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What Strange Power Did Manson Hold Over His ‘Family’?

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 16 — Why did four fresh-faced young girls and a former high school football player from a small Texas town follow the bidding of a skinny, wizened-faced ex-convict to go out in the night and kill seven

Defense Subpoenas Tate Jurors

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 15 — Jurors in the Sharon Tate murder trial have been subpoenaed by the defense to testify Monday about their deliberations that led to conviction and death verdicts for Charles Manson and three women followers. The seven

Death Row Built for Tate Trio

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Apr. 15 — California is building a “death row” for women to house the three young women under sentence of death for their part in the Tate-LaBianca slayings. An isolated, six-cell unit is being added to the one-story

Watson Plea Delayed For Additional Tests

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 13 — Entering of a plea for Charles “Tex” Watson in the Tate slayings was put off again today to allow for more psychiatric tests of the former high school football player. Watson’s attorney, Sam Bubrick, said

The 288-Day Education of a Jurywoman

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 12 — The trial of Charles Manson lasted 288 days. A long time. It is roughly from the Fourth of July to Easter, with Thanksgiving, Christmas, the World Series, football, and a trip to the moon in

Deny Separate Trials in Hinman-Shea Death Cases

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 8 — A Superior Court judge today had denied defense motions to hold separate trials for Manson cult members accused in the Hinman-Shea murder cases. Judge Raymond Choate ruled that Charles Manson 36, Susan Atkins 22, Bruce

Nation’s Death Rows Wait Decision Of Supreme Court

SAN FRANCISCO, Apr. 6 — As you drive toward San Rafael the turn-off to the right says San Quentin, and there is the great yellow stone prison shining in the brilliant California sun like a Crusaders’ castle on the distant

Ronald Hughes, Lawyer, to Be Buried Wednesday

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 4 — Funeral services will be held in Westwood next Wednesday for Tate-LaBianca trial attorney Ronald Hughes. The 35-year-old Hughes’ body was found last weekend in the wilds of Los Padres National Forest in Ventura County. He

Cult Leader, Friends Lose Court Claim

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 4 — A Superior Court judge today had refused to halt the prosecution of condemned killer Charles Manson and three others in connection with the Shea-Hinman murders. Judge Raymond Choate ruled against a defense claim that the

New Trial Of Manson Will Drag

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 3 — Charles Manson and Susan Atkins, condemned to death last Monday, came smiling to court Friday on additional murder charges and heard that their new trial in Los Angeles may last longer than the marathon Sharon

Foreman of Manson Trial Jury Tells Views on Case

NO ‘HANKY PANKY’: Herman Tubick, foreman of the jury that convicted Charles Manson and three women and sentenced them to die for the Tate-LaBianca murders, denied any “hanky panky” among jurors. He is shown with his wife. LOS ANGELES, Apr.

Tate Juror ‘To Explain’

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 1 — The foreman of the Sharon Tate murder trial jury says he wants to clear up misunderstandings created by jurors’ comments to news media, and said he would hold a news conference Thursday. The unusual move

Body Positively Identified

VENTURA, Calif., Apr. 1 — A body found in a rugged wilderness area was positively identified Wednesday as that of Sharon Tate murder trial defense attorney Ronald Hughes who vanished mysteriously four months ago. The Ventura County Coroner’s office said

Sharon Tate’s Father Happy With Verdict

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 1 — Sharon Tate’s father, a retired Army intelligence officer who masqueraded as a hippie and hunted the actress’ killers for four months, says of the death verdict: “That’s what we wanted. That’s what we expected.” Slender,

Manson, Atkins Face Trial In Two Other Murder Cases

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 1 — “It’s over.” A weary newsman scrawled that phrase on the blackboard in the pressroom of the Hall of Justice. It referred to the end of the marathon Tate-LaBianca murder trial. But it is not the

Manson Drama Has More to Go

Mar. 31 — While the verdict and sentence are in, the Charles Manson case is far from over. The U.S. Supreme Court probably will decide the ultimate fate of the cult leader and his three young female followers. The death

Manson Case Leaves Its Lessons Above The Arrogance And Sorrow

Mar. 31 — Then, there came a second verdict on a memorable day as the systems of justice are recorded for the nation. There was, first, the outcome of the Calley case. Then, the jury’s verdict on cult leader Charles

Expected Death Penalty for Manson, Girls, Officer Says

LAPD EXPECTED DEATH PENALTY – Lt. Robert Helder, who headed the investigation of the Tate murders, today said he fully expected death sentences for Charles Manson and the girls. Pictured here at an October 23, 1969 press conference, Helder holds

Manson and Three Girls Sentenced To Gas Chamber

SENTENCED TO GAS CHAMBER – Charles Manson, his eyes a trifle watery, is pictured en route to court in Los Angeles yesterday after being told the jury had decided on his punishment for the Sharon Tate murders. Manson began making

Manson’s Disciples Vow Torch Death On L.A. Sidewalk

GIRLS IN MANSON “FAMILY” SHAVE HEADS – Four young women members of the Charles Manson “family” kneel on the sidewalk outside the Los Angeles Hall of Justice today with their heads shaved. They’ve kept a vigil at the building throughout