Appellate Court Delays Van Houten Ruling

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

Jul. 9 – The appellate court panel that is reviewing Leslie Van Houten’s writ of Habeas Corpus challenging Jerry Brown’s reversal of her September 2017 parole recommendation, today gave themselves 90 more days to publish an opinion.

The panel heard oral arguments in April and were due to rule at the end of the month. However, today, Presiding Justice Frances Rothschild ordered “that submission of the above-entitled matter on April 29, 2019 is vacated due to another member of the panel becoming the lead author. The matter stands resubmitted as of this date.”

The panel will now have until October to rule on the matter.

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34 Responses to Appellate Court Delays Van Houten Ruling

  1. Louis says:


  2. J James says:

    Well I guess if the state can’t give her the death penalty, to continue this game of cat and mouse is torture enough that satisfies the hang em’and flog em’ contingent and relinquishes any stigma the present governor of California may suffer by setting her free. Why any of you good people of America can’t see that this whole situation is developing into an embarrassing farce outside of USA is beyond the realms of fantasy now.

  3. Cybele Moon says:

    I am not sure if everyone in the world is following the Van Houten case that it should become a great embarrassment or farce. It’s nothing that will affect other countries and even other states seem to go by different sentencing rulings in regards to life sentences. Nothing is uniform across the board.
    Anyway, not sure I understand exactly why or who the lead author is but understandably still a hard case to decide.

  4. Jason says:

    This will probably be dragged on for months to come.

  5. Sam says:

    Who cares what other countries think about our criminal justice system. This bitch helped murder two people in cold blood. End of story…

  6. NoJusticeNoPeace says:

    Sam! LMAO!

  7. Roger Wayne says:

    I wish Leslie could be freed. She’s served her time. I know my opinion isn’t a popular one but I’m entitled to it. The other defendants, I’m not so sure about their release.

  8. Jason says:

    Good point Sam! Right on!

  9. Scofield says:

    They are never going to let LVH or any of the Tate/LaBianca murderers walk. Susan Atkins was denied a compassionate release request when she was dying and had already served 30 plus years at that point. That’s very telling. I would be surprised if any of them gets to take a free breath ever again.

  10. Jason Rigne says:

    I hope they never get out Scofield. Susan Atkins helped kill Sharon Tate so when she was asking for compassionate release, I thought that was crazy. She didn’t show Sharon Tate or her unborn baby any mercy.

  11. Scofield says:

    Jason I’m not petitioning for the release of any of them. And I am well aware of their deeds. They participated in and perpetrated murders so chilling it still haunts us in this present day. I was pointing to the fact that if they hard balled Atkins who had a terminal illness if I was LVH I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

  12. Randy Karnes says:

    She held Rosemary LaBianca down so tex could stab her to death. She is a MURDERER, pure and simple. The only way she should be let out, is to be carried out feet first, like the other two who finally paid their debts to society.

  13. Jason says:

    That’s true Scofield. Good point!

  14. Jason says:

    Good point Randy!

  15. Alexander S Hill says:

    She did not hold Rosemary down.

  16. says:

    She held her down for Krenwinkel

  17. Christy says:

    I just read the LaBianca House is up for sale.

  18. Christy says:

    I’m far more worried about the wrongfully convicted, usually male minorities, than I am about Leslie. If Leslie wasn’t famous nobody would care. Reminds me of the Karla Faye Tucker case. Because she became famous she suddenly had pro death penalty supporters advocating for her death sentence commutation. Never mind about a month before her execution another inmate, black male, had also turned to Jesus but only anti death penalty groups and the pope tried to intervene on his behalf.

    Notoriety may be a two edged sword in Leslie’s case. But she got the ultimate break when the dp was overturned. So I’m not getting all worked up on her behalf. It’s not like she was a deprived and abused child like so many are.

  19. Cybele Moon says:

    agreed Christy.
    There are many anonymous people on death row, often minorities, who have had far more mitigating circumstances than LVH.
    such as so many of her supporters calling her a poor, misguided and brainwashed teenager- she was two weeks shy of her 20th birthday when she participated. Diane Lake was only 14 and horrified when she heard of the murders.

