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2 Ritual Slayings Follow Killing of 5

SAD JOURNEY – Roman Polanksi, husband of slain actress Sharon Tate, is escorted to plane in London. He avoided newsmen on his arrival here. LOS ANGELES, Aug 11 – A Silverlake couple were found slain Sunday night under bizarre circumstances

Sharon’s Fame Like Storybook

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 10 – Sharon Tate found slain with four other persons Saturday, was a honey-blonde actress who rose to stardom in storybook fashion. The wife of producer Roman Polanski, she liked to refer to herself among friends as

Polanski Breaks Down, Cries When Told Of Murders

LONDON, Aug. 10 — Film director Roman Polanski “broke down and cried” when he heard about the macabre murders of his wife and four friends in Hollywood, close friends reported yesterday. Polanski, 35, has been here two months on movie

Actress Sharon Tate, Four Others Slain in ‘Ritualistic’ Killings

LEFT: Sharon Tate. TOP MIDDLE: Los Angeles animal control officers remove some of the dogs found at Sharon Tate’s BelAir home. TOP RIGHT(L-R): Jay Sebring & Abigail Folger. BOTTOM RIGHT: SCENE OF SLAYING — Police officer stands in front of

Several Suspects and Car Hunted in 5 Coast Killings

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 10 – The police were hunting tonight for several suspects in the murder of the actress Sharon Tate and four companions in an isolated hilltop home early yesterday. The police said the suspects’ names had been given

Polanski Was Informed At a Party in London

LOS ANGELES, Aug 10 – The film director Roman Polanski was informed at a cocktail party of the killing of his actress wife, Sharon Tate. Moments before, a friend said, the guest were discussing the death of a mutual friend.

Bright Starlet

LOS ANGELES, Aug 10 – At the age of 26, Sharon Tate was considered one of Hollywood’s most promising young starlets, even though her television and film appearances were not primarily in leading roles. A tall, slender woman with blond

‘RITUALISTIC SLAYINGS’: Sharon Tate, Four Others Murdered

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 10 — Film star Sharon Tate, another woman and three men were found slain Saturday, their bodies scattered around a Benedict Canyon estate in what police said resembled a ritualistic mass murder. The victims were shot, stabbed

Five Slain At Costly Home

LOS ANGELES, Aug 9 – Actress Sharon Tate, 26, who starred in television and film roles, was tentatively identified by police Saturday as one of five people slain at a Bel Air home. Her husband, Roman Polanski — who directed

Actress is Among 5 Slain at Home in Beverly Hills

LOS ANGELES, Aug 9 – Five persons, including the actress Sharon Tate, were found this morning brutally murdered in a home in a secluded area of Beverly Hills. The home, perched on a wooded hillside overlooking the city of Los

Sexy Little Me

May 6, 1967 – Sharon Tate had finished her last scenes for The Vampire Killers (later to be called Your Teeth in My Neck), and had no film work for the moment. At 95 Eaton Mews West, London, she moved

Topping Off The Well-Groomed Man

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