wash off the blood.

Watson calmly told the others he had to “get a drink of water,” she said.

Her testimony apparently was aimed at countering the defense’s contention that Watson, 25, was mentally affected by heavy drug use and was a mere “robot” controlled by cult leader Manson.

Miss Kasabian, who has admitted joining in the murder raid, was granted immunity from prosecution after she turned state’s witness.

Earlier she said Watson, whose trial was delayed as he fought extradition from Texas, had shot to death 18-year-old Steven Parent and fatally stabbed Voityck Frykowski at the Tate estate.

She said he shot Parent four times in the head and killed Frykowski by hitting him on the head and “stabbing, stabbing, stabbing him into the ground.”

Much of her testimony repeated the account she gave at the trial of Manson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten, all of whom were convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to death.

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