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ACTIVE: Investigation Made;
Additional Information

HINMAN, Gary MC-34

#1: BEAUSOLEIL, Robert Kenneth, MC-21 (Booking No. 885-713)
#2: ATKINS, Susan Denise - a.k.a. GLUTZ, Sadie Mae FC-21

On 12-3-69, the undersigned was contacted by Mr. Woolf, County Probation Department in San Fernando Valley, who advised that one MARY T. BRUNNER had been assigned to his division, as she had recently been convicted of 1 Count of violation of 470 PC. Mr. Woolf stated that upon checking the records, he determined that Mary T. Brunner also used the name of one MARY MANSON and that on 11-5-69, she had been given permission by a Superior Court Judge in Van Nuys Judicial District to maintain a residence with her parents for the term of her probation.

Information was also received that Miss Brunner had a young child by the name of Pubare who had been fathered by one CHARLES MANSON, a.k.a. MILLS, a.k.a. CHARLES MILLS MANSON. This information was consistent with the information received by investigating officers during the Gary Hinman Murder Case and corroborated those facts given by Mr. Woolf.

Undersigned arrived at the home of Miss Brunner approximately 1430 hours, 12-4-69, and were met by Deputy Chief Roger Brown of the Sheriff's Department. After relating certain necessary facts to Deputy Chief Brown, he made the necessary contacts in the community and found Miss Brunner was advised by Deputy Chief Brown that officers wished to speak with her regarding a recent murder and Miss Brunner voluntarily came with Deputy Chief Brown to discuss the case.

During the conversation with Miss Brunner, attended by Deputy Guenther and Sergeant Whiteley and Deputy Chief Brown who was an occasional witness, Miss Brunner related that she was presently living with her parents and she had returned to her home shortly after 11-5-69.

During the following statement, Miss Brunner admitted she had accompanied Robert Beausoleil and Susan Atkins to the Gary Hinman home on 7-25-69, and that she had come to the home at the request of Robert Beausoleil who stated he was going to Gary's home to get money.

Miss Brunner added that a fight started in their residence and that sometime after Mr. Hinman had been subdued, one Charles Manson and Bill Vance arrived at the location. Mr. Manson was reported to have been carrying a long double-edged sword. Miss Brunner stated that V/Hinman was then struck on the side of the face by Mr. Manson and that she and Susan Atkins and Robert Beausoleil then remained with the victim for two days attending his wounds and attempting to get the victim to divulge the whereabouts of any money or personal property of value on the premises. Miss Brunner then continued by saying as victim would not reveal anything and stated he had no personal property, she and the aforementioned Susan Atkins and Robert Beausoleil prepared to leave the location.

Miss Brunner added that while tending Gary Hinman, he began making loud gurgling noises, and Mr. Beausoleil and she held a pillow over the victim's head so that no one would hear the sounds.

Miss Brunner stated that she and Susan Atkins went about the house with dish clothes and wiped up all the areas of possible fingerprints and blood leavings and just prior to leaving the location, Robert Beausoleil stabbed victim Hinman one more time in the chest, causing his death. Miss Brunner added that suspect Beausoleil returned to the location approximately 4 days later and attempted to remove the blood writing "Political piggy" from the wall.

At approximately 1815 hours, 12-4-69, the undersigned again spoke with Mary T. Brunner at the Sheriff's Department with a court reporter present, and a formal statement was taken from Miss Brunner, both by stenographic recording and tape recording. The interview was concluded at 2013 hours that date and a copy of the formal statement was given to the undersigned and will be made part of this file.

The undersigned then attempted to contact Miss Brunner again on 12-5-69, but she had left town on a trip to Madison, Wisconsin. Before concluding the previous days questioning, Miss Brunner stated that she would be willing to be a witness and that she would testify in the foregoing case when served with a subpoena.



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