• Crude Knife Found Outside Manson Cell

Crude Knife Found Outside Manson Cell

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 10 — A knife, fashioned from metal spoon, was found last week outside Charles Manson’s maximum security cell at the Hall of Justice jail, a bailiff told a Superior Court judge Monday.

The disclosure was made after Monday’s session of Manson’s second murder trial had ended and the 36-year-old hippie cult leader complained to Judge Raymond Choate that guards have taken away his jail privileges and keep him in “solitary confinement.”

After Manson complained, Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Kuczera told the judge that jailors reported that the knife was found just outside Manson cell after a surprise search of the defendant’s cellblock on the 10th floor of the Hall of Justice.

Kuczera said a second “knife” was found hidden last week in the cell of another prisoner in the same cellblock but the bailiff refused to identify the second prisoner.

Manson and the other prisoner are the only inmates of that particular cellblock, the bailiff said.

When he heard the allegations about the “knife,” Manson told the judge. “That hasn’t got anything to do with me — my mind is above stones.”

Kuczera also said Manson has been troublesome to guards recently and Sunday refused to go back into his cell after an exercise period.

Manson is on trial for the alleged slaying in 1969 of stuntman Donald (Shorty) Shea and for the alleged murder the same year of Topanga musician Gary Hinman.

Manson told Judge Choate that he is being held in “solitary confinement,” has no bedding and is forced to eat off paper plates with wooden spoons.

“It’s punitive segregation,” Manson asserted.

Judge Choate promised to investigate the allegations made by both Manson and Kuczera.

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