Appellate Court Delays Van Houten Ruling

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

Jul. 9 – The appellate court panel that is reviewing Leslie Van Houten’s writ of Habeas Corpus challenging Jerry Brown’s reversal of her September 2017 parole recommendation, today gave themselves 90 more days to publish an opinion.

The panel heard oral arguments in April and were due to rule at the end of the month. However, today, Presiding Justice Frances Rothschild ordered “that submission of the above-entitled matter on April 29, 2019 is vacated due to another member of the panel becoming the lead author. The matter stands resubmitted as of this date.”

The panel will now have until October to rule on the matter.

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94 Responses to Appellate Court Delays Van Houten Ruling

  1. Louis says:


  2. J James says:

    Well I guess if the state can’t give her the death penalty, to continue this game of cat and mouse is torture enough that satisfies the hang em’and flog em’ contingent and relinquishes any stigma the present governor of California may suffer by setting her free. Why any of you good people of America can’t see that this whole situation is developing into an embarrassing farce outside of USA is beyond the realms of fantasy now.

  3. Cybele Moon says:

    I am not sure if everyone in the world is following the Van Houten case that it should become a great embarrassment or farce. It’s nothing that will affect other countries and even other states seem to go by different sentencing rulings in regards to life sentences. Nothing is uniform across the board.
    Anyway, not sure I understand exactly why or who the lead author is but understandably still a hard case to decide.

  4. Jason says:

    This will probably be dragged on for months to come.

  5. Sam says:

    Who cares what other countries think about our criminal justice system. This bitch helped murder two people in cold blood. End of story…

  6. NoJusticeNoPeace says:

    Sam! LMAO!

  7. Roger Wayne says:

    I wish Leslie could be freed. She’s served her time. I know my opinion isn’t a popular one but I’m entitled to it. The other defendants, I’m not so sure about their release.

  8. Jason says:

    Good point Sam! Right on!

  9. Scofield says:

    They are never going to let LVH or any of the Tate/LaBianca murderers walk. Susan Atkins was denied a compassionate release request when she was dying and had already served 30 plus years at that point. That’s very telling. I would be surprised if any of them gets to take a free breath ever again.

  10. Jason Rigne says:

    I hope they never get out Scofield. Susan Atkins helped kill Sharon Tate so when she was asking for compassionate release, I thought that was crazy. She didn’t show Sharon Tate or her unborn baby any mercy.

  11. Scofield says:

    Jason I’m not petitioning for the release of any of them. And I am well aware of their deeds. They participated in and perpetrated murders so chilling it still haunts us in this present day. I was pointing to the fact that if they hard balled Atkins who had a terminal illness if I was LVH I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

  12. Randy Karnes says:

    She held Rosemary LaBianca down so tex could stab her to death. She is a MURDERER, pure and simple. The only way she should be let out, is to be carried out feet first, like the other two who finally paid their debts to society.

  13. Jason says:

    That’s true Scofield. Good point!

  14. Jason says:

    Good point Randy!

  15. Alexander S Hill says:

    She did not hold Rosemary down.

  16. says:

    She held her down for Krenwinkel

  17. Christy says:

    I just read the LaBianca House is up for sale.

  18. Christy says:

    I’m far more worried about the wrongfully convicted, usually male minorities, than I am about Leslie. If Leslie wasn’t famous nobody would care. Reminds me of the Karla Faye Tucker case. Because she became famous she suddenly had pro death penalty supporters advocating for her death sentence commutation. Never mind about a month before her execution another inmate, black male, had also turned to Jesus but only anti death penalty groups and the pope tried to intervene on his behalf.

    Notoriety may be a two edged sword in Leslie’s case. But she got the ultimate break when the dp was overturned. So I’m not getting all worked up on her behalf. It’s not like she was a deprived and abused child like so many are.

  19. Cybele Moon says:

    agreed Christy.
    There are many anonymous people on death row, often minorities, who have had far more mitigating circumstances than LVH.
    such as so many of her supporters calling her a poor, misguided and brainwashed teenager- she was two weeks shy of her 20th birthday when she participated. Diane Lake was only 14 and horrified when she heard of the murders.

    I also wonder how it will be if she or any are let out at 70 and older. In prison they do seem to have respect and recognition for their accomplishments there. I think that they will be reviled by the many on the outside

  20. Columbo says:

    Cut Heart Out Of Victim’s Body’: 19 Illegal MS-13 Gangsters Charged With Racketeering, Many Charged With Murders

    Governor Gavin Newsom is SO wise. How wise is he? Well, he’s SO wise that he agrees with Jerry Brown on immigration, and that as many dangerous illegals as want to come should be welcomed into California with open arms.

    Like Brown, Newsom welcomes illegal and dangerous MS-13 members into his state (especially the Los Angeles area). According to the story above, he’s SO full of wisdom that 19 of the illegal gangsters were charged with racketeering, many of whom were charged with murder.

    And not just ANY old murder, but as grisly as they get. If they want to cut the heart out of their victims, Newsom’s not bothered by that at all. He STILL welcomes them into the country and into his state. He even wants to take it a step further and give them healthcare benefits! Aww….

    Newsom PROTECTS and DEFENDS people like this.

    So exactly how does this unwarranted compassion jibe with ending the death penalty in California? Why does Newsom have zero empathy for family members who have had their loved ones killed?

    Why does Newsom have such great patience and compassion for illegals and criminals, but not the good citizens of California?

    Obviously, it’s pure politics when he makes absurd decisions like this…..which, in the good old days, would have gotten him quickly impeached for intentional acts against the people of California. Not anymore. It’s all about the votes. Who cares about justice or doing what’s right, right Newsom?

    Pure politics.

    But let Leslie Van Houten come up again for freedom after 50 years of perfect behavior, and suddenly Newsom is Mr. Hard-Hearted. He has to literally make up fake concerns to keep her in prison.

    He has no concerns about MS-13 members flooding into his state (or the terrorists, diseased, drug sellers or drug addicts), but by golly, he’s going to PROTECT the fine citizens of California from a 70 year old woman that’s been perfect for 50 years. No mercy! There’s NO hypocrisy there, right?

    Pure politics. If Newsom refuses to take his job seriously, he should be removed.

  21. Cybele Moon says:

    do you live in California? I read that MS 13 gangs are active in other states as well. Newsom doesn’t care about the good citizens of California? like LVH? I think we are getting off track! Who voted him in if not the good citizens. Don’t forget LVH was at one time given the death penalty for her role in the gruesome murders. You can’t have it both ways and complain about Newsom overturning the death penalty.
    Of course he isn’t going to please all the people but the article said the DA is working hard to prevent gang violence so I imagine many are trying to find solutions.

  22. Columbo says:

    Cybele Moon said: “Who voted him in if not the good citizens?”

    Seriously? Who votes for liberal politicians? What kind of people do YOU think liberal politicians attract? But we’re not here to discuss that.

    My point is that Newsom isn’t capable of making good or logical decisions in even the simplest of day to day matters involving the citizens of California. He proves it every day. Everything he decides, he decides wrong, or typically AGAINST those who have the best interests of California and the USA in mind.

