County of Los Angeles Sheriff's Department


WALKER, Roseanne
AKA Casper

1 - 322








4-10-70 1101

695 S. Cataline, L.A.


Unemployed File Clerk

Subject was in Sybil Brand Institute awaiting trial on a narcotics violation when she met Sadie Atkins. Subject became friendly with Miss Atkins and numerous conversations ensued. Miss Atkins informed subject that she was present at the Hinman murder and was accompanied by another male. Sadie further stated that she had gone to the Hinman residence to acquire some money. Sadie intended to have sex with Gary Hinman but aborted the idea when Hinman showed a lack of interest. Miss Atkins then learned that Hinman became sexually aroused when sadistic acts were performed upon his body. Sadie then admitted satisfying Hinman's desires but explained that she and her male companion went a little too far (Note: Hinman is now deceased).

Miss Atkins also admitted being present during the Tate homicide and in fact she held Sharon Tate's head on her lap while Miss Tate was being stabbed. Miss Tate repeatedly stated to Miss Atkins, "Save my baby." Miss Atkins also commented "that before the whole thing blows over there are four more (bodies) they might know about but they'll never find them in a million years." In reference to the Hinman murder, Miss Atkins stated that there were two cars parked at the Hinman place and that she (Miss Atkins) and her companion took one of them. Miss Atkins could not drive because it wasn't an automatic transmission. Miss Atkins and her companion then drove the vehicle to the Watts area and hitch-hiked back.

Subject did not go into any detail with Miss Atkins and asked no further questions.

Subject is presently on parole for narcotic violations. Subject's Parole Officer is Kathleen J. Pons, 512 N. Wilson St., Rm #201, Glendale, California, phone 240-8296 or 520-4673