    I also wonder how it will be if she or any are let out at 70 and older. In prison they do seem to have respect and recognition for their accomplishments there. I think that they will be reviled by the many on the outside

  20. Columbo says:

    Cut Heart Out Of Victim’s Body’: 19 Illegal MS-13 Gangsters Charged With Racketeering, Many Charged With Murders

    Governor Gavin Newsom is SO wise. How wise is he? Well, he’s SO wise that he agrees with Jerry Brown on immigration, and that as many dangerous illegals as want to come should be welcomed into California with open arms.

    Like Brown, Newsom welcomes illegal and dangerous MS-13 members into his state (especially the Los Angeles area). According to the story above, he’s SO full of wisdom that 19 of the illegal gangsters were charged with racketeering, many of whom were charged with murder.

    And not just ANY old murder, but as grisly as they get. If they want to cut the heart out of their victims, Newsom’s not bothered by that at all. He STILL welcomes them into the country and into his state. He even wants to take it a step further and give them healthcare benefits! Aww….

    Newsom PROTECTS and DEFENDS people like this.

    So exactly how does this unwarranted compassion jibe with ending the death penalty in California? Why does Newsom have zero empathy for family members who have had their loved ones killed?

    Why does Newsom have such great patience and compassion for illegals and criminals, but not the good citizens of California?

    Obviously, it’s pure politics when he makes absurd decisions like this…..which, in the good old days, would have gotten him quickly impeached for intentional acts against the people of California. Not anymore. It’s all about the votes. Who cares about justice or doing what’s right, right Newsom?

    Pure politics.

    But let Leslie Van Houten come up again for freedom after 50 years of perfect behavior, and suddenly Newsom is Mr. Hard-Hearted. He has to literally make up fake concerns to keep her in prison.

    He has no concerns about MS-13 members flooding into his state (or the terrorists, diseased, drug sellers or drug addicts), but by golly, he’s going to PROTECT the fine citizens of California from a 70 year old woman that’s been perfect for 50 years. No mercy! There’s NO hypocrisy there, right?

    Pure politics. If Newsom refuses to take his job seriously, he should be removed.

  21. Cybele Moon says:

    do you live in California? I read that MS 13 gangs are active in other states as well. Newsom doesn’t care about the good citizens of California? like LVH? I think we are getting off track! Who voted him in if not the good citizens. Don’t forget LVH was at one time given the death penalty for her role in the gruesome murders. You can’t have it both ways and complain about Newsom overturning the death penalty.
    Of course he isn’t going to please all the people but the article said the DA is working hard to prevent gang violence so I imagine many are trying to find solutions.

  22. Columbo says:

    Cybele Moon said: “Who voted him in if not the good citizens?”

    Seriously? Who votes for liberal politicians? What kind of people do YOU think liberal politicians attract? But we’re not here to discuss that.

    My point is that Newsom isn’t capable of making good or logical decisions in even the simplest of day to day matters involving the citizens of California. He proves it every day. Everything he decides, he decides wrong, or typically AGAINST those who have the best interests of California and the USA in mind.

    So when he doesn’t care about securing the basic safety of the citizens of his state, he certainly shouldn’t be in the position of deciding the fate of prisoners in the penal system. He’s simply not competent and is too biased to make a fair, rational decision. You can tell that by the rubber stamp decisions he’s given twice now….which were highly contrived, inaccurate, and in all probability….written by someone else.

    All he cares about is politics and garnering votes….even if from illegals.

    Criminals or not, they deserve to have their cases reviewed by someone who takes their job seriously. He’s dealing with people’s lives, but he takes a cavalier approach to the whole thing….just like he does enforcing the laws of the United States.

  23. Cybele Moon says:

    I have not lived in Canada all my life but I guess Canada has different terms than the USA. Canada tends more toward “socialistic” ideals as opposed to calling it liberal in the way you do, although the ‘Liberal” party under Trudeau is in power – and supposedly more socialist whereas the Conservatives are more about capitalism. That’s simply put.
    Canada abolished the death penalty decades ago across the board. There is a more open policy about immigration. A life sentence is up for review after 25 years.

  24. Flip says:

    The MS-13 stories you like to refer to, in imagined support of release for LVH, are certainly grisly and lurid. But, however deplorable gang-on-gang violence is, it somehow doesn’t rise to the same level of horror caused by the Manson gang’s targeting of innocent people at random for torture-murder and blaming it on black people in hopes of starting a global race war.