    So when he doesn’t care about securing the basic safety of the citizens of his state, he certainly shouldn’t be in the position of deciding the fate of prisoners in the penal system. He’s simply not competent and is too biased to make a fair, rational decision. You can tell that by the rubber stamp decisions he’s given twice now….which were highly contrived, inaccurate, and in all probability….written by someone else.

    All he cares about is politics and garnering votes….even if from illegals.

    Criminals or not, they deserve to have their cases reviewed by someone who takes their job seriously. He’s dealing with people’s lives, but he takes a cavalier approach to the whole thing….just like he does enforcing the laws of the United States.

  23. Cybele Moon says:

    I have not lived in Canada all my life but I guess Canada has different terms than the USA. Canada tends more toward “socialistic” ideals as opposed to calling it liberal in the way you do, although the ‘Liberal” party under Trudeau is in power – and supposedly more socialist whereas the Conservatives are more about capitalism. That’s simply put.
    Canada abolished the death penalty decades ago across the board. There is a more open policy about immigration. A life sentence is up for review after 25 years.

  24. Flip says:

    The MS-13 stories you like to refer to, in imagined support of release for LVH, are certainly grisly and lurid. But, however deplorable gang-on-gang violence is, it somehow doesn’t rise to the same level of horror caused by the Manson gang’s targeting of innocent people at random for torture-murder and blaming it on black people in hopes of starting a global race war.

    Your rants often conclude that Governor Newsome actually welcomes MS-13 into the United
    States…surely you realize that is simply gibbering nonsense, don’t you?

  25. Cybele Moon says:

    agreed Flip!

  26. NoJusticeNoPeace says:

    Oh hell yes Flip!

    *munches on extra buttered popcorn waiting for blockage to begin*

  27. Christy says:

    The fifth largest economy in the world votes for liberal politicians.

  28. Christy says:

    I keep telling you Columbo. No conservative politicians of either party are going to advocate for LVH’s release.

    If you insist on thinking this is a liberal plot why not bother Devin Nunes? He’s busy worrying about illegals even though he rarely goes home to the Central Valley and conveniently forgets that illegal labor holds up the farm industry in this state.

    But continue on with your nonsense. And please remember most posters here don’t care about California politics but do care about this particular case.

  29. Christy says:

    Thank you Flip. I think you said it well.

  30. Columbo says:

    Christy said: “The fifth largest economy in the world votes for liberal politicians.”

    Haha…I cant tell if you think that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

    FYI…libs/socialists/communists have ruined the once wonderful state of California. It’s now known for having the highest taxes in the nation, people shitting in the streets, shooting up drugs on public streets, and the whole state being a “sanctuary state” for illegals who have no respect for our laws. Know any other countries that have ZERO border laws and let ANYONE come into their county without knowing why and who they are? Me neither. How about fences and gates around homes? Are those bad, too?

    Why do you think so many people are moving out of California? Those old Jay Leno “Man on the Street” interviews showing all the idiots that can’t answer simple questions about our country are the ones voting for liberals. The smart folks further up in Northern California wouldn’t vote for a lib/socialist if their life depended on it. But the poor, uneducated millions in the urban areas have ruined the state for everyone… as they have all over the country.

    Those living off the efforts of others are multiplying and eventually you’ll run out of workers and “other people’s money”.

    Yep, liberal politicians have turned California into a pig sty that will only get worse as illegals pour into the state. Social services already can’t keep up, not to mention the schools. We’ll see how long it takes Californians to come to their senses. But when you keep giving stuff away for free, expecting the taxpaying citizens to foot the bill for the lazy, something’s gonna give.

  31. Christy says:

    I figured you lived up there in Jefferson. The reason you can’t secede is because opioid addicted know it’s the urban liberals pay for your , cough, medical welfare since you think you shouldn’t pick grapes for a living since it’s beneath you. So instead you whine about the people who do. You’re no different than those who attacked the Oakies back in the 30s. You know, the people who fled from the Depression and the dust bowl and made something of themselves here.

    And, again, no matter what you say no conservative politician in this state is going to sign off on any of the Manson killers parole. Both Brown and Newsom were their best chance. And why do I think from reading your posts you’d be even angrier at the “libs” if either one had signed off on Leslie? I bet I’d be reading a soft on crime liberals screed from you.

  32. Christy says:

    Cybele thanks!

    I think Leslie has enough supporters she would probably be ok. I don’t know about the others. When people talk about the money drain they forget she will still be supported by the government to a certain extent. Susan Atkins was as well. Even if she’d been given compassionate release the state would have still funded her medical care. Leslie would receive same.

  33. Cybele Moon says:


    You asked what kind of people liberal politicians attract? personally, I think they probably attract people who care about the planet as a whole, the environmental issues, other people’s suffering, not just your own, racial equality, education, people who don’t want their children to grow up fearful of going to school or armed and ready to shoot “the bad guys.” etc etc
    Cuba who has been so maligned by the states, has free medical care and free education including university for all. But apart from that, and our former fear of Communism, Socialism and democracy are not in opposition as is admirably seen in both Norway and Sweden for example.
    Whether or not LVH gets out of prison is not in our hands, but a life without parole as opposed to the death penalty seems reasonable in certain criminal cases.

  34. Christy says:

    Yes, those liberals in California made it possible to actually see the mountains in summer due to those pesky environmental laws. Struck down miscegenation laws in the state. Decided it was stupid to insist gay people can’t be teachers. Interesting that the Manson Family was quick to complain about pollution and environmental destruction yet it was politicians in this state who identified as liberal that put that forward so we have, what?, some of the most binding environmental laws in the country.

  35. Stephen Craig says:

    I mentioned on another thread that I recently returned from L.A. and was absolutely shocked/appalled at the over all conditions of the city. Even though L.A. has never been a city where I would choose to live, I have always enjoyed my visits there. However, the homeless crisis and the accompanying filth/health hazards to the population remind me, not of a city in a well-developed “super-power” nation, but of a third world cesspool. As my son and I drove around the areas surrounding his community, I was shocked to see that there are people literally wandering around aimlessly who resemble, not your “average Joe” but the “walking dead” (I mean, you truly have to see it to believe it). On one occasion my son needed to go the bank. He was on line at the drive through window, and people were literally camped outside the bank, approaching the waiting vehicles and asking for money. Truly. There were actually panhandling on the line at this particular bank. When we reached the window I asked the teller if they call the police, etc.., and she stated that the cops do come, but these panhandlers return soon after they leave. It’s gotten to the point, she stated, that the police have stated to her there isn’t really much they can do. Even going into stores proved problematic at times, with some rather unsavory looking folks loitering in parking lots/around parked cars. And these conditions I saw in more than one location as we toured the areas around my sons home. I lover my son, and I think he’s very bright, but I did tell him if he didn’t move, and soon, for the safety of himself, and his family he was an idiot.

