• Manson Jury Selection in 2nd Day; None Picked

Manson Jury Selection in 2nd Day; None Picked

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 17 – Thirteen of 24 prospective jurors called in the mass murder case against Charles Manson and three of his “family,” were excused as the trial began its second day today in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The long-haired hippie leader, his hair tied in a pony tail, and dressed in jail fatigues, watched quietly as the jurors filed into the box and then were excused after questioning by Superior Court Judge Charles Older.

The cult chieftain broke into a laugh, along with the rest of the spectators, as one juror, a pretty blonde, claimed the proposed sequestering of the jury would “endanger my marriage.”

Judge Older’s questions about the death penalty drew objections by Manson’s attorney, Irving Kanarek, who interrupted several times, once calling the questions “unintelligible.”

Judge Older, who has pushed for the trial to begin despite numerous legal snarls, told the Van Nuys attorney not to interrupt questions or answers again, or “I’ll have the bailiff silence you.”

Thus far only two jurors were excused from the prospective panel after they stated they could not vote for the death penalty under any circumstances. The other 11 were excused because of economic or personal hardships.

The trial got off to an expected slow start. All attorneys predicted it would be difficult to find a panel of 12 persons who had not read the massive quantity of publicity which thus far has centered around the case of the killing of actress Sharon Tate and six others.

However, none of the jurors questioned in chambers on the publicity aspects of the case have said they were influenced by the news media.

Although the trial itself is expected to last four months, no one will estimate the time it will take to select the 12 jurors and six alternatives needed.

On trial with Manson are Susan Atkins, 21, Leslie Van Houten, 20, and Patricia Krenwinkel, 22, all admitted members of his family.


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