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Girl With Accent Answers — After Hinman Killed

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 8 – The parade swung down Santa Monica’s palm-lined Ocean Avenue that Sunday, July 27. I watched eagerly for my boys — the Bag Pipers of the Nicherin Shoshu, the American Buddhist movement in which I am

Tate Suspect Will Be Given Sanity Test

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 7 – A court-appointed psychiatrist will examine the youngest defendant in the Sharon Tate-LaBianca slayings to determine if she was sane at the time of the crimes and sane now. The psychiatrist was appointed Tuesday by Superior

Hunt Fails for Cult ‘Victim’

CHATSWORTH, Jan. 7 – A three-day search for the remains of missing cowboy-stuntman Donald O’Shea at a movie ranch northwest of the San Fernando Valley ended fruitlessly Tuesday. O’Shea, feared slain at the hands of the Charles Manson hippie cult

Defense Asks Evidence In Tate Slayings

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 6 – Attorneys for Leslie Van Houten, one of six suspects in the Sharon Tate-LaBianca slayings, attempt a legal maneuver today aimed at forcing the prosecution to reveal its evidence in the case. Lawyers for Miss Van

Two Appeals In Tate Case Could Reach Top Court

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 6 – The district attorney’s office says appeals by two of six defendants in the Tate-LaBianca murder cases could eventually reach the U.S. Supreme Court and delay considerably their extradition to California. Deputy Dist. Atty. Vincent T.

Suspect In Tate Case Extradited By Texas

AUSTIN, Jan. 6 – The state of Texas yesterday ordered Charles D. Watson extradited to California to stand trial in the slayings last August of Sharon Tate and six others. Watson’s attorney, Bill Boyd of McKinney, Tex., argued during the

Fingerprints Told in Extradition Try

MOBILE, Ala., Jan. 5 – Documents sent to Alabama for use in extradition proceedings against Patricia Krenwinkel, indicted here on seven counts of murder in connection with the Sharon Tate slayings, reportedly disclosed that Miss Krenwinkel’s fingerprints were found at

Manson Yells at Attorney; Claims He’s Hurting Case

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 5 – Charles Manson told his attorney to sit down yesterday, claiming the portly lawyer was hurting his case instead of helping it. The 36-year-old Manson hollered at the lawyer, Irving A. Kanarek, as the attorney was

Extradition Hearing for 2 in Tate Killing

AUSTIN, Tex, Jan. 5 – Charles Watson and Patricia Krenwinkel, accused of murder and conspiracy in the Sharon Tate and LaBianca slayings, faced extradition hearings today in Austin, Tex., and Mobile, Ala. Attorney Bill Boyd, who represents Watson, and attorney

Did Manson Borrow British Cult’s Beliefs?

LONDON, Jan. 4 – Members of a British cult which venerates Satan, Christ and animals, says that Charles Manson, leader of the hippie group accused in the Sharon Tate murders, may have borrowed the cult’s beliefs. A bearded member of

To Divide Tate Estate

SANTA MONICA, Jan. 3 – The $45,400 estate of actress Sharon Tate, who left no will, will be divided among her husband, parents, and sisters, according to court records. A document filed Friday in superior court here by attorneys for

Inyo County Official Cited for Work in Tate Case

INDEPENDENCE, Calif., Jan. 1 – Dist. Atty. Frank Fowles of Inyo County made an important contribution to the solution of the Sharon Tate murder case, the county board of supervisors was told this week by the Los Angeles prosecutor who

Manson Prepares His Case

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 1 – Charles Manson, the bearded hippie guru accused of master-minding the Sharon Tate murders, is leafing through law books, placing telephone calls and using couriers to prepare his legal defense. The sheriff’s office acknowledged Tuesday Manson,

Return of Pair for Trial In Tate Slayings Fought

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 30 – Attorneys for two of the six persons indicted here for the Tate and La Bianca slayings last August filed legal notices Monday that they will continue to oppose the return of their clients to Los

Patricia Krenwinkel Fights Extradition

MOBILE, Ala., Dec. 30 – A 22-year-old Mobile woman has filed a legal petition in circuit court here in the hopes of preventing her removal to Los Angeles where she is under indictment for the Sharon Tate mass slayings. The

Movie-Lot Satan Portent Of Death

HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 28 – Two months before actress Sharon Tate and four others were murdered in her Hollywood Hills mansion, scenes for a motorcycle gang picture were being shot at the drab Spahn Movie Ranch a few miles away in

Manson Has Privileges Not Given Prisoners With Lawyers

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 26 – Charles M. Manson, preparing his own defense against murder charges in the Sharon Tate killings, has free telephone calls, a runner to fetch law books when needed and a few other privileges not given to

Manson Hopes To Sell Record Album For Finances

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 26 – Hippie cult leader Charles Manson hopes to finance his legal defense against seven counts of murder in the Sharon Tate slayings by selling a record album, an attorney said Thursday. George E. Shibley, the lawyer

Cult Leader To Handle Own Case

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 25 – Charles M. Manson, leader of the hippie-style nomads charged with murdering actress Sharon Tate and six others, has received permission to defend himself when he goes on trial, but he will have to do so

Manson To Be Own Lawyer In Trial For Tate Murders

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 25 – Hippie tribe leader Charles Manson, whose formal education ended at fifth grade in a reform school, will act as his own lawyer at his trial for the slayings of actress Sharon Tate and six other