  36. Cybele Moon says:

    Stephen that is very sad and I have no doubt there is a crisis of homelessness. I have not been to LA in years. So many flock to the temperate west coast and not to mention ensuing crime and drug problems etc etc. Up North the same is true of Vancouver and it has even reached the pristine streets of quaint Victoria on the island. Australia is also suffering. I agree definitely something that needs to be addressed and much of it has to do with I’m just not about to blame the liberals for everything as there seems to be many facets leading up to this- a big one is the lack of affordable housing. Here is a good article

  37. NoJusticeNoPeace says:

    Stephen that is a sad story. Hope your family stays safe and makes a move for their betterment. I left LA back in 1984 and even then the cost of living was astronomical for a half way decent neighborhood–a grand a month for a studio apt. The smog, the crime, the commute to work was enough for me to get the hell out and I’ve never looked back.

    Cybele you are so right about many facets leading to this. Way too many to finger point. Sad state it is.

  38. Lee says:

    Same thing is happening in Austin. I tried going into an Office Depot a couple of days ago, but ended up leaving, because a homeless man was blocking the door, harassing me for money. I didn’t have any money on me, just my credit cards. It was ridiculous. There are now tents & camps everywhere you look. On another note, I saw a homeless man earlier this morning playing a mean fiddle. I couldn’t believe how talented this man was!

  39. Christy says:

    Most of the homeless are mentally ill. Guess which governor of California helped shut down mental hospitals here. Not Jerry Brown. Many of those homeless are former members of the military.

    I used to work in downtown Los Angeles. My husband still does. He also travels to San Francisco about once a month for work that has as big of a problem as la does. So does San Diego. Cybele is right about the temperate climate.

    However until we try to help mentally ill people this isn’t going to change. California has the largest population in the country. It’s going to get its share of homeless.

  40. Christy says:

    NJNP I moved to Los Angeles in 1986. So we just missed each other. The smog has lessened due to stricter environmental regulations that have angered many businesses. The population has probably doubled since you moved and the west side is starting to make plans to look like Manhattan. But try telling construction companies they can’t build giant towers and they respond you’re a communist. It was called communist to even try to put regulations in place to stop pollution.

    I used to rent a studio apartment in San Mateo that had a partial view of the bay. 335 bucks a month. I don’t even want to think what it would cost now if it’s even an apartment anymore or if it has been turned into a condo. Should I argue that it should have been rent controlled? Or never sold to a company that wanted to turn it into condos?

  41. Cybele Moon says:

    agreed Christy and tragic that many are ex military suffering from PTSD etc. Mental illness is a huge factor in all cities dealing with homeless people and drug addictions etc.

    Columbo and Stephen, yes there are issues that need immediate attention like illegal immigration, affordable housing, mental health support etc but just as immediate are the environmental issues liberal politicians are trying to address. Dr. Suzuki, a world wide respected Canadian scientist gave a deadline on how long we might have to halt or reverse the damage our civilization has done to the environment. If this is not addressed then 50 years from now we may all be homeless or our children and grandchildren. One should not negate the other.
    anyway we digress from the issue of LVH and her parole reversal at the hands of liberal politicians and their “supposed” mishandling of any and all the issues!

  42. NoJusticeNoPeace says:

    Sure did just miss each other Christy. Avarice never trickles down no matter how much Saint Ronnie wanted it to be. I worked in Marina Del Rey in banking. Red Onion anyone?

    Anyway, the homeless problem is a combination of many things, just as Cybele noted. One thing I would like to say is many of these men and women are veterans, with a high suicide rate to boot. Tragic.

    People are lost. True leadership shows the way to hope combined with mental health treatment.

    Lee, never been to Austin but have family near Houston. Served at Ft. Bliss in El Paso. Didn’t live up to its name, that’s for sure. Military housing on base; lived near the railroad tracks on corner lot. Had many homeless Mexicans in rags showing up at my door. They’d hop the fencing and there they were. Was hard not to be alarmed with my children about, yet I saw these lost souls as human beings not as vermin. Called the MP’s and they were taken back to the border. Even with feeling the humanity of the situation, my eye was always on my firearm.
    Worst thing was seeing women with their babies in their arms at intersections begging for a dollar.

  43. Columbo says:

    Actually, the problem IS completely related to Democrat/liberal/socialist/communist politicians.

    You don’t see this problem in cities run by politicians who enforce the law. And the only politicians who consistently DON’T enforce the laws are liberals/socialists/communists.

    Austin is a perfect example. Texas is a very conservative state, but there Austin is, sticking out like a sore thumb. Why? Because of liberals. Any place liberals are in the majority, chaos happens and things are in disarray. You can take it to the bank. There’s been a saying in Austin for years that goes…..”Keep Austin Weird!” And it is weird….and liberal. That’s why the homeless there are starting to cause problems. They are ALLOWED to cause problems. They didn’t use to be allowed to cause problems, but they are now.

    As Lee posted, the despicable homeless problem is on full display in Austin, which is one of the few liberal cities in Texas. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is also going on in places like Houston and San Antonio….or any bigger city that is run by liberal politicians.

    Isn’t it amazing that when you go to cities run by politicians that enforce the laws of the state and the USA, suddenly, you don’t see that problem? And if it tries to crop up, it’s immediately nipped in the bud before it has a chance to become a significant problem. That is what cities run by competent people who use their brains do.

    I forget what story it was that I posted recently, but one city run by Democrats was having significant trouble handling their homeless population. But only a block over was the city limits of a suburb run by politicians and police that enforce the law, and there were no homeless at all to be found. The streets were clean, just like they should be. So this goes to show that the problem is COMPLETELY due to liberals intentionally not enforcing the law.

    It’s as simple as either allowing the problem to happen or preventing it from happening. God gave us brains. Some cities are run by leaders that enforce the law and respect the rights of citizens NOT to have to put up with such filth and ridiculous behavior. Other cities let pieces of human debris run the show. It’s simply a matter of the tail wagging the dog, instead of the dog wagging the tail. In liberal cities, those in the minority are ALLOWED by city politicians to make life miserable for the MAJORITY in the city.

    The fact that there has always been homeless and there USED to be no problem with people setting up tents, urinating/defecating on public streets, and shooting up drugs in public all over California is proof that this whole thing is an intentional liberal design. It obviously doesn’t HAVE to be that way, but the cities run by liberals are intentionally ALLOWING it to happen. Cities run by politicians and police who are still enforcing laws and protecting citizens are having no significant problem with it.

    The governor of California could put a stop to it if he wanted to. Does anyone doubt that? But he clearly doesn’t want to. And neither do the liberal cities all the way up the California coast. They are all the same. They are all a human cesspool of despicable behavior.

    Is it any wonder that the 10 most popular Governors in the USA are all Republicans/conservatives? And of course, it’s also no surprise that 8 of the 10 least popular Governors in the USA are Democrats. Democrats/liberals/socialists ruin everything.

  44. NoJusticeNoPeace says:

    Source: “National” Interest! LMAO

    Political pendulums swing. Duck if you don’t like it…or illegal redistricting works for the
    Grand Old Pedophile party.

    Honest Q: Why is it Trump’s mouth always looks ready for the next phallic insert?

    My Guess: They don’t costs as much as Bunny’s and Porn Stars.

