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ACTIVE: Additional Information

HINMAN, Gary MC/34

BEAUSOLEIL, Robert Kenneth
MANSON, Charles M.
ATKINS, Susan Denise
DAVIS, Bruce McGregor

On 5-15-70, the undersigned interviewed ELLA JO BAILEY, who stated she met Charles Manson, Mary Brunner, Lynn Fromme, Patricia Krenwinkle, in San Francisco in 1967. S/Manson was then driving a large black school bus. Shortly thereafter, Susan Atkins came into the family and the above went up and down the coast between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Miss Bailey stated in early 1968, she was arrested in Ukiah, California. She stated that when she was released, she never returned nor did she hear from anyone in the family about any deaths in the area of Mendicino. Miss Bailey stated that she met V/Hinman in the last part of 1968 and stayed at his house. She stated that through 1969, Charles Manson would ask Susan Atkins, Mary Brunner and herself to go to the Hinman residence for money.

She further stated that the first she heard of any violence within the family was in the first part of 1969 when Charles Manson talked about killing a Black Panther by shooting him over a narcotics transaction. She stated shortly after this, Negroes were seen around the Spahn Ranch area and Charles Manson started collecting guns and talking about killing.

She stated sometime in July, the family was camping in Devil’s Canyon. This included Charles Manson, Charles Watson, Steven Grogan, Daniel de Carlo, Bruce Davis, possibly Charlie Green, Robert Beausoleil, Mary Brunner, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkle, Leslie Sankston, Catherine Share, Lynn Fromme, Sandra Good, and others. The topic of the conversation was moving to the desert with the dune buggies and how the family could get some money for the move. Someone in the group suggested going to Santa Monica and kidnap Terry Melcher and holding him for Ransom.

At this time, the name of Gary Hinman was brought up and Charles Manson stated, “Yah, he’s single and owns that house and probably has stocks and lots of money.” Charles Manson, at this time, told Ella Bailey, Mary Brunner, and Robert Beausoleil to go to the Hinman house the following day and get anything of value; the deed to the house, car titles, stocks, money, etc, by any force necessary. Miss Bailey stated she was picked as V/Hinman liked her better than anyone else in the family.

Miss Bailey told her boyfriend, Bill Vance the following morning that she did not wish to go to the Hinman house. A conversation took place at the ranch house (rear of Spahn Ranch) between Bill Vance and Charles Manson and Charles Manson replaced Miss Bailey with Susan Atkins. Miss Bailey further stated there was much discussion as to which gun to be taken to the Hinman residence. It was settled on a German automatic, belonging to Bruce Davis.

She stated each dressed in dark clothing and that Susan Atkins was very excited that she had been chosen for this mission.

She stated that they left the location but she did not see them leave. Miss Bailey further related a phone call came to the ranch and was answered by either Lynn Fromme or Catherine Share. She stated that she learned V/Hinman had somehow taken the gun away from the trio and fired two shots and they had wrestled the gun away from V/Hinman, who wasn’t cooperating.

Miss Bailey stated shortly after the phone call, while standing on the boardwalk, she heard Charles Manson ask Bruce Davis if he would go with him to Gary’s house. Bruce agreed and they left the ranch.

A day or so later, late at night (Bruce and Charles Manson had returned prior), Mary and Susan drove to the ranch house in Gary’s VW Van; that both related how Gary had snatched the gun and they wrestled it away from him and of Charles Manson and Bruce coming to the house and Charles slashing Gary’s face and telling Hinman to cooperate. Further, how they wiped the house down for fingerprints, how Bobby killed V/Hinman and wrote on the wall “Political Piggy” and each held the pillow over Hinman’s face until he died.

They stated they got $27 from Hinman and Susan showed her the money in her pocket. Miss Bailey and Mary Brunner started wiping the van down for fingerprints when the police came and drove the van back into the bushes and until the following morning. (Sheriff’s Field Interrogation, 7-28-69)

The following morning, she, Bill Vance, and Robert Beausoleil left the ranch to run an errand and during the ride, Beausoleil told the same story of the Hinman killing adding that he stabbed Hinman and wrote with his blood on the wall.

Later the same day, Miss Bailey talked with Bruce Davis who said when he went with Charles Manson to the Hinman house, he held the gun on Hinman while Charles hit him with the sword in the face. Then the girls laid Gary down and Charles said to Hinman, “You might as well cooperate, you’re gonna die anyway.”

On the following day, while in the saloon at Spahn Ranch, Charles Manson stated, “I found it necessary to use the sword on Gary; I got $27 and his cars.” Miss Bailey stated she is sure she can identify the sword and also the vehicle previously described and further related she had observed Hinman’s 1965 Fiat Station Wagon at the Spahn Ranch sometime prior to her leaving the ranch.

Miss Bailey stated that she would cooperate with the Los Angeles authorities and testify in each case regarding the Manson Family.

Investigation continuing.