County of Los Angeles Sheriff's Department


July 25, 1969, Time unknown, 946 Old Topanga Cyn. Rd. Topanga.

Aug. 6, 1969, 1057 Hrs, Subject #1 (Beausoleil) was advised of legal rights by investigating officer by reading of San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Form #7

Subj.#1 - Beausoleil, Robert Kenneth
AKA Daniels, Jason Lee
Male, 22 or 23 yrs. Address: 14400 Sunset Bl. Los Angeles

Los Angeles Sheriff's Office Detective Division APB BC-10 File Number 069-02378-1076-016 Dated 8-3-69 (See attached sheet)

At approx. 1050 hrs. Aug. 6, 1969 while on routine patrol the investigating officer observed Veh.#1 parked N/B on the east side of SLO 101 100 yds. south of the Cuesta Motel. After stopping the patrol veh. behind Veh.#1 the investigating officer approached Veh.#1 and observed Subj.#1 (Beausoleil) sit up from a prone position. Subj #1 (Beausoleil) was inside a sleeping bag in the rear area of Veh. #1. Subj.#1 (Beausoleil) stated his car had broken down during the night. Subj.#1 (Beausoleil) produced the owners certificate and the registration card for Veh.#1 from his wallet but was unable to produce any valid identification at this time. The investigating officer ran the lic. number on Veh.#1 (OYX833) through the local dispatcher on the patrol veh. to check Veh.#1 for wants. In a couple of moments the dispatcher came back over the air and stated Veh.#1 was stolen and wanted by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Office. The dispatcher also stated the Veh. was to be impounded and held for prints. At this time Subj.#1 (Beausoleil) was placed under arrest for 10851 V.C. by the investigating officer and advised of his legal rights by reading of the S.L.O. Dist. Atty. Form #7. Veh.#1 was stored by T.O. Rlide #4704 at Jim's Body Shop in San Luis Obispo. Subj.#1(Beausoleil) was transported and booked into San Luis Obispo County Jail for violation of section 10851 V.C. Auto Theft. After the investigating officer returned to the Highway Patrol Office in San Luis Obispo and started writing this report the investigation officer read APB BC-10 Date 8-3-69 from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Office. It was noted that apparently there was no signed stolen report on Veh.#1 since the owner of Veh.#1 was reportedly deceased. Therefore the investigating officer returned to the San Luis Obispo County Jail and advised Subj.#1 (Beausoleil) that he was under arrest for 187 P.C. Murder and read again his legal rights from S.L.O. Dist. Atty Form #7.

No statement was taken from Subj.#1 (Beausoleil) after the check through the dispatcher revealed that Veh.#1 was wanted. Prior to this the investigation officer had some conversation with Subj.#1 (Beausoleil) the content of that conversation is summarized below.

Subj.#1 (Beausoleil) stated he had bought Veh.#1 from a colored man about a week ago. He said he paid $200.00 cash for it. He also stated he had left his Drivers Lic. and other identification in a pick-up. When first asked his name Subj.#1 (Beausoleil) stated his name was Jason Lee Danials and his birthday was Nov. 11, 1946. At the jail Subj.#1 (Beausoleil) said his real name was Robert Kenneth Beausoleil and his date of birth was Nov. 6, 1947.

When Subj.#1 (Beausoleil) was asked for his Drivers Lic. by the investigation officer he produced from his wallet along with the owners certificate and the registration card a Union Oil credit card #508 30 512 belonging to Sheryl A. McAdams. Subj.#1 (Beausoleil) said the credit card belonged to a friend. Veh.#1 was closed up and stored with none of the contents disturbed. All of Subj.#1 (Beausoleil) clothes and personal belongings on his person were stored at the San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Office

At this time there is very little that is known about the case by the investigating officer. Subj.#1 (Beausoleil) was apparently asleep in Veh.#1 which reportedly belonged to a man that was murdered in the Los Angeles area. Subj.#1 (Beausoleil) had in his possession in his wallet, the registration card and ownership certificate for Veh.#1. The ownership certificate had a signature on the back dated 7-13-69. Subj.#1 (Beausoleil) was unable to produce any valid identification

Case be turned over to Los Angeles Sheriff's Office for further investigation and possible prosecution

This is a final report.