County of Los Angeles Sheriff's Department



C Person Dead

V Hinman, Gary MW34

I Irwin, Mike Burk MW20

L 964 Old Topanga Cyn

T 8:05 PM, 7-31-69

WIT#1 Nicks, John William MW17

WIT#2 Giardinelli, Glenn David MW18

RE: 8:05, 7-31-69

069 02373 1076 491


964 N. Old Topanga

****, Studio City

RD 1078

RD 1078



Contacted informant Irwin, who stated he and his two friends, witnesses Giardinelli and Nicks came to location specifically to find out if victim Hinman was all right, as victim had not been seen nor heard from since Thursday, 7-24-69, which was very unusual due to his responsibility to his job and club affiliation. Informant and friends stated that upon arrival they observed victim's vehicle to be missing and upon entering the porch area, detected a strong odor. At that time, they went to a neighbor and contacted the Malibu Sheriff's station.

At location, we observed numerous flies around the southeast window, which was partially ajar. Deputy Piet climbed a ladder to above described window and observed victim lying on the floor against the west wall. This time, we entered the location by climbing through the east, unlocked window leading into the kitchen. On entering living room, we observed victim lying on his back with his head pointing west and his body east. Victim had a blank covering his body and a pillow partially covering the left side of his face. Victim was observed to be in a decomposed condition, face blackened with Maggets on and around the head area. We observed splotches of blood on the blanket in the area of victim's chest.

At 8:35 PM, We contacted Sgt. Wheteley, Homicide Division and related the above. Sgt Whetely advised us to secure location pending his arrival.

Sgt. Wheteley and Gunther arrived at 9:45 PM and assumed the investigation. Dep. Coroner Greene arrived at 11:30 PM and removed the body. Property receipt will be given to Homicide Detective Bureau. Coroner's Case 69-8448.

By: Deputies Paul Z. Piet, 761/Donald Lang, 1336
Malibu Deputies, Unit 103 PM
By: Deputy Paul Piet, 761
APPN: Sgt. D. A. Neureither
MALIBU: Payne/ 8 AM, 8-1-69