Court of Appeal Requests Answer Regarding Van Houten Parole Reversal

Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Oct. 4 – The 2nd District Court of Appeal has given the Attorney General of California until November 5th to file an opposition to Leslie Van Houten’s latest challenge of Governor Jerry Brown’s reversal of her 2017 parole recommendation.

In June, Superior Court Judge William C. Ryan, upheld Brown’s reversal, stating that the Governor had met all due process requirements

“This court is not entitled to reweigh the evidence before the Governor; rather it is tasked with determining whether the record contains some evidence in support of the Governor’s decision,” wrote Ryan. “This court finds that it does, and that there is a rational nexus between the evidence in the record and the Governor’s determination of [Van Houten’s] current dangerousness.”

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5 Responses to Court of Appeal Requests Answer Regarding Van Houten Parole Reversal

  1. Sasha Musgrave says:

    Leslie is not dangerous anymore!!! She should be freed!

  2. Liana Shakhnazaryan says:

    No No No. She should rot in hell just like her Texan buddy.

  3. Paul says:

    Sasha everyone knows she’s not actually a threat, but everyone tries to make out she is because its the only way they can keep her inside.

  4. Lee says:

    Leslie needs to stay in prison for the rest of her life. She forfeited her life when she made the decision to join her friends in a murder rampage. The reasons or motives do not matter. Her age doesn’t matter either. The fact that other murderers have been let out doesn’t matter. She was part of a domestic terrorist organization. It’s that simple. I don’t see people foaming at the mouth to advocate on behalf of the others as much as Leslie. Why is that? They have this notion that Leslie is still this good looking, young girl who simply just made a teenage indiscretion and she has paid for her crime. I bet if she was fat & ugly back then, nobody, especially these men would care. It’s like they fantasize about the Leslie of 1969, therefore, she should get out, and her victims families should just get over it.

  5. Paul says:

    Lee the motives and reasons do matter, especially when it comes to determining her suitability at her parole hearings. It does matter that killers are released within 10 years of serving their sentence for murder because it indicates how the notoriety of this case has held Leslie back for so long. She has done everything in her ability to fit the parole criteria which fits into her sentence, whether you like it or not, Leslie deserves parole and the board agrees. She also fits the elderly parole category and the youth offender category so yes, her age does matter.

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