    Your rants often conclude that Governor Newsome actually welcomes MS-13 into the United
    States…surely you realize that is simply gibbering nonsense, don’t you?

  25. Cybele Moon says:

    agreed Flip!

  26. NoJusticeNoPeace says:

    Oh hell yes Flip!

    *munches on extra buttered popcorn waiting for blockage to begin*

  27. Christy says:

    The fifth largest economy in the world votes for liberal politicians.

  28. Christy says:

    I keep telling you Columbo. No conservative politicians of either party are going to advocate for LVH’s release.

    If you insist on thinking this is a liberal plot why not bother Devin Nunes? He’s busy worrying about illegals even though he rarely goes home to the Central Valley and conveniently forgets that illegal labor holds up the farm industry in this state.

    But continue on with your nonsense. And please remember most posters here don’t care about California politics but do care about this particular case.

  29. Christy says:

    Thank you Flip. I think you said it well.

  30. Columbo says:

    Christy said: “The fifth largest economy in the world votes for liberal politicians.”

    Haha…I cant tell if you think that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

    FYI…libs/socialists/communists have ruined the once wonderful state of California. It’s now known for having the highest taxes in the nation, people shitting in the streets, shooting up drugs on public streets, and the whole state being a “sanctuary state” for illegals who have no respect for our laws. Know any other countries that have ZERO border laws and let ANYONE come into their county without knowing why and who they are? Me neither. How about fences and gates around homes? Are those bad, too?

    Why do you think so many people are moving out of California? Those old Jay Leno “Man on the Street” interviews showing all the idiots that can’t answer simple questions about our country are the ones voting for liberals. The smart folks further up in Northern California wouldn’t vote for a lib/socialist if their life depended on it. But the poor, uneducated millions in the urban areas have ruined the state for everyone… as they have all over the country.

    Those living off the efforts of others are multiplying and eventually you’ll run out of workers and “other people’s money”.

    Yep, liberal politicians have turned California into a pig sty that will only get worse as illegals pour into the state. Social services already can’t keep up, not to mention the schools. We’ll see how long it takes Californians to come to their senses. But when you keep giving stuff away for free, expecting the taxpaying citizens to foot the bill for the lazy, something’s gonna give.

  31. Christy says:

    I figured you lived up there in Jefferson. The reason you can’t secede is because opioid addicted know it’s the urban liberals pay for your , cough, medical welfare since you think you shouldn’t pick grapes for a living since it’s beneath you. So instead you whine about the people who do. You’re no different than those who attacked the Oakies back in the 30s. You know, the people who fled from the Depression and the dust bowl and made something of themselves here.

    And, again, no matter what you say no conservative politician in this state is going to sign off on any of the Manson killers parole. Both Brown and Newsom were their best chance. And why do I think from reading your posts you’d be even angrier at the “libs” if either one had signed off on Leslie? I bet I’d be reading a soft on crime liberals screed from you.

  32. Christy says:

    Cybele thanks!

    I think Leslie has enough supporters she would probably be ok. I don’t know about the others. When people talk about the money drain they forget she will still be supported by the government to a certain extent. Susan Atkins was as well. Even if she’d been given compassionate release the state would have still funded her medical care. Leslie would receive same.

  33. Cybele Moon says:


    You asked what kind of people liberal politicians attract? personally, I think they probably attract people who care about the planet as a whole, the environmental issues, other people’s suffering, not just your own, racial equality, education, people who don’t want their children to grow up fearful of going to school or armed and ready to shoot “the bad guys.” etc etc
    Cuba who has been so maligned by the states, has free medical care and free education including university for all. But apart from that, and our former fear of Communism, Socialism and democracy are not in opposition as is admirably seen in both Norway and Sweden for example.
    Whether or not LVH gets out of prison is not in our hands, but a life without parole as opposed to the death penalty seems reasonable in certain criminal cases.

  34. Christy says:

    Yes, those liberals in California made it possible to actually see the mountains in summer due to those pesky environmental laws. Struck down miscegenation laws in the state. Decided it was stupid to insist gay people can’t be teachers. Interesting that the Manson Family was quick to complain about pollution and environmental destruction yet it was politicians in this state who identified as liberal that put that forward so we have, what?, some of the most binding environmental laws in the country.

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