9:40 A.M.

(Upon the above date, the defendant appearing in court with his counsel, Sam Bubrick, the People being represented by Stephen Kay, Deputy District Attorney of Los Angeles County, the following proceedings were had in Department 100 before the Honorable Malcolm M. Lucas, Judge Presiding:)

THE COURT: Matter of Charles Watson, No. 301.

MR. KAY: Stephen Kay for the District Attorney

THE COURT: All right. We will call the matter of Charles Watson.

MR. BUBRICK: That defendant is present before the Court, your Honor.

MR. KAY: Your Honor, I believe the defendant has been arraigned by both your Honor and myself.

THE COURT: Yes, I believe that’s correct.

Any further motions at this time?

MR. BUBRICK: No, your Honor. We are ready to enter a plea.

THE COURT: Take the plea,

MR. KAY: Mr. Watson, you have previously been arraigned on Indictment No. A-253156 charging you with seven counts of murder and one count of conspiracy to commit murder.

To those changes how do you now plead; sir?

THE DEFENDANT: Not guilty.

MR. BUBRICK: Your Honor, I would like at this time to enter the additional plea of not guilty by reason of insanity.

THE COURT: Very well. Pursuant to Evidence Code Section -- Penal Code Section 1017, and Evidence Code Section 730, the Court will appoint doctors A.R. Tweed, M.D., and Vernon Bohr, M.D., to examine the defendant pursuant to Penal Code Section 1026 to determine whether or not the defendant was sane at the time of the commission of the alleged offense. Further, to determine whether the defendant is presently able to understand the nature and purpose of the proceedings taken against him and is he presently able to cooperate in a rational manner with counsel in presenting a defense, and whether or not he is presently or rather did he at the time of the commission of the alleged, offense have a mental capacity to form the specific intent to commit murder.

Further, did the defendant at the time of the commission of the alleged offense have the mental capacity to deliberate, to premeditate, to harbor malice, and to meaningfully and maturely reflect upon the gravity of his contemplated acts, and, if so, to what extent could he so reflect.

These are to be confidential reports and to be furnished only to the counsel for the defendant pursuant to Evidence Code Section 1017.

Does that cover the areas you wish to have examined, Mr. Bubrick?

MR. BUBRICK: Yes, your Honor.

THE COURT: Have you gentlemen selected a trial date at which time you both will be prepared to proceed?

MR. BUBRICK: We have selected a date of July 19, your Honor.

MR. KAY: That's correct, your Honor.

THE COURT: All right. The matter will be set down for July 19 in Department 110. The Judge will be Judge Adolph Alexander.

Mr. Watson, you have a right to a speedy trial. The date that has been selected is beyond the date prescribed by statutes. Do you waive and give up your right to a speedy trial and agree that your case may be continued until July 19th for trial.

THE DEFENDANT: That's okay.

THE COURT: All right.

MR. BUBRICK: Join in the waiver, your Honor.

THE COURT: If there are any pretrial motions to be heard, the Court would request that these matters be then advanced on the calendar so that July 19th will be a firm trial date and the present trial matters will have been disposed of.

Is that satisfactory with counsel?

MR. BUBRICK: It is, your Honor.

MR. KAY: It is with the People, your Honor.

THE COURT: Thank you.

Any other motions at this time?

MR. BUBRICK: Nothing further on behalf of the defendant.

MR. KAY: Thank you, your Honor.

THE COURT: Very well.

(Whereupon, the matter was continued to July 19, 1971, for trial.)