Inmate Stabs Tex Watson

Friday, December 2nd, 2016


Dec. 2 – An inmate at Mule Creek Prison stabbed Charles “Tex” Watson in the back and then attempted to throw him over a second story tier. Watson spoke of the attack, which occurred on the morning of February 16, 2013, at his parole hearing last month.

According to Watson, he was washing his clothes in a sink on the second tier when an unidentified inmate started hovering around him with a rolled up magazine in his hand. The inmate asked Watson if he knew anything about Kabala, and Watson replied that he didn’t. As Watson walked away, the inmate began stabbing Watson in the back with a sharpened paint brush.

Watson told the Board of Parole Hearings that he didn’t think the inmate could hurt him because of the man’s small stature. According to Watson, he initially thought the man was punching him and was unaware that he was being stabbed.

The inmate then began trying to lift Watson and push him over the tier but Watson was able to hang onto the railing until staff intervened.

According to Terry Thornton, Deputy Press Secretary for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, both Watson and the attacker complied with staff’s orders to lie down. Thornton was unable to disclose the attacker’s name.

According to Watson, the inmate was formerly in the Enhanced Outpatient Program, which is a program for inmates who have difficulty adjusting in the prison’s general population, but are not disabled enough to require inpatient care.

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13 Responses to Inmate Stabs Tex Watson

  1. but like they say in life whatever goes around comes around just too bad that the motherfucker didn't die says:

    I wish I could shake the hand of this man it’s just too bad that Watson motherfucker did not die but like they say in my whatever goes around comes around

  2. Byrdie says:

    Too bad the job didn’t get done! Now he knows what it feels like…

  3. louis365 says:

    Stabby Tex gets stabbed…the irony.

  4. JeriLynn Wilson says:

    Well, isn’t that ironic?? It’s hard to believe someone didn’t put the chop on him sooner.

  5. flip says:

    Ironically, this story may suggest one of the best arguments for paroling Tex….get him back out into the wide world where someone can do him properly.

  6. Brokenspell says:

    Give that man a sharper paint brush

  7. cindogg says:

    His “luck” is running out. Jesus isn’t too happy with Tex.

  8. Lee says:

    That parole board commissioner couldn’t of said it better, when she stated, “You know even the whole physical part of murdering someone with a knife is so awful and painful. A knife slice cuts through the skin, the fascia, the nerve endings, the muscles, the arteries, the internal organs. It’s an awful way to die. It’s so up close and personal. When you were holding those people down you were holding and they were looking in your eyes. They could smell your breath. You could probably smell their fear.” I am so happy she told him that, because I don’t think Watson truly can grasp what he did to all his victims. Not only the physical pain of being sliced with a knife over & over, but the mental terror of knowing you were next. Sharon Tate had it about the worst, because she witnessed the majority of the attacks right up close. She saw them stabbing & stabbing & stabbing with blood spurting out, and screams and calls for God. She must of been completely out of her mind. The brain almost shuts down in a way when people go into shock To only hope that she didn’t suffer as much because her brain went into shock is only reasonable. Also, just to note, I don’t appreciate the officials giving Tex Watson the ability to procreate while in prison. That is just absolutely revolting that he was able to spend the night with that slut he married, and stick his dick inside of her. I am appalled he was allowed to do this multiple times. He also lied about his parents supporting his wife & kids until the day they died. That bitch was on welfare, because the creep Bill Nelson exposed them! Watson is the most revolting one in the family. I can’t stand his fake Christianity and the way he constantly licks his lips while talking. NO PAROLE EVER!

  9. Sasha Musgrave Travers says:

    I feel very sorry that Tex was attacked by that man and thankgoodness he survived it. He is very remorseful and repentant for his crimes and is an extremely nice man. I am so glad i have started to correspond with him and made friends and will continue to correspond with him too. He is a very good christian man and has made an amazing transformation.

  10. Kathy says:

    I don’t think Ole Tex cares what his victims went through. I don’t think he is even capable of caring about anyone other than himself.

  11. Paul McGovern says:

    You really have serious issues Sasha…what a shame Sharon and her unborn baby arent able to spring back to life along with all the others this piece of scum so brutally killed…he is a liar and a coward…the real injustice is that he is still breathing…Sasha, you are a nutjob

  12. Sasha Musgrave Travers says:

    I believe that he is capable of caring Kathy, he has really changed from the drug induced man of 1969 to the nice compassionate man of today and I know that doesn’t in any way make anything allright, at least he is doing his prison sentence and converting people to christianity and admits full responsibility for the murders

  13. Sasha Musgrave Travers says:

    Paul, I don’t think I have serious issues. The way I look at it is that the Tex Watson of 2017 is the good holy man converting the unbelievers in prison, that is the person I like. I can’t in any way identify with the Tex Watson of 1969. Yes, it would be lovely if Sharon and her baby could come out of their graves and the others too. Watson committed terrible crimes, ones I believe that he didn’t want to do but I believe it was out of fear of Manson which made him kill for him. Without Manson, he never would have killed. Yes, I admit his crimes were heinous but he is very truly and very profoundly remorseful and repentant and as sorry as he can be, though it won’t ever change things for him, he never boasts about the crimes and is serving out his prison sentence as required and doing his duty to society

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