• Police Say ‘Grinding Work’ Solved Murders



Police Say ‘Grinding Work’ Solved Murders

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 10 – Members of “the Manson. Family” hippie cult who turned informers and “grinding day and night work” broke the Sharon Tate murder case, says the chief police investigator of the brutal crimes.

The timetable for the investigation of the bizarre killings was disclosed by Police Capt. Hugh Brown, robbery-homicide division commander of the police department.

More than 40 investigators were assigned to the Tate case and the slayings of Leno Labianca and his wife. The four-month investigation included the probing of 150 murders in southern California in the past year, according to Brown.

Chronological events of the case were:

Aug. 9 — Sharon Tate and four other persons slain in her rented Benedict Canyon estate.

Aug. 10 — Labianca and his wife Rosemary killed, first attributed to a “copycat” assailant because of gruesome similarities.

Oct. 15 — Police became aware of similarities between Tate-Labianca murders and slaying of musician Gary Hinman, 34, last July.

Oct. 20 — Sheriff’s detectives handling Hinman case inform police they have learned of a girl who might have information about a roving band of hippies who may be involved in the slayings.

Oct. 31 — Girl interviewed. The name of Charles M. Manson, leader of the cult implicated in slayings. It was the first mention of Manson.

Nov. 1 — Detectives contact Manson’s parole officer, and obtain more information about “the Manson Family.”

Nov. 12 — A major break. Police in suburban Venice reported a suspected burglar in jail might have more information on the suspects. Informant interviewed the same day and provides name of another possible informant.

Nov. 12 — Second informant located and tells of overhearing talk that some members of band might be implicated in slayings.

Nov. 18 — Beverly Hills police report a woman suspect in another case disclosed conversations with Susan Atkins, a member of the cult and cellmate of the woman.

Nov. 26—Final break. Former cellmate relates to police the girl’s story about Manson and his followers. Miss Atkins was questioned and reveals the details of the slayings.

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One Response to Police Say ‘Grinding Work’ Solved Murders

  1. jon says:

    The Hinman investigation should have intel from Bobby B 18 yo GF, freinds, neighbors,phone bills if home phone. Hinmans freinds. He used to be roommates with Hinman. bobby and manson took guitar lessons from him. Hinmans other cars apb. Im convinced manson and cult/spahn would have surfaced for sure. police were aware 2 girls were involved but not sure when. they were atkins and brenner from spahn. pursue him first and after some effort to black panther story. his GF was a witness for state /D.A. when she eventually surfaced. not sure if political piggies in blood with was in paper in hinmans murder. The detectives knew for sure pig was in blood at tate and blood writing with pig at labianca. they are smart enuff to not be thrown off bobby b accomplices would do copy cat murders to throw off police. drug related less likely even if at all because they left drugs at tates and no known proof of drugs involved. looks like random cult murders making a statement but no theft or sex crime. few small things were taken but no way robbery motive. never mind tate house screams manson when manson went there a short time before and argued with landlord .also if pursued
    melcher and wilson. the tate and labianca police did not know about hinman blood writing for long time and that is tragic. in sane that any law enforcement would at least pursue copycat coverup as a serious option and bobby b could rat and reduce his jail term if approached. He was aware that manson did those murders in jail. I do not think he knew they were going to occur. lot of people should have called police and informed them that manson was a suspect. doris day, melcher’wilson and beach boys, altobiani the landlord and a lot more. melcher moved because of manson. wilson did also and was threatened. shorty shea died as a result. also the black drug dealer manson shot that survived. not sure of there was a reward but that would have done it. that tate murder with blood writing was the key flag. Hinman was found on july 31st. as soon as they were aware of tate blood writing this in addition to routine investigation should have led to manson and group at spahn. hinman had lots of freinds and people that had crashed there many nights for a long time.. most of them were aware of manson and his commune with all those women. the labianca police did the better investigation than other. they at least had manson as a suspect. omg he should never have not been until early december. that is insane. this is the tip of the iceberg. im baffled that alot more people should have connected manson at least with tate. the guy next door to labianca should have known. manson stayed there and was pissed when he called cops. a man and his wife saw tex and girls in his yard a short distance from tates
    using hose at 1am the night of murders took plate number but never called police. hinman would have taken a get out of jail for sure. he was not going to gain much from just hinman murder even if he rat manson he just cut his ear and 2 girls also bruce davis but the other murders he would have really cut his jail term. hinman murder investigation is baffling. hinmans freinds were a treasure trove. there were dozens of people that could have provided info on spahn and manson that knew bobby b. he was in music and an actor and drugs he did with others and sold. he went to spahn many times. he had the girls with him alot and introduced leslie van and tex watson to manson at wilsons. these are facts. bobby b dropped his gf off after he left hinmans and was with her in hinmans car, thet arrested him just before the tate murders. if even if they just managed to find out his gf she would have informed at once. hinmans phone bill, phone book. music buddys. even before bobby b arrest this could have led right to spahn. hinman was selling some drugs at times so black panther and paw print makes no sense when drugs are issue. drug robber wold not leave political message.
    with the all people that would have led to mason if they had done a proper investigation manson expected and knew it would send police to spahn. also worried bobby rat or turn if led to manson . police would went for bobby drug deal alone and later possible back panther. did consider an option bobby was in it with the 2 girls possibly or more. political piggie outfoxed the police. they never told other police that all murders could be a copy cat throw off and that bobby b accomplices are willing to go to that extent to throw off police and to not get caught. poor investigation on himnan did not reveal intel needed. the other 2 murder investigations should have suspected right away when they learned of the blood writing at hinman. in their defense im sure they expected the detectives on himnan did a complete effective investigation.

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