  45. Cybele Moon says:

    Omg NJNP!! 😀
    Ok National Interest must be a republican rag then.

    ok Columbo has turned this into a rant against Democrats, – those filthy vermin. I hope he ‘s not one of those wearing a sheet who supported Mr. Tantrump,

    Columbo have you ever read any of the history of U.S. policy in Latin american countries? A Century of US intervention in those countries and Republican Theodore Roosevelt who declared it America’s right to intervene helped create the crisis of today.
    It’s easy to want to blame a particular party or person but it’s not that simple.

  46. Columbo says:

    Clearly, the liberal socialists here can’t debate effectively (or really at all) with conservatives, who always make perfect sense. That’s because they have no common sense. Their only goal is to spout hate of the USA and Trump, who is turning out to be the best Presidents in history.

    Neither of the lame posts made after my post can refute one thing I said.

    If you don’t have anything to say that can prove what I say is wrong, then don’t bother.

    In my business, libs prove my points every day. Y’all make it too easy here.


  47. Cybele Moon says:

    It’s not a debate when two sides don’t listen at all. Ne’er the twain shall meet I guess. But everyone is entitled to their opinion. I see why many people are for Trump. As for Trump being the best president ever, as a non American I can see he certainly is not well respected on the world stage.
    I was a history major in University and like to read many different accounts of events so I have my own view of how things got to the point they are now. However, I don’t see how being a republican or a democrat affects whether any of the Manson family are released or not?!

  48. Stephen Craig says:

    I do agree that many/most of the homeless have some level of mental illness and should be remanded to an institution which can address their needs. My first “real job” was working in a state mental hospital as a ward attendant. During the three years that I worked there, from 1981-1983, inclusive, there was a “push” by the “powers that be” to liquidate as many patients as possible from the hospital environment and place them in group homes in the surrounding communities, and even in NYC which was only around 20 miles south of this particular institution. These group homes were less structured than a traditional hospital setting, and the thinking at the time was that it was unfair to keep these poor souls “locked up” for years/life, and that they deserved to live a more autonomous existence. Now, this may seem like a honorable philosophy, and perhaps it is, but in practice it was/is a disaster. There was very little consideration at that time to the severity of the patient’s condition when considering a placement outside of the hospital. There are, obviously, some patients whose conditions are not that severe that can manage in a less structured environment. However, this initiative was releasing patients with some very serious mental health issues into a public environment. Patients who had struggled in a controlled setting, displaying some of the most aberrant/violent behaviors were now living in an environment with very little oversight, and were, quite frankly, a danger to the community. Of course those making these misguided decisions rarely considered the opinions of those of us who worked daily, sometimes for years, with these patients. They always seemed to know more about these patients than we did, and their “feel good” “pat myself” on the back philosophy trumped practicable judgment. It was truly tragic, and over time we learned, sadly, that many of the patients we had done our best to care for had degenerated in these environments, some acting out violently, victimizing innocent people, and being arrested for a variety of offenses. I’m not sure if this is still occurring today, but when I read about psychiatric hospitals literally being demolished, like the one where I used to work, I can’t help but wonder where are the patients being moved to. It sounds like it’s out on the streets, to fend for themselves, and in the process, and no fault no fault of their own, endanger others. So much for compassion.

  49. Cybele Moon says:

    Stephen that’s a very interesting and compassionate post and I fear true. I think in Canada right now as in the States everyone has “rights” including the mentally ill among us. We are supposed to look on it as any other physical disability I think. We ( in Canada) have our fair share of homelessness, drug addiction and crime too. I am among those ( and I’m not a Scientologist lol who is doesn’t completely trust psychiatric evaluations etc. There are people who have committed a horrendous crime in the past for no apparent reason that have been deemed safe by psychologists to enter back into the public. It’s a gamble. But that is the way our society works and it’s “unconstitutional” to keep mentally ill people locked up forever. There doesn’t seem to be a clear cut answer. Either way they are a financial burden on society as well as an emotional one. It was a huge shock the first time I came across a “tent city” in the quaint little Victorian town where I live. I could see in some of the faces that they weren’t all there. Very sad.

  50. Columbo says:

    Cybele said: “As for Trump being the best president ever, as a non American I can see he certainly is not well respected on the world stage.”

    And you “can see” that based on what?…the news that the biased and hateful media chooses to show you every night? Don’t forget, you can’t believe anything the media shows because it’s all intended to make you believe what they want you to believe.

    The truth is…Trump is immensely popular in the USA…that’s why his political rallies are so hard to get into. They are always packed. And you can bet people around the world respect Trump and wish they had a true leader just like him. They are jealous of us having Trump. The only people that hate Trump are liberals and people who hate the USA. Oh, and of course the dummies out there that get their news from the mainstream news sources that are as biased, fake and slanted as Trump says they are. People in the USA don’t believe anything the media says anymore. People don’t respect the media whatsoever.

    It’s like the polls. Based on 2016 polling, Hillary Clinton (the worst presidential candidate ever), was supposed to win handily. Not a single poll got it right, however. Polling today is as fake as the fake news, and is completely designed to make you believe something that’s not so. In the USA, people learned long ago not to answer polling information truthfully.

  51. Flip says:


    Donald T. Rump seems to love America pretty much in the same fashion that he seems to love the string of women he has married…take the vows, say some empty words, cheat, cheat, cheat, divorce, take the vows, say some empty words, cheat, cheat, cheat, divorce, take the vows, say the empty words, cheat, cheat, cheat….

    Definitive picture of Donald T. Rump: Leering at the camera while he hugs an American flag…I hope someone had the sense to get that flag dry-cleaned…

    Donald T. Rump cannot teach anyone anything useful about love, patriotism, courage or integrity. As a malignant narcissist, Donald T. Rump appears only capable of loving himself. His concept of freedom appears limited to his personal liberty to screw porn stars while his current wife was busy giving birth to yet another of his many children.

    Donald T. Rump, as the malignant narcissist that he is, mistakenly equates a lack of affection for him and his political views as hatred of America. What a sad, actually tragic, joke.

  52. Columbo says:

    As usual, Flip, your liberal talking points don’t match reality.

    Instead of the BS you’re spouting, try looking at reality. What do we KNOW about what Trump has done FOR America? Well….

    We know he’s brought about the best economy in many, many years….possibly in the HISTORY of the USA. That’s not up for debate. Our economy is the envy of the world. And as Democrats were so famous for saying so many years ago…”It’s the economy, stupid!”. If you don’t have a good economy, you don’t have anything and the people likely won’t vote for you.

    Unemployment rate has fallen to it’s lowest rate since the Manson murders. That would be 1969….or 50 years. It doesn’t get any better than that. And how about African-American, Hispanic-American and Asian-American unemployment? They have all reached their lowest levels ever recorded.

    Tax cuts provided needed fuel for improved economy. Would you have preferred tax increases, Flip? What do you think that would have done for the economy? That’s what Hillary wanted to do, and all your liberal buddies.

    Trade deficit gains, face to face meetings with Putin, Xi and Kim Jong-un, improving trade deficits, calmed the nuclear threat of North Korea, bringing back American manufacturing, withdrew from Paris Climate Agreement which the shyster Obama got us into (which would have hurt our economy and cost America millions of jobs, while doing nothing to improve the climate), record stock market highs, new trade agreements between the USA, Canada and Mexico to replace the disastrous and outdated NAFTA, bringing pride back to the American military and police officers…..

