County of Los Angeles Sheriff's Department





ACTIVE: Investigation Made; One Arrest; Evidence Held; Arraignment Held

HINMAN, Gary MC-34

BEAUSOLEIL, Robert Kenneth MC-21 (Booking No. 885-713)

#1 - ARRESTED: DAVIS, Bruce McGregor MC-27
Spahn Ranch, 12000 Santa Susana, Chatsworth
CHARGE: 496 PC, Receiving Stolen Property
DETAINED: L. A. County Jail (Booking No. 334-929)
(Now in Custody Inyo County Sheriff's Department)
AARAIGN: Homicide Bureau, Detective Division

S#2 MANSON, Charles Miles MC-36 (In Custody, L. A. County Jail)

One Cavalry Sword in two pieces.

On 11-19-69, DANIEL DE CARLO was interviewed at the Hall of Justice, Homicide Bureau. He stated that approximately 7-21-69 through 7-24-69, he overheard CHARLES MANSON stating he was going to "Gary's" house and get $20,000 by force, if necessary. He further stated that approximately 8-8-69 or 8-9-69, he heard CHARLES MANSON, when told of Robert Beausoleil's arrest for the murder of Gary Hinman, reply, "It's his own fault. I told him to get rid of the car, wipe it down for fingerprints and dump it in the valley. I also told Bobby to get rid of the knife."

On 11-22-69, the undersigned interviewed ALLEN SPRINGER at the Hall of Justice, Homicide Bureau. Mr. Springer related that approximately 8-12-69, he heard CHARLES MANSON state, "I killed 5 Pigs and cut another one's ear off." At this time, S/MANSON was showing a cavalry sword.

On 8-15-69, the Straight Satan's motorcycle gang went to the Spahn Ranch at which time the above held sword was stolen from Charles Manson and was brought to the Los Angeles Police Department Homicide Bureau by informant Daniel De Carlo.

On 12-4-69, the undersigned interviewed MARY T. BRUNNER who stated while in the commission of a robbery at 964 Old Topanga Road, D/Robert Beausoleil made a telephone call at approximately 1:30 a.m. Approximately 20 to 30 minutes later above suspects, MANSON and DAVIS, arrived at location; S/MANSON armed with a cavalry sword and S/DAVIS with a hunting knife. Further, that they proceeded to the living room of location and engaged in a conversation with V/Gary Hinman.

Shortly thereafter, a scuffle took place and S/MANSON came into the kitchen with his left forefinger cut and blood on the sword. Miss Brunner stated S/Atkins bandaged Hinman in the dark living room and that on the following day she observed victim Hinman's left ear and left side of face severed and attempted to apply medical aid. Miss Brunner further stated suspects MANSON and DAVIS took V/Hinman's keys and drove off in victim's 1965 Fiat station wagon, later recovered in San Luis Obispo.

On 1-21-70, Deputies Guenther and Gleason proceeded to Spahn Ranch, 12000 Santa Susana Road, Chatsworth, and arrested S/DAVIS on the authority of Inyo County Warrant CR-165-069, charging 496 PC (Receiving Stolen Property); bail set at $12,500. Suspect was transported to the Main County Jail and booked (Booking No. 334-929). On the same date D/Davis was taken before Judge Antonio Chaves, Division 40, Los Angeles Municipal Court, and arraigned in accordance with 821 PC. Davis was released to the Inyo County authorities on Monday, 1-26-70.

On 1-22-70, the undersigned contacted SHERRY COOPER, FC-17, who stated she was the girl friend of Daniel De Carlo and had lived at the ranch periodically during the months of June, July, August and September. Further, that she heard SUSAN ATKINS (AKA "Sadie") state in the first part of August that she (Sadie) had tortured Hinman for 7 hours. She further related that at approximately the same time she overheard a conversation between D/Beausoleil and Daniel De Carlo where D/Beausoleil stated he had tied Hinman up and killed him.

On 1-26-70, the undersigned contacted MEL WULKER, Fire Engine Company #75, who stated approximately 7-31-69, he observed a Volkswagen bus, red and white, parked in the bushes by the ranch house.

On 1-20-70, the undersigned re-interviewed DANIEL DE CARLO who related the same as above and added that the 9 mm Radom used by Robert Beausoleil, a bullet of which was recovered by this Department, was given to Charles Manson by Robert Beausoleil, who in turn gave the gun to an 18-year-old by the name of LARRY who lives in San Bernardino. This gun was traded for a 1955 Chevrolet. Mr. Daniel De Carlo states the .30-caliber Carbine confiscated in the Spahn Ranch raid of 8-16-69 belongs to the father or Larry.

Investigation continuing.



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