• Ask Manson Trial Move, Hit Publicity

Ask Manson Trial Move, Hit Publicity

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 29 — Thousands of newspaper clippings were submitted to court yesterday in a defense change of venue motion for Charles Manson and three others accused in the Shea-Hinman murders.

The clippings, from newspapers all over the state, were offered by the prosecution to Superior Court Judge Raymond Choate.

The evidence was part of a stipulation by the prosecution and defense that Judge Choate can consider the articles, as well as change of venue motions made earlier in the Tate-LaBianca murder trial.

Manson 36 and Susan Atkins 23, one of his co-defendants in the Shea-Hinman case, are already under sentence of death for the Tate-LaBianca slayings.

Miss Atkins’ attorney, Day Shinn, told Judge Choate that she cannot get a fair trial in any county in the state.

But, he said, trial in any other county is better than trial in Los Angeles County, which Shinn claims is saturated with adverse publicity.

Judge Choate will hear further arguments on the venue motion today at 10 a.m.

He took under submission defense motions to dismiss charges against the four defendants on grounds of insufficient evidence.

Malibu musician Gary Hinman was stabbed to death July 26, 1969. Donald (Shorty) Shea, a worker at the Spahn Ranch, whose body has never been found, was allegedly slain either in August or September of 1969.

Earlier, Judge Choate refused to grant a defense motion to quash the indictment on grounds it is invalid. He denied another motion to strike certain testimony by witnesses before a grand jury, which indicted Manson and the others.

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