    I could go on all night.

    Liberals preferred the total funk that Obama put the country in over 8 years, and now want an admitted socialist to be POTUS. Yeah….that’s just great. That’s really what Americans want.

    You see the difference between the things I say and the things the libs on this board say? All they know how to do is bash Trump, but can’t back it up with any bad things he’s done to the country and aren’t willing to give him credit for the amazing things he’s done in the short amount of time he’s been President. No other President in our history has been so productive in such a short amount of time, or done more for the USA.

    Oh, and I’ll add that he’s done it all while being completely bashed by the liberal news media 24 hours a day.

    And….he’s done it all without accepting one dime of payment in return. He’s given away every cent he’s earned to a variety of needy groups since becoming President. He hasn’t accepted one single paycheck.

    Greatest President of our time, and probably in history. And he ain’t through yet. And perhaps the best thing he’s done for our country is to bring pride back to America after Obama’s 8 straight Debbie Downer years. He hated America, like most liberals, and he worked every day to undermine America. That was crystal clear.

  53. Cybele Moon says:

    Columbo and Flip,

    I don’t need the news to see how people react around the world. I originally came from the UK area and I know how they feel about him. Also I only need to read his “twits.” He does have a charisma that might appeal to certain masses I agree but he is not much of a deep thinker. He has no concept of the bigger picture, he cannot speak proper English and he has been caught in many lies. He brags about all his so called accomplishments and is a consummate chest thumper. A lot of people bought into Hitler’s rhetoric about greatness and racism also.
    By the way the disengagement policies of Trump may possibly be quite beneficial for the rest of the world- off their backs so to speak. Though I lived in California for awhile I do not hate Republicans and I don’t think all democrat Presidents were wonderful. I don’t agree with how many Democrats are behaving in respect to the political situation either which has seemed to make it worse. I don’t like what Trump stands for I admit and some of his behaviour has been shocking and gross and even childish such as his mocking of a disabled reporter whether he was an annoying democrat or not.
    Trump is a very astute and probably ruthless businessman and he seems to know how to feed into people’s fears very effectively. Finally, I do not hate America, I love our neighbours to the south even if I’m a socialist/communist with no common sense and no idea of what’s going on in the world on a broader scale.

  54. Cybele Moon says:

    PS: Columbo, yes, I agree the economy is doing very well under him.

  55. Flip says:

    Donald T. Rump: Racist, con man, cheat. Thinks that sucking up to tyrants is statesmanship. Thinks that the noise generated by white supremacists at his mob-rallies is reflective of the general opinions of the country. The 40-seat Democratic gain in the House of Representatives in 2018 is actually reflective of the country’s mood—a lot of buyer’s remorse. I certainly get it that Hillary Clinton was unpalatable to a large number of people in 2016 (especially with the supporting activities of T. Rump’s Russian buddies…).

    But, watch out for 2020, T. Rump lovers: The KKK, the American Nazi Party, the Roll-over Republicans, and many other groups of hate-mongers, racists, and T. Rump toadies will be sorely disappointed when the Fake President is booted from office.

  56. Cybele Moon says:

    Flip, I read an analysis of Trump supporters and it appears many are the working poor. This has been a time of confusion and fear ( terrorism etc) and I think Trump came along with his Barnum and Bailey Circus tactics and swayed a lot of people. Few of his supporters have college degrees and many are right wing Christians. I don’t know if the boom in the economy ( which isn’t that huge) is a result of his policies or not but I know many say so. Extremism of any kind is frightening. However, I have to say that there are —- disturbers on both sides. It’s not that our government in Canada or in GB have been that great either. A lot of people think Trudeau is an ass. It will be interesting to see what happens in the elections.

  57. Stephen Craig says:

    NJNP: Thanks for your thought re: my son and his family, and Piggy-backing on what you stated about the cost of living in L.A., I am absolutely dumbfounded on expensive it is to live in what has now become a very dangerous environment. Yes, I know “location, location, location” and living near any major U.S. city will be costly, but damn! My son/daughter-in-law work their asses of to pay their monthly nut to support a home that is priced (by L.A. standards) a bit over a million dollars (and this is a very modest house, which would be priced at a fraction of its cost if it were located in the community in which I live), and yet they have homeless people accosting them at the local bank, and there’s a virtual tent-city in their neighborhood park. People like my son are working so hard to live what is essentially a middle class existence, paying outrageous sums of money for homes, huge tax bills, and this is what they get. It’s insane. But then, California has always been a bit off.

  58. Christy says:

    I think Columbo has gone around the bend. My honest guess is he would have been one of Manson’s followers back in the day. Any person that spouts like a true believer generally needs to be lead around by the nose by their own choice.

  59. Columbo says:

    And I’ll say it again… one can refute one thing I have said because it’s all 100% the truth and factual. Oh….and those Trump rallies that are so big all over the country and earn huge ratings on TV when televised? Those people don’t look like “poor people” to me, Cybele. They look like people who are the backbone of the USA; people who are happy and are working, instead of people living off the government.

    The Democratic party is the party of the poor and uneducated. Get your facts straight, Cybele. Why do you think Democrats and liberals all over the world get the votes of the major/biggest cities? Could it be that THAT’S where the uneducated and poor people live? The answer is “yes”. Why do you think people in Northern California don’t vote for liberals? That’s the only place the smart people are. Hard to believe people don’t know these things.

    All libs know how to do when they are beaten is call people names and become violent and destructive. That comes from having a weak mind and no belief in God.

    Oh, and Flip….President Obama had a Democratic majority in the legislature for the first two years of his presidency. Do you know WHY he lost the House in 2012? Because people had had enough of his America-bashing and politics to intentionally hurt America. THAT’S the real “buyers remorse” you’re talking about. Your candidates define the word “charlatan”. I’m sure you’re real proud of your “squad”. They define who you are, how you feel and what you believe.

    The Democratic party no longer has anything in common with the values and beliefs of your average American. They are even turning many of the most hardcore liberals off with their wacky ideas. LOL…wanting to get rid of ICE. Killing babies right up to the time they are born. Yeah, that’s gonna get you lots of votes. Jonh Kennedy would roll over in his grave. He was the last American Democrat that still had any sense and wasn’t a leftist extremist.

    Now, the goal of Democrats is to out “socialize” and “radicalize” AOC and Bernie (Get off my lawn!) Sanders. Great way to win votes….LOL.

