Van Houten Hospitalized with Coronavirus

Thursday, December 24th, 2020

Dec. 24 – Leslie Van Houten has contracted the coronavirus. The 71 year-old inmate was hospitalized for five days last week according to her attorney, Rich Pfeiffer. Van Houten was returned to the California Institute for Women earlier this week after her condition improved.

There are 8,790 active coronavirus cases among inmates according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. 113 inmates have died from the virus since the beginning of the pandemic.

Earlier this year, California’s 2nd District Court of Appeal denied Pfeiffer’s request to have Van Houten released on her own recognizance or bail after an inmate in her housing until tested positive for coronavirus.

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20 Responses to Van Houten Hospitalized with Coronavirus

  1. Bobby Davidson says:

    Governor Newsom has political ambitions he would never do anything to mess that up besides he thinks he knows more about picking someone to be eligible for early release aka parole better than the experts that are only people who are experienced in the Matter of parole requirements that it takes to offer a person be released into the free population

  2. Jb says:

    Good. Let her croak.

  3. james shields says:

    The governor is involved with political posturing There is a term, rehabilitation which has specific terms to its definition in the justice system. In this case, rehabilitation was attained DECADES ago. The psychiatrists–where have they been–should have studied and written about this exceptional bizarre case. The social environment which oriented these people to follow commands to commit such criminal acts, was very powerfully orienting. This orientation took time and getting out of this orientation took time. This person should be granted parole for the sake of human rights and justice for all. She is about as dangerous as a well-mannered six year old. She is more mature and sensible than most who live in my neighborhood.

  4. Cybele Moon says:

    I think this case has been studied and written about forever as to the social and psychological ramifications.
    Brainwashed or not and whether they get out or not I still find it very hard to excuse or mitigate their actions. They “chose” to follow Manson. Who knows if she is “more mature and sensible” than most. She has been living in a rather limiting and controlled environment for the last 50 years.

    PS I wish everyone a happy and safe season!

  5. Lee says:

    Listen, I don’t wish harm on LVH or any of the other perps and I hope dhe is able to make a full recovery, but, she, unfortunately chose to participate in an act that ended two human beings’ lives. Shr has to live the rest of her life in an institution, not because she’s a danger to anyone now, but because she ASSISTED IN KILLING TWO PEOPLE! What is so hard to understand about that? All that legal mumbo-jumbo aside, she will not be released because of what she did. Is it fair? No, it isn’t, but it also isn’t fair that Rosemary LaBianca had to hear her husband being stabbed to death while she awaited her turn. Do you realize how horrifying that is? Now THAT isn’t fair!

  6. Echo says:

    It’s amazing to me she’s lived this long given the amount of drugs and chemicals she used heavily for so many years. These people did every drug under the sun! It’s no wonder they were out of their minds. A 50 year cleanse has obviously done her body well. She hasn’t had the major illnesses the others have had. She’s a tough cookie. She’ll survive COVID. She’s probably more concerned with her uphill battle to be released then she is COVID.

  7. Cybele Moon says:

    Hey Echo what major illnesses have the others had? I think a lot of people did a lot of drugs in that era and many have lived into old age. I know Susan Atkins got cancer but the rest seem to be still relatively healthy. Covid can be a bit unpredictable as to the severity of symptoms. I certainly don’t wish cancer or covid on any of them.

  8. Echo says:

    Cybele, Manson was ill with colon cancer. Bruce Davis has some health issues. I remember reading something in his parole hearing transcripts. I think Patricia and Leslie are probably the healthiest of them all. I know in the 60’s, a lot of people were doing drugs but the Manson family did them from sunup to sundown every single day. Their drug use was extreme.

  9. Fred Bloggs says:

    Lee says:
    she will not be released because of what she did. Is it fair? No, it isn’t

    I’m surprised to read you say that.

    Echo says:
    It’s amazing to me she’s lived this long given the amount of drugs and chemicals she used heavily for so many years

    She didn’t really use drugs for that many years. When one thinks of Ozzy Osbourne or Keith Richards, it’s amazing they’re alive !

