County of Los Angeles Sheriff's Department






CASE NO. A 067452


On the afternoon of January 20, 1970, LOUIS B. PUTTEK was interviewed in the Office of the District Attorney, Santa Monica.


LOUIS B. PUTTEK resides at ****, Culver City, telephone 397-1890, and can also be reached at ****, the telephone of a friend, JOHN NEWTON. MR. PUTTEK stated that he resided with a MIKE ROTH and his girlfriend, MARY ROMMICH, ****, Venice. He describes MARY as blond, 100-125 pounds, 5 feet 5 ½ inches, currently full-time student at Santa Monica City College. MR. PUTTEK states that MARY is currently living at the home of STEVE HUGHES, whose phone number is ****. The residence is on Beatrice but MR. PUTTEK does not know the address. He believes that the utilities, etc., are in the name of STEVE HUGHES' mother, who is since remarried and whose name he does not know.

MR. PUTTEK states that he purchased the 1958 Volkswagon Van, that formerly belonged to GARY HINMAN, from MARK AARONSON. He described MARK AARONSON as having his front teeth missing, wavy brown hair, 125-130 pounds, 29 years of age. the tattoo on one of his forearms approximately three inches in length. MR. PUTTEK states that he met MARK AARONSON through MIKE ROTH, who resided with him at the Andalusia address some time in the later part of May or the first part of June, 1969, and now stayed at the ranch from time to time, that he also apparently stayed with his parents who resides in the Inglewood area. MR. PUTTEK states that both MARK AARONSON and MIKE ROTH played the guitar, and that MIKE ROTH is currently living in the vicinity of ****, however, he does not know the exact address. He stated that MARK AARONSON is driving an old black Volkswagon with California plates but is not aware of the exact year or the license number. He states that MARK AARONSON's father works in a motorcycle shop in the Inglewood area. MR. PUTTEK stated that he was told after his arrest on October 8, 1969, that MARK AARONSON had been given the bus on the ranch by CHARLIE MANSON. He stated that he never worried about title to the bus because he was given the pink slip, and it was signed and dated by GARY HINMAN. He stated that he altered the date to avoid paying penalties to the Department of Motor Vehicles. MR. PUTTEK said that the last time he saw MARK AARONSON was some time after his arrest when he was hitchhiking north on Sepulveda in the vicinity of Santa Monica Boulevard, that MARK AARONSON and his girlfriend, KATHY, were headed in the opposite direction, and that he talked with them at the stop light. He described KATHY as having buck teeth, long blond hair, weighing approximately 120 pounds, 5 feet 5 inches in height, fair complexion, and usually dressed in bell-bottom jeans and light hippy attire. At the time of this conversation, he was told by KATHY that MARK AARONSON and she were going to Wyoming. He places this incident approximately some time in November. MR. PUTTEK was asked has he recalled the names of any of the other people who might have been at the ranch or that he met who frequented the ranch. He stated that he remembers the name JOE SHOMMACHER. He describes JOE as 27 years of age, 6 feet 4 inches, brown wavy hair with a mustache and beard. He stated that JOE had a Chopper Harley Davidson Bike and frequently drove a dunebuggy. JOE also had a hot Vincent Drag Bike that is not clear for street driving. He stated that JOE went with MARY ROMMICH two or three weeks after she and MR. PUTTEK broke up.

He was then asked to view pictures of people associated with the ranch and CHARLIE MANSON. He states that he saw a picture of HAROLD TRUE and thought possibly MIKE ROTH had it. He states that the picture of THOMAS ALDEN aka TJ appeared familiar. He identified the picture of MARK BLOODWORTH DAMIAN as the person he knew as MARK AARONSON, and the individual who sold him the 1958 Volkswagon Van belonging to GARY HINMAN. He stated that the picture of ELLA BAILEY seems familiar but he does not recall why. He also states that the picture of "LUKAS" appears familiar but he has no specific recollection about it. He also indicated that the picture of BRUCE MC GREGAR DAVIS appeared familiar as did the picture of MARK WALTZ.

MR. PUTTEK indicated that he would make every effort to get in touch with MIKE ROTH and advise either Mr. Katz or Mr. Shappell where he could be located, and that he would also make an effort to determine where MARK AARONSON aka MARK BLOODWORTH DAMIAN currently is. He indicated that MARK BLOODWORTH DAMIAN is currently having problems with the draft and his is not sure whether he is AWOL from a unit or simply evading.