County of Los Angeles Sheriff's Department





ACTIVE: Investigation Made;
Additional Suspect Arrested;
Complaint to be Sought

HINMAN, Gary MC-34

****, Chatsworth
CHARGE: 602WIO - Runaway
DETAIN: San Dimas Sheriff's Station
ARRAIGN: Homicide Bureau, Detective Division

a.k.a. Sadie Mae Glutz
DOB 5-7-48, 5'5", 110 lbs, brown & brown
DETAIN: Booked at San Dimas Station, Booking #313-059
CHARGE: Murder 187 PC
ARRAIGN: Homicide Bureau, Detective Division

On 10-12-69, the undersigned received information that Katherine Lutesinger, FC-17, ****, Chatsworth, had been arrested by the Inyo County Sheriff's Department in Independence, California where Miss Lutesinger had been arrested for possible Grand Theft Auto. Undersigned spoke with DDA Givens who release subject Lutesinger to this department.

Subject Lutesinger was transported to the San Dimas Sheriff's Station and during questioning she stated that she had not been at the Hinman home and had never been there. Subject Lutesinger then stated that she had heard a story that above suspects Beausoleil and Atkins had been told by Charles Manson they were to go the Hinman residence and take money from them. Subject Lutesinger added that she heard that a fight had ensued and that Mr. Hinman had been killed. Subject Lutesinger also added that she left the Sponn Ranch approximately 8-1-69 and, that about one week prior to that she had observed both of Hinman's cars at the ranch. Subject Lutesinger stated that the above S/Atkins had also told her and other girls at the ranch that she had been in a fight with a man who pulled her hair; that she had stabbed him 3 or 4 times. As part of this information was consistent with some of the facts given to the undersigned by D/Beausoleil, the undersigned returned to Inyo County Sheriff's Department where we spoke with S/Atkins.

Undersigned advised S/Atkins of her Constitutional Rights, per SH-AD-477. She waived her right to an attorney and stated she wished to speak to the officers. S/Atkins stated that D/Bobby Beausoleil and she were sent from the ranch to Gary's house to get money. "When we arrived, I knocked at the door and Gary let us in. We all sat in the kitchen and we asked Gary for some money and he said 'No'." At this time D/Beausoleil pulled a knife and threatened victim Hinman. V/Hinman then ordered both of the above suspects (Beausoleil and Atkins) out of the house and a fight followed between the victim and D/Beausoleil. S/Atkins added that she held V/Hinman while Bobby (Beausoleil) slashed his face with a knife, after which they assisted the victim into the front room of the residence where he was subsequently found by the officers. S/Atkins then added she cleaned the blood from the victim's face by using his sweatshirt and some sheets. She added that after cleaning the blood, she and Robert Beausoleil took the sheets and sweatshirt with then upon leaving. S/Atkins continued by saying that both, she and D/Beausoleil stayed at the house for 2 days and 2 nights and each took turns sleeping while the other guarded against the victim's leaving. S/Atkins also stated that on the last evening at the residence while she was in the kitchen, she heard V/Gary Hinman say, "Don't, Bobby!" Then she observed victim Hinman stagger into the kitchen bleeding from a chest wound. She stated she and D/Beausoleil then dragged him back into the living room and again placed him back by the bookcase. She stated that V/Gary Hinman tried to get away on one occasion while she was guarding and she held him at the front door until D/Beausoleil assisted in pulling him back into the house. Before leaving the residence, D/Beausoleil ordered S/Atkins to wipe off everything in the house that would have fingerprints on it, and S/Atkins related she went about the house wiping off all of the areas she thought either of the suspects had touched. S/Atkins then stated she and Beausoleil left the residence locking the door behind them when she suddenly heard V/Hinman making sounds, at which time she stated to D/Beausoleil, "I don't think he's dead." D/Robert Beausoleil then put on a pair of gloves and climbed through the kitchen window. A few moments later, S/Atkins stated she heard V/Gary Hinman cry out, "Oh no Bobby, please don't!" S/Atkins stated she heard a sound like gurgling as when people are dying. She stated D/Beausoleil then came out the door again and they left after locking all of the doors. Both suspects walked to the roadway where D/Beausoleil hot-wired V/Hinman's 1965 V.W. bus and then both drove back to Sponn Ranch. S/Atkins added that she knows D/Beausoleil made victim Gary Hinman sign the pink slip to both of the vehicles over to him.

Prior to leaving, S/Atkins stated that while they were in the residence, one phone call had been received and that she had answered the phone using an English accent at which time she told the caller that V/Hinman had gone to see his parents. S/Atkins stated D/Beausoleil told her what to say while she was on the phone.

The undersigned then attempted to make a tape recording of the preceding statements and S/Atkins declined saying she wouldn't make any recorded statement without an attorney.

S/Atkins was transported to San Dimas Sheriff's Station where she was booked for suspicion of murder and the facts will be presented to the Santa Monica District Attorney's Office and a Complaint will be sought.



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