  10. Echo says:

    Haha Fred very true! Well she said she started when she was 14 and was 21 at the time of the murders right so that’s 7 years straight of heavy mind altering drug use. People are dying after doing meth just a few years. I mean weed is not that bad in my opinion. God made it. But that other stuff they were doing is what messed them up to where they went out and slaughtered innocent people. I’m sure she regrets ever touching that stuff.

  11. Fred Bloggs says:

    I think she was a week or two shy of her 20th birthday at the time of the murders. I agree with you that LSD played a major role in the creation of the mind that was ready to murder. But it wasn’t the cause. She was still free of mind in terms of her decision making.

  12. Cybele Moon says:

    I think if we get old enough whether we did drugs or not. diseases like heart disease and cancer can strike healthy people too Even sports figures have dropped dead,

    But of course doing drugs goes hand in hand with unhealthy habits.

  13. Echo says:

    Fred, Oh yes for sure. The fact that she practically begged to go that 2nd night speaks volumes. She definitely made that decision to go. She should have said no like one of the others did. I think it was Diane Lake. Even Linda K told Charlie I’m not you, I can’t kill people and refused to kill anyone.

    Cybele, I can agree with that. Old age and ailments go hand in hand. I’m just surprised their hard drug use didn’t have a bigger effect on their health.

  14. Billy Esquire says:

    Echo…”Old age and ailments go hand in hand. I’m just surprised their hard drug use didn’t have a bigger effect on their health.”

    Or maybe the alleged deleterious effects of drugs we’ve all heard about aren’t so accurate. Relatively speaking, there are far more people today that used drugs when they were younger who are just fine and doing well than there are people who died young and/or had lifelong health problems as a result. Look at people like Paul McCartney. Someone once asked him what The Beatles would rate on a scale of 0-10 for serious drug usage back in the 60’s. His answer was “11”. But here he is 78 years old and still appears to be doing great for his age.

    I’m not trying to intentionally disagree with your point. I think we all have a tendency to think of the later consequences of drug usage exactly like you mentioned. I’m just thinking…..maybe what we’ve always thought really isn’t true?

    In actuality, it looks like if you made it out of your personal period of drug usage, and are still alive, then in all probability you’ll be just fine. The world is full of really OLD people who once had serious problems with heroin/cocaine.

  15. Cybele Moon says:

    Keith Richards and Marianne Faithful? Keith’s first wife Anita made it to 75 I think but died of complications due to Hepatitis C.

    on the other hand my dad had an aunt that made it 112- She was French and drank a lot of French wine lol. Like the Queen mom at 101 and her gin.

    And a lot of them didn’t make it out.

  16. Fred Bloggs says:

    I had an uncle that lived till he was 105 {or 108 depending on which story one believes} and from when he was around 55, used to drink a fairly sizeable amount of this locally brewed gin type substance called ogogoro on a daily basis. It was way stronger than any spirit sold legally !
    There’s no rhyme nor reason to these things but why take the chance in giving poor health a helping hand ?

  17. Daniel Cotter says:

    She doesn’t deserve to be freed anyways. She is going to rot in prison like the other mansonnites.

  18. Jim Justice says:

    If her crime was not associated with the name “Manson”, she would have been released years ago. Some people that did far less have been paroled.

  19. Amius Z. Corpus says:

    It’s outrageous that little Miss Innocent, Linda Kasabian, was exonerated in exchange for her testimony. for

    She facilitated them getting there, driving them all then waiting outside in the car while the rest of them committed these horrendous crimes.
    She could have walked to the neighbor’s house andcasked them to call the police.

  20. Cybele Moon says:

    I always find it odd when people say if her name wasn’t associated with the name Manson!

    Jim Justice,
    Everything she did was a reflection of Manson. All the murders became Manson murders as he was the leader. The story is so incredible.
    Perhaps if she had never met Manson she would not have committed those crimes – but she had been on that trajectory which culminated in their meeting and with tragic consequences especially for the victims but also such a waste of their own young, middle aged and now older lives.
    Pat Krenwinkel has a movie made about her life with Manson. It was well done but to me it came off with her painting herself as a victim in it all- someone who was just looking for love ( as many of them have said). Brainwashing aside, here had to have been a sinister attraction of like minds in some way for it to all have come together as it did.

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