  60. Cybele Moon says:

    Whoaa Columbo,
    Ok to clarify, there is nothing wrong with being poor and a hard worker. Yes that is how these two countries were made. – But after I saw what some of your intelligent and well educated and globally informed republicans on facebook were spouting about gays, transgender, boycotting companies who had them in their commercials etc, I said what!!? Then there is the usual spew about the fifth amendment and the right to carry semi automatic weapons and assault rifles – (and which was written in the days of muzzle loaders) and how all scientists are liars and alarmists. Yes I find the average multi armed (shoot first ask questions later) republican to be very well educated, deep thinking, globally and environmentally conscious. I especially admire the KKK – they aren’t going to be told what to do by liberal, race mixers etc and while we are at it lets let the whole Manson clan out of jail. They embodied that idea of armed compounds and zero tolerance for outsiders or those who don’t think as you do.
    C’mon Columbo, just a little more broader reading material and less fake rhetoric. You can do it

  61. Cybele Moon says:

    PS I keep hearing the words communist and socialist in such derogatory fashion.
    To all Christians out there

    Acts2:44: “All who believed were together and had all things in common; 45 they would sell their possessions and goods and distribute the proceeds to all, as any had need.”

    the true meaning of socialim

  62. Cybele Moon says:


  63. NoJusticeNoPeace says:

    Stephen: Totally understand the predicament yours find themselves in. I hear all the time of one of my outlaws adult kid making over $300 grand a year in San Diego. HA! That’s like a tad over minimum wage in poorer states. Location my happy ass. I can barely stomach the burbs, let alone a conglomerate city with nice weather.

    Flip & Christy: Carnival barker is dead on. Sad thing is minions like Columho have blinders on, feed off pod casts and televised hate wrapped up in a red, white and blue dick so they can blame others for their own miserable lives. In other words the truest form of mouth breathing, knuckle dragging pieces of shit Hannity, Limbaugh, Ingram, Bow Tie Boy and Coultergeist can create. Pathetic.

    Anyway, Cybele you keep trying with logic. I think Columbo needs cult intervention. *Bwhahaa Christy*

  64. Cybele Moon says:

    How did we get on this topic anyway!! lol

  65. NoJusticeNoPeace says:

    Diversion! Columbo is on the wrong board lol

  66. NoJusticeNoPeace says:

    Getting back to the site’s topic:

    Saw Oxygen is going to show the wank girls on Aug. 10. I want to know if Gypsy, Red, Blue and Snake were paid blood money.

    Every swinging dick is benefiting from the 50th. Sad.

    VF was stabbed 51 times.

    But hey, who gives a damn.

  67. Christy says:

    They probably were paid. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Red and Blue are still true believers. I didn’t know about this project. But I agree the anniversary will spark a bunch of stories about this.

    Cybele I think we got off track because Columbo, against all reason, thinks a conservative Governor would sign off on LVH’s parole. Then he went down a rabbit hole.

  68. Columbo says:

    Christy said: “Cybele I think we got off track because Columbo, against all reason, thinks a conservative Governor would sign off on LVH’s parole. Then he went down a rabbit hole.”

    I’ve never said a word about what a conservative governor would do, but people continue to try to put words in my mouth. I can’t KNOW, with certainty, what anyone would do. But I have a pretty good idea what they would do, based on their history and their political party. And everyone else does, too.

    No, actually, my stance on the governor’s actions is simple. The reason I keep complaining about California’s Democrat governors is this….

    If you’re looking for someone that’s going to be serious about fairly implementing the law and carrying out what they’re charged to do as governor, then a Democrat/liberal/socialist governor is going to be the LAST person you would want for the job. Why? Because all they do today is BREAK and ignore our written laws of the country and state. That’s what they do, and they are proud of it.

    Does anyone REALLY think a liberal governor is going to give parole, as recommended by the parole board multiple time, proper time, thought and study? They don’t take such mundane things seriously. These are people who make entire states sanctuary states for illegal murderers. Do you really think they are going to give the time of day to somebody in prison that’s brought up for parole? No….they are lazy in mind and don’t care.

    So THAT’S all I’m after….a governor that actually DOES the job they’re supposed to do instead of making up falsehoods and absurd excuses to say “No,” which have no basis in reality. I don’t care if it’s a Republican or Democrat governor, I just want someone that will be fair, honest and take their job seriously instead of playing politics with it. All people (even convicted murderers) deserve that. That’s the law of our land. But LVH isn’t getting that. Not even close to it, and she deserves simple consideration. Doesn’t she?

    It’s as simple as this….WHO would you say is going to take their job as governor most seriously? Do you think it’s someone that took their oath to uphold the law and perform the tasks that go with the job of being governor seriously? Or, is it going to be a person that has a long history of ignoring and skirting around written laws, and actively going AGAINST even federal laws of the country…..even to the point of choosing AGAINST the police, border patrol, ICE, the military, and Homeland Security?

    Well, when you look at it like that, the answer is crystal clear, isn’t it? The Democrat governors of California have a history of LOOKING for ways to NOT do their job and to skirt around the law in ALL matters.

    If you’ve got a liberal, law-breaking governor, it’s no surprise what you’re gonna get. They are so busy ignoring ALL laws of the state and nation that it’s certainly no big deal to them to not give a convicted murderer a fair shake at freedom. They prove every day that they don’t care about not doing their job. California governors don’t care about the citizens of their own state, so do you think they’re going to care about a criminal who can’t even vote?

    The answer is no. Newsom gave the parole decision write-ups to someone on his staff. He didn’t look at the cases at all, he simply told someone what he wanted to do and that person was responsible for writing it up…..whether it was legit, made sense, or not!

    You people make things way too hard. All this is common sense, but the libs here are too busy attacking others and making false accusations about those who don’t agree with them to listen.

    LVH and the others aren’t going to get the fair consideration they are due for parole because the person making the decision is a law-breaker himself who doesn’t care. Newsom proves he should be thrown out of office every day when he skirts all the laws of state and country. Actually, he shouldn’t just be fired, he should be thrown in prison for actively going against state and federal laws.

    Truth is…..if a person of fair mind gave their time to study the parole cases as they should, in some cases, they would reach the same decisions as the parole board did. But they can’t get a fair shake because Gavin Newsom is governor.

    That’s my beef. It’s not right.

  69. Christy says:

    Columbo, you know darn well what any conservative Governor in this state would do with LVH’s parole if you actually live here. Sure, we may get a surprise but it’s less likely to happen with a law and order conservative than a middle of the road liberal. All you have to do is look at the records of some of republican governors in the state to see this. Especially since the Polly Klass murder. And Newsom may surprise us as well. But Doris Tate wasn’t on the side of liberals here when she fought for keeping LVH in prison now was she?

    And why use this particular case for your cause on a website that is obviously only about the Manson family? You are picking one person out of a crowd a possible paroles and turning it into a screed about both California and U.S. politics. Why?

    Every other poster who has disagreed with both Brown and Newsom may have been harsh but they didn’t bring in a whole laundry list of sins that made them the scourge of the state.

    In my opinion you tried to turn this into some political debate that has nothing to do with Leslie Van Houten or Bruce Davis.

  70. Christy says:

    And I agree with NJNP you need a cult intervention.

  71. Cybele Moon says:

    well said Christy!

  72. Stephen Craig says:

    Perhaps we all need a “cult intervention”!

  73. Columbo says:

    I love leaving the libs speechless. There’s nothing else to say after I get through. 😉

  74. Columbo says:

    Christy said: “Every other poster who has disagreed with both Brown and Newsom may have been harsh but they didn’t bring in a whole laundry list of sins that made them the scourge of the state.”

    I provided the extensive “laundry list” because my argument called for showing how hypocritical the governors have been. That’s part of my legitimate argument. But basically it boils down to…..when a governor is open to letting hundreds of thousands of lawbreakers into our country from other countries (many of whom are extremely dangerous and carry a variety of diseases), but REFUSES to do his job by legitimately CONSIDERING whether a human being that has been in prison for 50 years has earned parole (as parole board members have consistently said she has), then you’re as hypocritical as they come.

    And when the governors literally broke state and federal LAW by serving illegal aliens instead of the voters and citizens of the state of California, they need to pay for their crimes. They are supposed to be representing the views of ALL Californians, not just the extreme leftists in the state.

    It comes down to LVH being kept in prison purely for political reasons ALONE, and that’s simply not right. Any governor that refuses to do the job he swore to do should be thrown out.

    It’s all very simple….LVH was eligible for parole, she has met the criteria for parole for decades now, parole board members don’t think she needs to be in prison, so she needs to be paroled. It’s as simple as that.

    Yet, essentially, the governors are saying that 70 year old LVH (who has been perfect for 50 years in the state pen) is more dangerous than the multi-thousands of invaders and criminals that are illegally entering California and our entire country. Everybody knows that’s a crock. It’s stupid, and the governors know it’s stupid, but they are playing politics. They need to pay the price for playing politics. People that refuse to do the job they were hired by the voters to do should be thrown out….just like any other job.

    Christy said: In my opinion you tried to turn this into some political debate that has nothing to do with Leslie Van Houten or Bruce Davis.”

    I was simply pointing out the REAL reason LVH hasn’t even been CONSIDERED for parole. Newsom is just saying “No” and isn’t legitimately “considering” anything about Leslie. Politics necessarily BECAME involved in my arguments because the two morons not granting her parole ARE politicians and their actions are completely political. That necessarily involved Brown and Newsom, but it wasn’t strictly about politics. It’s about how they put themselves and their politics first, above all, and never have given Leslie the time of day. They aren’t doing their job.

  75. Cybele Moon says:

    so what you are saying is that all these people (from below the border) that are flocking in by the thousands, and cutting people’s hearts out etc aren’t good people? 🙂

    Although I would agree that a lot of criminals do get into the U.S. as they did after Fidel took over Cuba and previously the mafia with the Italian influx though most Italians or Cubans were law abiding citizens. However in comparing LVH with immigrants, I would venture to say that the majority of these immigrants have not committed a home invasion and stabbed two people to death. Legally entering or not they are probably just seeking a better life for themselves and their families. However I do agree that your government as a whole has to handle this situation better, but also compassionately.

  76. NoJusticeNoPeace says:

    Columbo says:
    July 26, 2019 at 6:07 pm

    I love leaving the libs speechless. There’s nothing else to say after I get through. 😉

    Warning: I’m going to be me. This site has the absolute right to delete and edit me.

    Yeah, that’s what you did you GOP pud guzzlin’ regurgitated piece of racist shit.
    Lil boy go back to your hole and play with your tiny fingers that you so relish.

    Try really hard…I mean squint your hypnotized eyes (like when you imagine a Fox News World and wank to Judge Jeanine and Laura Inkstain) and get the permanent Conservative Corn Cob out of your ass…and try oh do try to do this:

    Do try. Tug harder ya pointless fuck.

    THIS SITE is about the Manson Murders.

    Repeat. Wash. Wash again. Repeat. Steam yourself.

    Nope. Didn’t get rid of the hate stain Faux Noise left. Poor baby.


    “I take your question.”

  77. Cybele Moon says:

    PS: and why is it so important that politicians should “give Leslie the time of day?” She is certainly not the most important political challenge of the day for either party and she was a part of a horrendous crime that has never been forgotten.
    I get being passionate about a cause but there are probably hundreds of prisoners who may have been wrongly convicted and need case reviews. What about them. Who speaks for the not so famous.

  78. Christy says:

    Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of Gary Hinman’s murder. He would be 84.

  79. Columbo says:

    And…NJNP proves my point…again! LOL…you would think he would get tired of being made a fool of, but no. NJNP has no class, no intellect, and is unable to debate me. He’s an example of why leftists keep losing and making fools of themselves in this country. I bet you anything he’s part of the paid protesters under the previous administration. And the way none of you call him on his putrid behavior is surprising. I know I can’t be the only one here with class, brains, morals, and a belief in God.

    Cybele, I gave you waaay too much credit initially. I assumed you could read and understand what I say, but you consistently prove your inability to read and comprehend. I say things as clearly as possible, but then you come back with questions and statements that show you understand nothing. But considering some of your political beliefs, that’s no longer hard to understand. Your inability to understand and comprehend correlates perfectly with your political statements and beliefs. Maybe you should skip over my stuff.

  80. Cybele Moon says:

    Obviously you don’t skip over mine. I can see you are very angry. I don’t know why. Trump is in power and you are a republican ( I rather liked Bush for some things) . If there wasn’t another point of view or an opposing party, or if the only party was right wing conservative then it would be a fascist state.

    People are getting a bit frustrated with the angry political tone the thread has taken. Insults are flying.
    But thanks to all for the discussions we did have before that, albeit sometimes passionate. It remains to be seen what the outcome will be.
    I’m happy to be living in Canada now and able to debate etc, but I have had the good fortune to live in some other countries. In spite of our complaints we really have so much more here than a great deal of the rest of the world. It’s not perfect but in the end we are all just humans trying to get by.

  81. Sandy says:

    I hope you are right. I hope none of them receive parole. That would be a slap in the face to all the survivors of the victims. They are still going through hell and it will never end. The families of the victims deserve to see these animals die in prison. Everyone join Debra Tate by signing her petitions to keep these monsters in prison. So what if they were young when they committed the crime…they still knew right from wrong…good from evil, but they didn’t care. GOD may have created them, but they took the path of evil…Satan became their master. Even if these people find God in prison, they should realize that their stay in prison should be for life. If the victims can’t come back, then they shouldn’t be let out.

  82. Cybele Moon says:

    Apparently the new Quentin Tarantino movie has really brought the crime back into the public’s interest and awareness especially for those under 30 who may not know much about it. Has anyone seen it. I haven’t.

  83. Christy says:

    Cybele I haven’t either. It reminds me of the movie “Summer of Sam”. I didn’t watch that either but I get the pull of it. 🙂

  84. Stephen Craig says:

    Greetings Fellow Bloggers and TLB Enthusiasts:

    I’d like to take a moment to note that today marks the 50th anniversary of the criminal case that you and share our thoughts and opinions on this very web-site, (obviously) the Tate-LaBianca murders committed by members of the Charles Manson Family. Whatever our opinions may be about the crimes, the victims, the perpetrators, “justice”, redemption, forgiveness, or the plight of the families/loved ones struggles throughout the years to come to terms with this tragic event, let us not forget that the subject/crimes that we all seem to have much interest in occurred to “real people’; people who were loved and valued by others and who had their hopes and dreams and their futures robbed of them in the most violent and cruelest of ways; and that the moments of violence that I know I sometimes try to imagine in the world of the theoretical actually happened to them, and that they, in their last moments, experienced a “living nightmare”. So, today, I’m taking a moment to remember those who lost their lives 50 years ago, and to also note that, no matter how engaging this case may be, even after all these years, and no matter how my interest may continue to be piqued, that this case revolves around the murders of “real” people, innocent people, whose senseless deaths have caused unimaginable grief to countless others, and for who, there truly will never be any meaningful justice. I sincerely wish that they rest in peace, and my heart continues to mourn for all that their families have endured due to the actions of those who wielded the knives without mercy.

  85. Cybele Moon says:

    well said Stephen- may they all rest in peace!

  86. Columbo says:

    50 years (almost to the very hour) that the LaBiancas were killed. It seems impossible that it could have been that long ago.

    Wonderful write-up, Stephen. Yes, peace to all victims of the horrible crimes. Thoughts and peace also to all family members adversely affected by the tragic death of their loved ones.

  87. Cybele Moon says:

    Yes Columbo! on this we agree!!! Blessings! May God grant us all peace!

  88. Columbo says:

    Gotta love the liberal incompetents of California. Judges, mayors, governors…they ruin life for everyone. They are the last people that should be making important decisions…much less about people’s freedom. They screw up everything they are involved with. Right Newsom?

    WATCH: San Fran Judge Releases Homeless Man Charged With Violent Attack On Woman, So She Posts Video Of Attack

  89. Cybele Moon says:

    Oh boy Columbo
    yes you do have big problems in California. I think it has been ongoing because for a very long time Calif was considered a sanctuary state. I remember (and I was very young) all the Spanish type architecture and names and I loved it all back then after coming from the misty old bogs of Ireland and Scotland lol. California had a rich Spanish Colonial period ( similar to French culture in Canada?). Now as you say it seems like it has all got out of hand with all the homelessness. It must be very hard to govern as those elected inherited a huge mess. I’d hate to be in their shoes. I guess time will tell and I certainly don’t know anymore as I no longer live there and Canada has a different system.

  90. Columbo says:

    Cybele said: “Now as you say it seems like it has all got out of hand with all the homelessness. It must be very hard to govern as those elected inherited a huge mess.”

    Cybele, looks like you’ve been listening to too many liberals and their absurd talking points.

    Actually, no, it’s not hard to “govern” at all. All the political leaders have to do is IMPLEMENT existing law instead of ALLOWING existing law to be broken. The only politicians in FAVOR of ignoring existing law are Democrats.

    Only the counties governed by liberal Democrats have a problem with homeless people setting up tents on public streets, open drug usage and crapping on the streets. Counties who DISALLOW such things (because they uphold the law) don’t have any problem at all with such things. Life in those counties is just like it’s always been because the law is implemented that forbids people from doing such things. It’s as simple as that.

    You have to look at history if you want to see the downfall of California. In the good old days of California, the state wasn’t a liberal haven. There were plenty of Republicans in the state and California used to be a solid red state for Republicans. That’s when people like Ronald Reagan was governor. It was a time when the state of California flourished and when California became the legendary state it’s known for. It was a time when the politicians used their brains and they were held to moral and ethical guidelines.

    Imagine….from 1952 through 1988, Republicans won every presidential election. But not anymore. Why? Because the state of California has been under Democratic rule for decades now, and one of the primary reasons is because of the influx of Latinos over the years. Democrats across the country see what California’s open door policy to illegal immigrants has done for Democrats in California, so that’s why they want to allow an open door policy to the entire United States (even though they know the USA as we know it would be destroyed). All the dems care about is money and staying in power.

    The last Republican governor in California was Arnold Schwarzenegger in early 2011, and he wasn’t even a true Republican. Schwarzenegger had an “R” by his name, but he was actually quite liberal in many ways, especially social issues.

    The state of California hasn’t had 2 Republican Senators serving at the same time since 1969, and they haven’t had a Republican Senator there since 1992….nearly 27 years ago! Think about that.

    The California House of Representatives currently has 45 Democrats and only 8 Republicans. Put another way, only 15% of the House is Republican, while 85% are Democrat. Just 20 years ago, Republicans made up about 46 percent of the California delegation to the House.

    So, clearly, under Democrat rule, California has been destroyed. And the primary reason is liberalism. LA, San Francisco and other major metropolitan cities have the problems they do ONLY because they are governed by liberal Democrats that refuse to enforce existing law.

    So people ask…what does any of that have to do with the Charles Manson followers who are still in prison? Quite simply, Democrat politicians in the state screw up and destroy everything they touch. They don’t do their jobs! I’ve outlined the ways. There’s no denying it. That’s why so many people are moving out of liberal states.

    Most of the Democrat politicians aren’t capable of doing the jobs they are responsible for…..and that INCLUDES one Gavin Newsom, the governor. He’s supposed to give time and considerable thought and reason to making decisions about those paroled by the Board, but he doesn’t give it the time of day. He makes his decisions about their parole, NOT on facts, but WHOLLY on the politics of the situation. And that’s simply not the way it should be.

    Contrary to what many here think, even inmates have rights to have their parole duly considered. But Leslie Van Houten cannot legitimately get even fair CONSIDERATION for parole. In other words, Newsom doesn’t care about the facts….his mind is made up and he says “No!” to LVH, even if it’s not fair, correct and makes no sense.

    That’s ONLY because Newsom doesn’t care and is refusing to do his job as he should (and he knows he can get away with it). His reasons for disallowing her parole were just plain bogus and stupid. That should not be allowed to stand. If he’s not going to do his job, he should be removed from office and someone who will should be assigned, if only temporarily.

  91. Cybele Moon says:

    You know what Columbo, I’m backing out of the LVH debate and I certainly can’t speak about the politics of California. Canada is fairly liberal and that dreaded word “socialist.” Pros and cons for all political parties. We don’t have the same problems as you but who knows what is coming.
    After having read a great deal about the sixties and California and that amazing period, I always thought Calif was quite liberal. I always liked it there and the colourful characters that have emerged from that state.
    I read Nikki Meredith’s book. She did put a human face on the Manson women. Whatever people’s gut reactions are and it is apparent people are quite passionate and also have not forgotten the horror of those crimes and the social /psychological story behind it, it will be the court that decides. Whether justice is ever really served for such murders , and obviously many do not think so, the law has it’s application and gave the possibility of parole. I admit that whether I think it just or not.
    It won’t matter that much now at their ages. They are in the last years of their lives and how sad it must be for them too if they are remorseful knowing that they wasted not only other’s lives but their own and they have tried to achieve some meaning in their incarceration. Meredith’s book is very thoughtful and tries to see all points of view. I hope all can find peace, especially the victims’ families. I wish all well on this forum- a great debate etc and I will check in from time to time. And Columbo you have your opinions and passion too which must be respected as well. We don’t walk in each other’s shoes but we should all keep an open mind.

  92. Pimpius says:

    That’s crazy that alls charles really ever wanted to do is hang around at the ranch blasting hot farts in people’s faces all day but you people refused to let him do it.

  93. ghrtt3 says:

    J James Wherever did you get the idea that Americans care about the opinions of non-Americans?

  94. Pimpius says:

    lol it cracks me up when conservatives run their mouths about how liberal politicians are totally incompetent while the ass jack they elected president completely obliterates any sense of moral decency or respect that office once commanded.

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